Finding the Right Guru for You

Are you looking to improve certain areas of your life but just don’t know how? Summer is ending, school is starting, and we’re all looking for ways to improve ourselves for the upcoming year. Whether it be makeup, fitness, beauty, or food, there are an endless amount of gurus to give information and encouragement. When setting new goals, I realized I had so many lifestyle improvements I wanted to make but I had no idea how to make them happen… that is, until I found gurus in each aspect that helped turn my goals into a reality.

Makeup is something that a lot of individuals aspire to be great at.

People think it’s a quick and simple skill that has no artistry but they’re wrong! After realizing I had no clue what to do when it came to makeup, I went to YouTube for inspiration and found some of the best gurus out there. Jaclyn Hill sparked my true passion for makeup. She’s an amazing makeup artist who creates videos on all aspects of makeup. With over 4 million subscribers, she has collaborated with big-time makeup brands to create some of her own products such as the Jaclyn Hill x Morphe eyeshadow palette and the Champagne Pop highlighter with Becca Cosmetics.

Aside from makeup, “beauty” includes many sub-areas.

These areas include clothing, hair, skin, and even décor. Another guru I came across was Alexandrea Garza. She started her channel in 2010 and now has over 700,000 subscribers. Alexandrea creates videos that will help you keep up with the latest trends in fashion. She shares where she finds some of her best pieces, from designer items to local store brands. She also creates tutorials on hairstyles and different ways to manage and style hair, depending on your hair type. Lastly, she creates videos on the dos and dont’s of fashion to help people find the right style for them.

Fitness is a lifestyle aspect that many people struggle with.

It’s hard to do without the right information and people guiding you through the fitness journey. I chose to make my journey with gurus Karena and Katrina and their “Tone It Up” YouTube channel. They provide a wide range of informative and encouraging videos. They post daily workouts to give their followers variety and options when it comes to working out. They also follow up on nutrition and the best and worst foods to make or break your body.

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4 Clever Hacks For Flawless Foundation

When you find your favorite foundation, ultimately you believe each and every time you apply it you will look flawless. That’s the point of foundation right? Foundation has the capability to even out our complexion, cover whatever we want to cover, and generally help us feel confident. The key word is “capability.”

There have been so many times that I have found great foundations that I fall in love with at the store, only to be disappointed when it doesn’t live up to it’s hype once I get home. And while I would love to be able to blame the product, the less than flawless look often comes down to user error (aka my own fault).

After taking some self-responsibility and a lot of trial and error, I have discovered some simple tricks for applying my foundation that I know will have a decent end result.

via @savannahjslaton

1—Using a beauty sponge
A whole new world opened up to me when I discovered a Beauty Blender. I use mine damp, then bounce it on my skin to blend product. What is so great about these sponges is the way it mimics natural skin and effortlessly blends our your foundation. I also love the Beauty Blender because it picks up excess product, so if you apply a little too much there’s no need to worry.

via @maddyhaller

Over the years face primers have gotten quite popular but some people still do not have any in their makeup arsenal. Depending on your skin type, some primers can make a world of difference. Some primers blur your pores, hydrate your skin, or add radiance to your face. If you have a skin ‘need,’ there’s a primer that can aid it.
via @jenvpetrova

3—Setting spray
Every time I get asked for any makeup tips I find myself talking about setting spray. I’m someone who gets carried away with setting powder, so sometimes my face looks cakey or dry. Once I have applied all powder products, I use rosewater spray to make me look more dewy and natural. It ‘melts’ the powders in place and allows your skin to look more radiant. Some setting sprays make your makeup last all night, some are hydrating, and others focus on keeping you matte all day long.
via @allyfrancesca

4—Use less powder
Bouncing off what I said about applying a ton of powder to my face, I have to remind myself constantly that “less is more”. If you’re extra oily, using less powder might be a huge sacrifice for you. Only applying powder to your t-zone, your forehead, nose and chin, is typically a good amount and should set your oiliest spots. Using less powder not only makes you look more radiant, but also makes your skin look more natural.

If there’s anything to learn about makeup, it’s that it comes down to trying what works for you. Finding the best products and methods of application can take some time, but that’s what makes makeup fun, right?

Here’s Everything You Need To Know About The Different Foundation Types

I have been wearing foundation every time I do my makeup since I was a sophomore in high school. I feel more put together and I love how even a little foundation can even out my (sometimes less than even) complexion. As I began to dabble more and more with makeup, I quickly learned that foundation is not one formula fits all.

Depending on the day I typically change up the coverage of my foundations. For more formal events or when I’ll be taking photos, I opt for full coverage with a matte finish. On days where I am simply going to class or running errands, I reach for some BB cream. In fact, the right product differs depending on the season, skin type/concern, and even season.

This type of “foundation foundation” came from years of testing out what works for me. If you’re new to the foundation scene it might seem like there are just too many finishes and different products to choose from. I wanted to create this handy guide to help you pick out what is best for you and your skin type. Already wear foundation? Maybe you want to try something new and switch up your routine.

Here’s your lesson in Foundation 101!

Matte Foundation

(via @tabihoshmand)

Matte is the way to go if you have normal to oily skin. It’s sometimes inevitable that we get a bit shiny throughout the day, but a matte foundation can keep it at bay and leave your look feeling fresh even after a long day of wearing it.

My Pick: L’Oreal Infalliable Pro-Matte Foundation

Light Coverage Foundation

(via @styleintheway)

Some people are just blessed with beautiful skin; so let that beauty shine through with a light coverage foundation. It allows your skin to look even and glowy but still let your skin look natural.

My Pick: Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation

BB Cream

(via @queenhalpal)

BB creams are defined as a ‘beauty balm’ and it is essentially a hybrid of moisturizer and foundation. I like BB creams because I feel like my skin can still breathe and look naturally dewy. The best part of BB creams is that most contain SPF, so you’re protecting your skin while looking fabulous. I also love to wear this when my skin is really dry since it’s hydrating.

My Pick: Garnier Fructis BB Cream

Full Coverage

(via @katiehickman_)

Full coverage foundations are a full proof way to cover what you want to cover. I like this coverage when I have a long day or night, an event, or I’m taking photos. Full coverage also means you wont have to add additional product if you’re trying to cover a pesky blemish. Typically full coverage foundations are matte, so if you have dry skin, maybe steer clear of this.

My Pick: Kat Von D Lock It Tattoo Foundation

What’s your favorite go-to coverage? Let us know in the comments!

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Girl’s Night Out

It’s been a long week. After a crazy amount of homework and a loaded work schedule, it’s finally Friday. Tonight is the night to let loose, be free and have fun. But first, the perfect outfit needs to be assembled.

This Fashionista certainly knows how to clean up. By day, she’s winning Jiu Jitsu competitions, but by night she’s hitting the town with her girls in style. Who said sporty girls can’t look hot?

To start off this look, our friend pulled out a short, deep purple dress from her closet. This shade of purple is a personal favorite, it looks amazing against any skin tone and hair color. The envelope detailing on the skirt brings life into the dress that was otherwise quite plain and ordinary. The slimming qualities of this detail is just icing on the cake. To make the look a little edgier, she paired it with a classic leather jacket, which not only compliments her outfit but will keep her warm throughout the night. No outfit is complete without the perfect pair of shoes. A tan heel is a wardrobe necessity and really helped to tie this look together. 

This dress is the perfect occasion dress, but not every occasion calls for the exact same style. To dress this look down, a simple jean jacket could be worn in place of the leather one and/or a black pair of low top converse. For the opposite effect, a necklace, big or small, could be worn to add a little bling to the outfit.

Whatever it takes to make you forget about the stresses of your week, you have to do it in style. Whether you prefer the energetic club scene, a delicious fancy dinner or a laid back night at a local pub, anything less than a killer outfit is unacceptable.


Though she be but little, she is fierce. This Fashionista is just over five feet, but her style and personality pack a punch!

This junior at Vassar College is shown sporting one of her favorite warm-weather looks: a strapless, graphic print dress, accented by her “diva” shades and winking iPhone case. She, like most of us, is constantly checking her phone for iMessages and Instagram notifications. This Fashionista is a busy bee, balancing a heavy course load with a variety of extracurricular activities, ranging from playing a Varsity sport to volunteering with elementary school students. For someone with a jam-packed schedule, having a fun accessory that can be easily incorporated into a look is key.

Asides from protecting her phone, the case has an unexpected surprise. Its right eye is holographic – when the phone tilts, one eye closes, making it seem like the case is winking. This Fashionista loves Audrey Hepburn, and her case’s strong brows and thick eyelashes are reminiscent of the iconic actress. Further, the case is a literal extension of its user, as she too has mile-long lashes.

How To: Think about adding a dash of your personality to any look in as easy as a way that this Fashionista did! Find a fun phone case like hers, such as this kate spade new york Oops A Daisy case; or, pick a more summery cover and purchase this delicious looking ice cream sandwich cover! Lastly, make sure to enjoy the summer heat and always dance like nobody’s watching, to fully take to heart this Fashionista’s motto: “Life is short, but so am I.”


How-To Dress For An Internship Without Losing Your Personal Style

So you have landed that dream internship. First of all, congrats! It is now time to make the most of this opportunity and let your talent, intellect and personality shine.

Presenting yourself professionally is just as important as completing your to-do lists and rocking those coffee orders. The good news is that you don’t have to sacrifice your personal style in order to make it “in the real world.”

Check out our guide on how-to dress for your internship without losing your personal style!

Stick to a single color palette. Wearing color and working in an office can go hand-in-hand. Loving the white on white trend? Great! Consider wearing white trousers and a classic button-down to make the trend profesh appropriate. (Photo via @freehandednonsense)


Throwback office looks. Retro looks are always in—especially when it comes to ’50s and ’60s styles. Go mod for a look your boss can’t be mad about. (Photo via @hannahrosepittel)


Focused flair. The office isn’t the place to rock a print jacket AND bold pair of heels AND six statement necklaces. Stick to one standout piece and build your look around that garment for flair that won’t flare the temper of your supervisor. (Photo via @kay_ng)


Work the trends. Use the trends to your advantage. Oversized specs are majorly popular. Rock your four eyes for a look that shows you are serious about work and style. (Photo via @kelseykeena)


Denim debunked. Unless you are working in finance, denim tends to be totally fine to wear to the office. Note—your internship is not the place for booty revealing cut-offs. A tasteful pair of distressed jeans or a button-down skirt are our picks for denim that works at work! (Photo via @nycxclothes)


The one piece that goes a long way. When it doubt, a pair of heels can make an outfit suddenly more polished. Just be sure to store some slides or flat sandals in your bag so you aren’t slowed down when running those super important intern errands (cough, cough *taking coffee orders* cough, cough). (Photo via @sundaythredsblog)


BEAUTY BAR: Pigtailing Around

So we all remember the two pigtail braids when were kids right? Well this beauty trend is back and here to stay except this time, we’ve updated it and made it super cool and trendy. This beauty trend can take you from the classroom to a night out and about.

The two French braids are seen being worn by several celebs such as Kylie Jenner, Khloe and Kim Kardashian as well as Zendaya just to name a few. This style can be worn in several ways. You can do it simple like this Fashionista here or if you’re not a fan of just two braids you can always add a few more. My favorite way to wear this rad style is two waterfall French braids into a messy bun. This style gives the braids a more classic look that can be worn to a nice spring night out or a great style for the upcoming wedding season. Now if you’re like me and you have ZERO clues how to attempt this look alone, you can always phone a friend to help out. But if you’re feeling up for the challenge you can simply watch several detailed YouTube tutorials to assist you with this look.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: What you will need to recreate this look is a small comb, hair spray and two clear rubber bands (or ones that match your hair color). The first thing you want to do is part your hair straight down the middle and section your hair into two sections. The second thing you’ll want to do is take one section of your hair and braid it, and then place the rubber band on the end. You will do the same for the other side. When you’re done braiding, spray your braids with hair spray to hold them in place for the day. You will then have the complete beauty look, happy pigtailing!


Not only is it Spring Break season, but summer is surely in sight. First things first, we must focus on our spring wardrobe. It is time to swap those sweaters for light sundresses and those tall boots for colorful sandals. Though much of the usual spring look revolves around clothing, hair is equally as important. Whether it is a fun braid, a high ponytail or a simple updo, hair can bring on new trends of its own and add a flare to any outfit!

This Fashionista has set the tone with a beautiful high bun. This hairdo is not tight, rather it is free and loose. It is an extension of the flow of her dress and is simple to do! The high bun is trendy, chic and an easy beauty statement. It brings height to the look, only bringing the eye upwards. It also complements this Fashionista’s modern glasses perfectly. The clear glasses match well with this Fashionistas dark hair and cream tone dress. Continuing on to her short, dark booties, the dark colors pick up the color of her hair and bring the whole look together. This is a very Bohemian look that is modern and hip and awesome for spring. Neutral colors are easy to work with and a great opportunity to add festive, colorful jewelry as well. In terms of hair and beauty, this style works because it is a combination of an updo and having your hair down. Not to mention it takes about one minute to do!

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: Don’t know what to do with your long hair? Take the upper layers of your hair and gently twist it into a high bun. It is light, easy and, of course, the perfect touch to any outfit! All you need is a thin hair tie. Cheers to spring and high beach buns!

BEAUTY BAR: Settle For The Metal

Today I’d like to touch on a particular trend that this Fashionista has set on our campus, a look that my readers should pay close attention to, for it is flexible enough to wear for any occasion, and in multiple environments, with a variety of Fashionistas. Metallic trends may come and go, but this hair trend is here to stay! Have you ever needed an extra accessory or piece to make your outfit pop? Have no fear, this Fashionista’s ponytail holder is here! Found in a wide variety of colors as well as shapes and sizes, this sturdy clip has the ability to make any ponytail fabulous one.

Just because you threw out last year’s metallic clutch does not mean you need to discard the metal trend entirely, for it has translated into the beauty world. This Fashionista uses the Naked palette, with its silvers and shimmering golds, proving how the popularity of metallics has not faded, rather it has “hopped” from the fashion world into the beauty industry. The concept of metallic pieces being incorporated into everyday beauty looks may sound funky, but it truly ties an outfit, like this Fashionista’s, together!

When going for an interview, using the hair clasp on a slicked back ponytail is the perfect way to impress future employers, for it creates an aura of individuality and confidence. Try this longer version of a metallic ponytail holder.

On the other hand, attaching a metallic clasp to a high ponytail and a sleek dress for a night out is the best way to stand out while “workin’ it” on the dance floor. As weird as this beauty concept may seem, it can make even a boring outfit sparkle. Who knew that a bad hair day could turn into an opportunity to shine?

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: To recreate this look, make sure you keep your makeup on the lighter side to let the metallics, for lack of a better word, shine. Punny! Add some shimmer eyeshadow to the corner of your eyes to brighten their appearance, throw back your hair into a messy ponytail, and add a metallic clasp. Ta-da!

BEAUTY BAR: A Sweet Valentine’s Treat

Welcome back to the spring semester Fashionistas and Fashionistos! My winter break consisted of traveling, warm cups of coffee and quality time spent with family and friends. I hope yours was just as relaxing and exciting as mine. As I find myself back in the swing of my college routine, my eyes are always peeled for fashion across campus (while also done up in makeup to cover up those bags at 8:00 a.m). And no, unfortunately, they are not designer. Recently, I’ve taking a liking to new makeup trends, and this Fashionista’s bold lips and smoky eye was a look I had to capture.

February is no doubt the most loving month filled with hearts and red lips. As with any makeup look, what you’re going to wear is a crucial step. This Fashionista is sporting an all-black dress decorated with white hearts, and a maroon and black bomber jacket that is just the right addition. To finish off this cute yet classy look, her black booties really have a major role. Since she played with dark colors throughout her whole outfit, her makeup options were endless. Her pick of a dramatic black smoky eye, light blush and red lip were a perfect combination to make a loving but sassy statement.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: To complete this look, you need a lip stain, matte or gloss as well as a makeup palette that includes dark colors, or just a smoky eye kit. Remember, you don’t need to go heavy on the face makeup, just a light concealer and some rosy blush to keep it simple and make your eyes pop.