TREND: On the Street – State Street, Madison

The Sartorialist may be the most influential style blog on the web, and hence, a major force in the fashion world. Since 2005, founder Scott Schuman has captivated fashion enthusiasts of all kinds across the globe. And today more than ever, his fashion finds are inspiring both high-end and mainstream styles. Just look at Gucci’s fall 2011 collection, and right here on State Street where I found this Fashionisto looking much like a model straight off the blog with his smart and sophisticated look, undeniably similar to this Sartorialist snapshot.  Although fashion is always evolving, Schuman dedicated The Sartorialist to timeless, tailored, and tasteful trendsetters. His blog is synonymous with blazers and tailored coats – there is an abundance of men and women wearing them. He has a way of finding chic combinations of colors, textures and patterns as well. The featured Fashionisto upholds these concepts. He wears a navy doubled breasted peacoat over a red pinstriped shirt and wraps a white and black buffalo plaid scarf around his neck. He accentuates a contrast with his untucked shirt and loose fitting coat with slim jeans neatly tucked into western Chelsea boots, evocative of the Beatles’ era. Lastly, leather biker gloves foster his sharpness.

Hint: A tailored jacket is a classic piece worth investing in – for boys and girls alike. Spend the time and money to find your perfect fit that matches your body type and personal style. And remember that tailored coats and blazers are good items to find when “thrifting”. There is no sign of this trend easing up so its an affordable way to stock up and add individuality to your wardrobe.

TREND: Be Instantly Gorgeous In a Loose Fitting Top

When you are running out of time in the morning, it is always best to have a “go-to outfit” that will give you a boost of confidence throughout the day. Don’t get caught running around campus in your workout clothes every day. Instead, you should make it a goal to look presentable as much as you can. I spotted today’s Fashionista on the drag in a simple “go-to outfit” that can be achieved in a matter of minutes. The key piece: a flowy top. She paired this flower print blouse with black skinny jeans and studded black flats. Both are classic pieces that make you look chic when you are in a hurry. She finished her look with delicate, sterling silver jewelry.

Loose fitting tops are wonderful “go-to” items because they provide comfort, and they also hide any imperfections and insecurities that you may not feel like dealing with at the moment. At the same time, they can be very feminine. When you wear a loose fitting top make sure you balance your frame by wearing skinny jeans. You don’t want to make the mistake of wearing baggy jeans and looking sloppy. Black skinny jeans are also a beloved staple in the fashion world because they make any outfit look chic. Add black flats and you will make Audrey Hepburn proud.

Hint: When buying a loose fitting top pay attention to the fabric. Granted, this style of shirt is very casual but the higher quality the fabric, the more formal you will look. This lace-hemmed, peasant top from Nordstrom is beautiful. Pair it with black skinny jeans and you will be instantly gorgeous.


The first thing I noticed about this Fashionista was her fun tribal-print top. Prints were all over the Spring 2011 runways, from Marc Jacobs’ bright ‘70s extravaganza and Stella McCartney’s crazy-cool fruit shifts to Nicolas Ghesquière’s graphic collection at Balenciaga. I also loved this Fashionista’s use of accessories to brighten her outfit even more. Her glittery necklace, bracelet and earrings added to this standout look. Here’s what she had to say about it:

Name: Jisu Pang

Year: Freshman

Major: Civil Engineering

College Fashionista: Where do you get inspiration for your style?

Jisu Pang: I love Nylon magazine, and I don’t know if this is weird but I like going to online sites and looking at how they pair outfits together, like Free People, Urban Outfitters and ASOS.

CF: How do you dress for the cold in Syracuse?

JP: I try to stay away from sweatpants, because I like looking nice. I’ll wear tights under my jeans because they’re pretty thin and I go crazy with scarves. I don’t mind suffering!

CF: What are you looking forward to wearing this spring?

JP: I can't wait to wear dresses and high-waisted shorts!

How To: To get Pang’s fun, casual look, start with a cool tribal-print top. Urban Outfitters has a huge selection of them. A few of my favorites are here, here and here. Next, add a pair of classic blue jeggings, like these from Gap, and a cute striped belt, like this one from Lands’ End. Then, grab a cool pair of studded fold-over boots, like these from Next, pull on a cute cream cardigan, like this one from Banana Republic. Finally, grab some great accessories, like this layered fringe necklace from Urban Outfitters, this gray cuff from Swell, these adorable earrings from JewelMint and classic Ray-Ban aviators. Add a functional pink BCBGeneration messenger bag and you’re ready for spring in style!

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Fashionably Living Together in Harmony

Most of us had the time of our lives freshman year, but some us had a few run ins. One of the biggest issues that most of us dealt with was roommate drama. I know I did and it was not one of my favorites moments, but I can say that it all went up from there. As I was walking to class one day, I was reminiscing about freshman year when I spotted these two Fashionistas Just assuming that they were two fashionable friends, I talked to them more finding out that they were roommates. I think that’s fate that I found two fabulous Fashionistas living together in one room. Did I just hit the jackpot Style Advice of the Week?

The way they interacted with each other I think I can make a safe assumption that the only drama they have is picking out the best outfit that makes each of them shine. I think they immediately have solved this issue.

Besides finding two Fashionistas as opposed to one, what really caught my attention were their outfits that worked in harmony with each other. They both achieved a sense of femininity balance. They each had a type of girly-ness to their outfit, but without the frills and bows of one. Both used pieces that contained patterns, but geared it towards what their own personal style is.

The Fashionista on the left has a more urban, girly. Her edginess came out with her menswear inspired cardigan and her hard leather boots. However, her floral printed romper really brings softness to her outfit. The Fashionista to the right has a simpler outfit, but it is by no means less fashionable. She wears a tribal print, which to me has a connotation of a manlier image. But the way this Fashionista works it makes it girly chic. She pairs it with a belt and a cream pea coat that gives it a ladylike feel.

This spring, that is approaching ever so quickly, is fully embracing an ethereal, womanly feel. That doesn’t mean throw out your menswear pieces or your boyfriend jeans. Just pair them with something extra girly that will make you feel more like a lady. Take the advice of these Fashionistas and bring you femininity down a notch with those extra menswear pieces. I love this Lilly Pulitzer dress paired with these boots from ShopBop, or this Juicy Couture ikat dress paired with this J.Crew cardigan.


Words are powerful, and when it comes to clothing, they are everywhere. They define much of our day-to-day communication, and messages printed on shirts just beg the eye to read them. This Fashionisto’s black button-up immediately caught my attention this week. The starkly contrasting letters are eye-catching and geometric. The fact that they are seemingly random and don’t form words gives them an intriguing, almost puzzling character like an indecipherable language. Beyond the shirt, his outfit mixes several styles together. The dark distressed denim and combat boots, paired with the black on top, seem edgy. The tan fedora and John Lennon-esque glasses, though, have a vintage, wistfully reminiscent air. Though these two very different themes seem as though they would not mesh, but the ease of the loose, draping shirt fabric and the fact that it is worn unbuttoned seems to tie the upper half to the lower half.

Name: Kaidon Ho

Year: Junior

Major: Apparel Design

CollegeFashionista: What inspired your outfit today?

Kaidon Ho: Today I literally just woke up and picked everything black. I kind of like went with the theme of the shirt.

CF: What’s your favorite piece that you’re wearing?

KH: I would say my sunglasses. I got them at Urban. I didn’t have anything to wear, and I needed sunglasses so I went in there and just got them.

CF: How would you describe your personal sense of style?

KH: I’m literally everywhere. Like seriously, that’s what I go for. I just look like a hobo. The other day on the Drag, this hobo was like, “Is that my jacket?” I was like, “What?” and I turned around and he was wearing exactly the same jacket.

How To: To get this Fashionisto’s unique look, pick up a one-of-a-kind button-up shirt at your local resale or vintage store. For the edgy side of this outfit, you can pair it with distressed denim and black military-inspired boots, which have been a popular item lately that both guys and girls can rock. A fedora is also a classic piece that can be worn with almost any outfit, especially if it is a neutral color like Kaidon’s tan one or a basic black. And if you like the look of his round sunglasses, American Apparel has a variety of vintage eyewear on their website. Check out this pair or this version.


The dreaded class presentation. As you are frantically organizing your note cards, the last thing on your mind is putting together a fashionable business casual look. I spotted this week's Fashionista hurriedly walking to her public speaking class, dressed to a T in a prim and proper black French Connection dress and suede pumps. Instead of throwing on a drabby zip-up, this Fashionista embraced her inner Jackie O and topped the look off with a need-to-be-seen vibrant purple J.Crew coat.

Name: Tayler Fletcher

Major: History

Year: Senior

CollegeFashionista: What inspired your look today?

Tayler Fletcher: I had to give a speech in my public speaking class today, and my professor requires that we dress up when we speak. Since it was a nice day, I didn't mind wearing pantyhose and heels and was thankful to not have to wear jeans and boots for yet another day. I prefer clothing with a classic style and love the long, clean lines of this outfit, and think the bright coat completes the look!

CF: How would you dress this outfit down for an everyday look?

TF: A fashionable wool coat can make any outfit feel complete, and is absolutely integral when you are dressed up. But I still wear this one with jeans and boots, or slacks and flats when I feel like being a little more casual.

CF: If you could have one person's wardrobe, whose would it be?

TF: I would love to have Audrey Hepburn's wardrobe from Breakfast At Tiffany's – the big black sunglasses, pearls, and especially the tiara she wears! To me that is fashion at its best, sophisticated and chic.

How To: Brights are so fun and a lot easier to wear than you would originally think. Try a statement-making color like this aqua blue Lafayette jacket. If brights aren't really your thing, try a patterned jacket like this one from Anthropologie. Both of these coats are not only adorable, but are also great pieces that will transition beautifully into the long-awaited spring weather!


Male students have always seemed to dress down here in Iowa City no matter what the occasion. Sweatpants and bar crawl tees are typical attire in the lecture halls. While the University of Iowa may not be NYU or Parsons, where the campus itself is a fashion capital, every once in a while you see someone who seems to be doing something right. 

Today's Fashionisto is sporting a classic-athletic look. Dark rinse boot cut jeans, Nike Shox, a black North Face zip-up, and a classic Burberry scarf make up the casual and sleek look. In comparison to the every day fashion of gray sweats and a black hoodie, today's look is classic yet still effortless. Building off of signature Burberry camel, black, white, and red, the look revolves around a simple color palette that keeps everything looking uniform. The Nike sneakers add an athletic accent to the ensemble. A cardigan substituting the jacket or a pair of oxfords instead of sneakers would make the look a bit more formal. 

Denim jeans are a fashion staple that may never go out of style. Knowing that this spring will call for lots and lots of denim, it's important for men to know what type are best. Abercrombie & Fitch has always been one of my favorite places for mens' jeans, and they're much more affordable than a pair of True Religions. 

Hint: When creating a new look, pick a focal point piece, such as a scarf, bulky necklace, or colorful shoes. Build your outfit around that item, keeping in mind a similar color scheme. Voila, you've created the perfect ensemble.

TREND: Intellectually Speaking

We’re lost in the wintry mix, fashion enthusiasts. The annual Happy Valley chill is upon us in full force—trudging to class on an icy morning seems more like a death wish than just a brisk walk on campus. I can’t even tell you how many poor souls I’ve seen go down in their Ugg boots. Tragic.

I entitled this post “Intellectually Sound” for two reasons:

1) This Fashionisto’s Indie “geek chic” look is smart, functional and stylish. It was truly refreshing to see on an effort like this on such a bleak, sludgy day. I commend him for not throwing his hands up and sacrificing his individual style just because the weather is terrible.

2) His intelligent, weather appropriate choices in footwear and outwear need to be noted, if not for their quality—as a public service announcement to ALL Penn State Students. Smart selections such as these can help you avoid both injury and embarrassment alike from the disastrous falls we see all too often on campus. Come on ladies, sporting your Classic Talls is NOT worth the potential ankle sprain.

This Fashionisto was spotted on his way home from grocery shopping on a particularly treacherous afternoon. The slushy snowfall from the night before stood no chance against his functional footwear. He pairs his rugged brown suede boots (check out this great pair from Danner) with a chic grey peacoat and warm black corduroys. He accentuates the look with a red watch cap from Urban outfitters, a black scarf, and iconic Ray-Ban Wayfarer frames which gives him an overall appearance of both style and intellect. 

Hint: Personal style is important, so is the utility of your outwear choices. Fear not- they can go hand-in-hand!  It's only getting icier for the next month or two, so if you don't have a good pair of boots- invest in some now. A lot of retailers are offering great discounts on adorably chic snow-friendly footwear.