Jamie’s Jewels

What started as a passion for jewelry at age eight, turned into a successful business that has provided individuals from all over the east coast with beaded fashions. Jamie’s Jewels is a hand-crafted business started by Jamie Johnson of Shelburne, Vermont.

This Fashionista values her custom work, and had to learn how to evolve with ever-changing trends. Though her styles have changed over the years, from beaded bracelets to necklaces and earrings, her wrap bracelets have stuck around the longest, finding her the most success.

Her business started at a local craft fair in Vermont, where she sold her first pieces twelve years ago. A milestone for her was when she made her first bracelet as a gift for one of her teachers in elementary school. This continued into present day, where Jamie has now completed hundreds of custom orders.


These bracelets are made with various materials including leather, pearls, a variety of gem stones, crystals, sterling silver, 14k gold, and more.

Her jewelry is perfect for a day-to-night look. Whether you want to pair a pearl-infused bracelet with a black dress for a night out with the girls, or a fun turquoise stone with a white summer dress that’s perfect for a evening of boating.

Styles are available for men, women, and children in in either single-, double-, or triple-wrapped styles!

Jamie’s Jewels are sold through wholesale, online at jamiesjewels4.com, available on Etsy, and also sold in trunk shows that benefit local charities.

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The Perfect Look for Relaxing on the Beach

Finals are complete, school is out, grades are in! Now it’s time to relax and take on summer time!

Lounging on the Beach In Style

First stop, lounging on the beach. Soak up the sun and prepare for tan lines by packing your summer “go-tos” for the beach! There aren’t many things more satisfying than rewarding yourself with the perfect beach day to jumpstart your summer. 

What would the perfect beach day consist of, you ask? For starters, throw on the new perfect itty bitty bikini you’ve been eyeing since finals week, and top it off with the oh-so-stylish floppy hat. A statement towel will put your mind at ease, and of course make you look good while laying out. Go ahead and splurge on some sunglasses that will perfect every selfie uploaded to your social media. And you can’t forget the perfect summer read! 

Floppy Beach Hat

The Onigo floppy beach hat‘s neutral colors make it the perfect hat to complete any summer look spent in the warm sun!

Rhythm. Bikini 

The Rhythm. bikini pictured above is perfect for the beach, the pool, vacation and so much more. The colors makes it completely versatile and it goes perfect under a light cover up. Beach bod here I come!

Celine Paris Sunglasses

Looking for a cute pair of sunnies? Look no further. The sunglasses that will change your selfie game are here. The Celine sunglasses are everything you want and more, and they will be sure to turn heads this summer.

Rip Curl Beach Towel

You read it here: the perfect way to lay on the beach is a statement towel! Any color any shape you will be the utmost relaxed lounging on The Beach People The Montauk Round Towel.

Sweetbitter by Stephanie Danler

This national bestseller is the perfect read for your beach day. After all, you’ve earned it after this school year! This debut is a coming-of-age story based on 22-year-old Tess, who lands a job working front-of-house at a celebrated downtown restaurant. What follows is her education in champagne, love and lust, dive bars and fine dining rooms, as she learns to navigate the enchanting, punishing life she has chosen. This novel is one you won’t be able to put down!

Do you think this is the perfect way to relax on the beach? Let me know in the comments below! 

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Throwing Shade

As the sun starts to show its face, it’s time to hide yours. Sunglasses and hats are a summertime staple and this year is no exception. Increasing temperatures means increasing the accessories for both protection and style, so get ready to throw some shade this season.

This Fashionista began her look with a simple neutral romper, then added bold black accessories for contrast. Her wide brim hat is the perfect accessory for any summer outing. Whether it’s a day on the boat or lunch with friends, this hat keeps her face protected from the sun without compromising style. Underneath the brim, we see her showing off one of this summers hottest trends with a pair of cat eye sunglasses. This retro style eye wear is easy to throw on and complements any face shape with its flattering frame. As for jewelry, this Fashionista tied together her look with a velvet choker necklace inspired by the black band on her hat to keep everything consistent. Lastly, to top it all off she rocked a black patent leather block heel shoe for a vintage look that accentuates every addition to her romper. Hats off to you summer, or rather, hats on.

How To: Start with a simple outfit free of any overwhelming patterns or designs so that your accessory choice is endless (think denim or pinstripes). Next, add in your favorite hat and pair of glasses in a contrasting color to make them pop. To complete your look, throw on a chunky pair of heels and you’ll have the perfect vintage summer outfit.

ALL IN THE DEATAILS: Faux Fur And Fabulous

The latest trend that has been filling our Pinterest boards this fall is all about the fabulous outerwear. Let’s be honest, we have been eyeing fall fashion since September 1st, and the most coveted material seems to be faux fur in vests and coats. The look of fur makes a statement that is classy yet fashion forward. So go ahead, channel your inner Carrie Bradshaw and find your favorite faux fur piece. Colors are tending to stay neutral with white, beige and black, but also we can find multi-colored and blush fur as well. This Fashionista looked stunning with her multicolored fur vest; the shades of white and browns are paired to make a wonderful combination that is just perfect for this time of year.

This Fashionista’s look starts off with a classic, felt hat, the burgundy color complements her outfit and neutral tones. Next, her creme chunky sweater keeps her warm through Iowa’s brutal, cold winters, while staying true to her chic look. To make her outfit stand out, she pairs her faux fur vest to perfectly add some contrast to her look. The slim pair of skinny jeans keeps the focus of the outfit on the vest, while flattering her legs at the same time. To finish this look this Fashionista adds light olive ankle booties, and you guessed it; more accessories. Her classic bangles, statement necklace and Steve Madden shoulder bag make this outfit complete.

How To: To find the perfect vest, you don’t have to look far there are plenty of options and vary in price range as well. You can decide to save or splurge; but, to be honest I don’t think anyone can tell. Most importantly, wear your faux fur with confidence and don’t be afraid to rock it because honey you’re oh so #RAD.


Accessorizing an outfit is an art form in the fashion world. We all know that the use of accessories is what makes or breaks an outfit. Accessorizing must work in harmony with the ensemble to create a specific well-rounded look. Whether you strive for classy or elegant, an accessory will always help you to achieve your desired look and add the details you want. But when do you know enough is enough? An accessory is meant to complement your look without overdoing it. But in this situation, this Fashionista took accessorizing to an all-new level and completely rocked it!

This Fashionista is an accessory goddess. Daring to be different, she joined several accessories in one outfit by wearing a gold necklace, several gold rings and a gold bangle. She used the color gold to make the outfit pop, especially up against an all-black outfit. The monochromatic outfit was the perfect backdrop for her jewelry explosion. Her accessorizing characterized the look by painting the Fashionista with personality. This look works well because each one of her accessories complements a different part of the outfit. By spreading out her jewelry choices, it made the accessories easy on the eyes.

Jewelry is a fun way to dress up a plain outfit! You can find a statement necklace, ear candy or even a statement ring to tie together your look.

How To: Can’t decide what piece of jewelry to wear? Don’t be afraid to mix them together! Make your outfit pop with decorating yourself in jewelry. You can never go wrong with a jewelry-focused outfit as long as the pieces remain complementary to each other and do not clash with the outfit.


Oh, Florida…Where the sun always shines and the humidity never fades. It’s January and the temperatures are still hitting 80 degrees, as if it was mid-July. I believe Mother Nature may be a bit confused with her seaons. It’s difficult to dress in these conditions because you can’t wear the beanies and boots that are currently trending and you can’t follow summer trends in the winter! So this Fashionista switched it up and traded her beanie for a Panama hat and her leather boots for her suede booties, creating the perfect winter look for this summer weather.

Let’s start off with the Fashionista’s choice of colors. This is a key factor when dressing for each season. While colors such as pink, orange and yellow are trending in the summer, winter tends to be much more modest. Black is obviously a main color to pull each ensemble together, and this Fashionista’s choice of rich navy blue shorts added just the right amount of pop for the season.

The Fashionista continued with the winter trends by sporting her suede Panama hat. These are a great way to either block the sun from your face, save your hair from the humidity or just rock a super cute hat! This hat could be worn year-round, which makes it a necessity in everyone’s closet. Next, this Fashionista continued with the winter trend with her quilted Tory Burch shoulder bag. The material is most definitely a popular winter trend this year. She finished off her look with suede booties, which are a great alternative to the knee-high leather boots that all the Fashionistas are wearing up north.

All the way from the tip of her hat to the toes of her booties, this Fashionista really knew how to dress for the season and the weather. In Florida, it’s all about adapting.

How To: Try out this Panama hat and these booties to pull your winter look together in this summer heat.


With finals right around the corner, looking stylish can sometimes take to the bottom of our to-do lists, if even making them at all. Stress is high, piles of work are endless and the amount of sleep we’re getting each night is almost non-existent. That being said, sometimes getting up and taking the day by storm can make more of an impact. This can start with putting together a rockin’ outfit that says, “Hello world, I mean business.”

While heading to the library for my own finals, I came across this Fashionista who definitely wasn’t messing around with her furry, cold-weather ensemble. I couldn’t help but take my eyes away from her sheep’s fur, cream-colored vest that even came with a hood.

Vests are a go-to for that end of fall beginning of winter weather where finding a distinct outfit to wear every day can be rather tough. They provide an extra layer and can take almost any outfit, from dresses to denim skinnies and a T-shirt and immediately take it up a notch.

This Fashionista added a denim jacket and a graphic T-shirt to bring a different twist to her winter vest; adding layers is a great way to make a vest pop! For her bottom half, she wore patterned leggings with knit, wool socks and a pair of tan, fringe booties.

To add even more and complete the look she threw on a few, gold necklaces and two silver rings….I love her matching of gold and silver. She finishes it off with her hair in a loose wave, making her come off laid back amidst a week of stressful final exams.

How To: Making a funky fur vest a staple in your winter wardrobe is an awesome tip to put into action this season. Whether your swamped with school work or not, it’ll make looking the part complete and will help you hit those exams with confidence. Hang in there Fashionista/os, the semester is almost over!

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Diamonds Are Forever

Necklaces can be easily over-accessorized, but when someone wears a necklace that adds body to an outfit, it’s like magic! Statement necklaces are very fun to shop for, but when you get it home and into your closet, they can be tough to figure out what to pair it with. This post will be your guide to finally pulling off that statement necklace you love so much. So what do you do when you have a plain outfit and don’t know what to do to make it pop? Adding a statement necklace can either be an overkill or just right. This Fashionista has her statement necklace game down to a tee. Statement necklaces can be very chic and very cheap at the same time as well.

This Fashionista is a prime example of how to wear a statement necklace without grabbing the attention away from her killer outfit. You can wear a statement necklace with many things, like a dress with a high neckline, a shirt with an open back and other pieces that are all the rage right now. This Fashionista wears her statement necklace with high-waisted paints and a crop top. This outfit is plain and monotone, which makes her statement necklace really add the pop of color her outfit needs. This floral statement necklace, diamond necklace and chain statement necklace are all ones that you might love.

How To: Did you just get a fabulous plain dress for fall but don’t know how to style it? I can help you with that my friends. Adding a funky statement necklace and some booties will make your new fall dress look cohesive and sophisticated. Statement necklaces can also look good with patterned shirts, skirts and dresses, so experiment with your statement necklaces!

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Go for the Gold

What’s better than a gorgeous September day? It’s the beautifully awkward time between summer and fall. The sun is shining bright, yet you aren’t sweating in a tank top. You can have fun layering sweaters, jackets and scarves but you won’t be shivering on your walk to class. The weather is nothing short of perfection. It makes experimenting in your wardrobe easy.  This Fashionista rocked her September style by layering up easy neutrals together and accented her outfit with gold jewelry.

Saying your goodbyes to those bright summer clothes, and reviving those neutral and deep colored clothes for fall can at sometimes be a struggling process. However, with the right touches, fall clothes are a diamond in the rough. This Fashionista focuses on neutrals. She has a simple, classic and fashionable look going for her. A simple loose fitted white top paired up with dark denim is a very flattering look on her petite figure. She adds a feminine cream jacket ,which keeps this outfit looking classy and sophisticated. Her shoes, comfortable wedges, make this look perfect for day to night. She wore this to class, but could easily step out to happy hour afterwards.

She accents her look with gold jewelry, tying this entire fall look together. Gold jewelry adds just the right amount of sass to her style. She’s making a statement with her unique gold cuff and layered gold necklaces.

Spotted: J.Crew adds a little flare to their fashion this year by adding gold sequence pieces to their always classic line.


First of all, I’d like to apologize if the Charmin song gets stuck in your head after reading the title—it’s definitely stuck in mine. Now that that’s out of the way, I’d like to call attention to maxi skirts once again. They have been so prevalent this season and you can’t walk downtown without spotting one. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not bitter about this fact at all. I wear a maxi skirt or dress at least once a week! They are so easy to throw on that it’s hard not to love them. Accessorizing them is really the key to pulling them off.

In my opinion, accessories are what make an outfit. The subtle ones that this Fashionista chose balanced well with the bold print of her maxi dress, which belonged to her roommate and was found on a boardwalk in North Carolina. The use of a skinny belt to break up the dress even more was a great idea. Several rings are always a good idea when it comes to styling an outfit and the ones this Fashionista wore from Diamond’s on the Avenue, Kay Jewelers and JCPenney added a little more flash to her look. Her Good Works wrap bracelet was a great addition as well; it’s simple, cute and leather, like the belt. The purse she carried from Charming Charlie was another great addition. I personally loved that the cream color juxtaposed the bright white in her dress.

How To: I would definitely stick to this Fashionista’s choice of a solid top and printed bottom, like this gray and paisley printed maxi dress from Forever 21. A black braided belt would be great to break up the pattern from the top. Forever 21 has a great ring set in both gold and silver that would go great with the outfit. As for the Good Works bracelet, I would choose the same style in silver to maximize the number of outfits you can wear it with. Charming Charlie is a great place to snag a bag, like this tan one. If you don’t like belts, this maxi dress from Forever 21 with a black paneled bodice and a mosaic print bottom is another great option to pair with the same accessories. The tight top will hug your body in all the right places, making you look slim and summer ready. A black floppy hat would be great to top it off with!