Street Style Across Europe’s Most Fashionable Cities

One of my favorite things to do when I travel is to study street style. This summer I took it to the next level and actually photographed some of my favorite outfits. In the process, I got great style inspiration, met foreign Fashionistas, and garnered more than a few weird looks. To any aspiring street style photographer, I recommend three things: shoes you can run in (hey, when you see a great outfit you’ve got to hustle!), shameless self-confidence, and the largest sunglasses you can find in case things get awkward. Here I am rocking mine at the first stop of my street style tour: Paris.

1—Paris, France.

After this trip to Paris, I can definitively confirm that the “Parisians love stripes” stereotype is in fact justified. However, this goes far beyond the simple striped T-shirt. Locals rocked stripes on dresses, bags, skirts, and more. I also noticed that everyone wore sneakers with everything. Converse sneakers and a Gucci bag may seem like an odd combo, but Parisian’s pull it off so effortlessly you don’t even notice.

2—Florence, Italy.

Florence is known as an art history capital and that creative flair extends into the street style. I loved the contrast of pairing flowy, bohemian fabrics with tailored pieces, using layering to give an edge to otherwise basic pieces, and inspired pops of color. Florence also wins the award for the city with the best boutique window displays; if you don’t want to wait in line to see the Uffizi Gallery, the window displays are free works of art!

3—Santorini, Greece.

The main street running through the neighborhood of Oia in Santorini is more than a street: it’s a runway. I live in the fashion capital of New York City and had never seen so many killer outfits in one place. Given the heat of the Greek islands in June, tourists opted for flowy fabrics in summer-inspired prints. Blue and white, Greece’s signature color scheme, were popular color choices. Romantic off-the-shoulder tops and ruffled silhouettes mirrored the fairytale-like beauty of the island.

Which city’s street style do you dig the most? Let me know in the comments below! 


To some of us, Florida is our go-to vacation state. We get lost in the suffocating crowds of tourists and forget that for many walking among us, Florida is home. Waking up to palm trees and 80 degrees everyday sounds like a dream. For this Fashionista, it’s a reality.

Since moving down south from Michigan, she says it’s quite a lifestyle adjustment. “I see that it’s 50 degrees and get excited I don’t need a jacket. Locals will see 50 degrees and run for a winter coat,” she exclaims. The differences in temperature are a huge influence on the difference in style. This Fashionista said that she takes a lot of inspiration from the local women she sees and from the unique southern boutiques and brands that Florida has to offer. Her romper was actually purchased from a local shop on Atlantic Avenue in Delray Beach, Florida. With plans to go out to dinner later that night, it was a purchase of perfect timing.

As if rompers weren’t trendy enough, the off-the-shoulder look sure is as well. This fun and flattering romper fits the Fashionista and the occasion perfectly. To offset the navy and white pattern, she slipped on a simple pair of nude heels and silver earrings to complete her date night look.

The sun was setting and this Fashionista was trend-setting. I snapped my last couple of photos before her and her man walked off into the sunset … I mean, into the hibachi house.


Being from New Jersey, I never thought that I would ever make it out to the infamous Coachella Valley Music Festival. I also never thought that going to Penn State would introduce me to so many amazing people and opportunities. Weekend one was taken by storm with the fashion, the Ferris wheel, the music, the food, and California. If no one was able to tell by my countless Instagrams, the fashion was my favorite part.

Trying to find the perfect balance between not trying too hard and managing to comply with the weather was somewhat of a struggle but safe to say, we killed the game. Coachella fashion is very unique. It combines all of the latest trends being fringe, mesh, and even metal tops and they are worn by the coolest people and shown at the best of the best parties. The highlight of my week was being posted on the LF SoHo Instagram, but I don’t want to brag.

This outfit is where I brought out my desert and ranch vibes. To start off, my black bandeau is from Urban Outfitters, the neutral vibe really showed throughout the whole weekend with outfits focusing around black tops. Fringe, fringe, and more fringe. I LOVED this fringe skirt, Revolve killed the game this year and helped me have a little fun when dancing, singing, and running around. The trend this year was belts, I bought a big cowboy belt from ASOS to add a little something to the outfit along with my two necklaces. To protect me from the grueling desert heat, I paired the outfit with this black brimmed hat and black booties—and voila!

FASHION FROM ABROAD: Spring in Los Angeles

When coming back to California, especially Los Angeles, just lifting my head from my phone for a split second is like I have just read the West Coast edition of the September issue of Vogue. Fashion is everywhere around here and it is not limited at all. The bar seems to be set so high, but does not restrict you in any way. Everything is so fresh, new, and different. It keeps you inspired all the time and forces you to keep an eye out for all the latest trends.

If any place knows a trend, it is Los Angeles (sorry, New York!). When I think Los Angeles I automatically think about “athleisure.” For me, athleisure is the epitome of Los Angeles. Athleisure is perfect for the Los Angeles weather and it is so easy. Who doesn’t love wearing workout pants everyday? This Fashionista nailed the athleisure meets spring fun look!

For this simple, but fun outfit, this Fashionista paired her black workout leggings, a staple for the athleisure look, with a fun off-the-shoulder blue and white striped top. To keep it casual she wore some step-in sandals and accessorized with the most beautiful, dainty gold jewelry. Pairing this top, which is perfect for spring and could go with so many outfits, and keeping it comfortable with her leggings and step-in sandals would be my go-to look for the spring. First, I would love to wear a pair of Lululemon leggings with some step-in sandals on the daily, life would not get better than that. But when the weather is changing, I am always looking for something easy but still super cute—and this Fashionista has just opened my eyes to the beauty of athleisure.

FASHION FROM ABROAD: All Black Everything

I love traveling to different cities. Like people, places have a way of reminding you that no two are the same. Different people create a different feel for each city, and I enjoy getting to experience that aspect of cities outside of my own college town. Clemson University is located in a wonderful place when it comes to access to different cities. It is a short trip to Asheville, Charlotte, Columbia, Charleston, and Atlanta. Drive two hours South, and you run right into what is in my opinion, one of the greatest cities in the U.S.

Atlanta is a transport city. This meaning that a lot of people and families move here for jobs or once they graduate from school, and this makes the city very diverse. Atlanta as a city alone is the home of rich historical background and one of the most popular cities for the film industry. From lyrics in rap songs to the set for a famous movie scene, this city is filled with character. Not to mention that each neighborhood that makes up Atlanta has its own story and character as well. If you visit here, you will never run out of places to explore and things to learn.

This fashionisto was spotted in Buckhead, THE chic Atlanta neighborhood. Buckhead is home to an unending list of upscale eats and luxury shopping, making it one of the hot spots of Atlanta. This outfit is a typical Buckhead Atlanta street style look, perfect for hitting the gym and running errands afterwards. This fashionisto went for the all black look, which includes, a black athletic hat, black tennis shoes, and a black athletic pullover. Don’t worry ladies, this look is perfect for any gender, so you can create this look on your own as well. The way that this fashionisto chose to keep it all black makes this workout look chic, which is a perfect fit for bopping around Buckhead. I love that this outfit reflects Buckhead. When I think of this city, this outfit reminds me of something that would come to mind. If you’re headed to this awesome city anytime soon, check out what people are wearing and explore what Atlanta has to offer. You won’t be disappointed!

STYLE ADVICE: The Semester is Over

Aren’t we all happy that the semester is finally almost over? Although the semester is very close to being over and many students have left the campus to start their summer journey,  I was lucky enough to find an international student on my campus who is currently involved in our exchange program. I am very glad I was able to do that because I really enjoy seeing how different cultures interpret fashion and create styles. I wanted to make sure I was able to create a post so that everyone can learn a new way of putting certain clothing pieces together, as well as allowing readers to see some new pieces and styles they have maybe never seen before.

This look was one of my favorite looks seen on campus that day. This Fashionista decided to go with a business-casual look. My personal favorite part of the look was the shoes. Unfortunately, those shoes can only be found in China, but I am pretty sure H&M has something similar. For the top, she went with a light blue button-down shirt that was tucked into a black pair of flowy cropped trousers. To piece her top and bottoms together, she decided to go with a simple brown belt that went around her waist.

To add the outfit together, she wore a black small crossbody bag. This look was a very good pick for a windy, spring day. It allows her to feel the nice spring breeze but still be able to stay warm. I look forward to finding many more Fashionistas during the summer.


If you know me, you know I love to put a little twist on famous sayings to send a message. In this case, my travels to Detroit showed me how to change the phrase, “There are two sides to every story” to “There are two sides to every city.” Whenever you travel to a new, unfamiliar place, you know that you’re considered an outsider looking in. Although you have a sense of what the city has to offer, the people who live there truly know the ins and outs of their hometown. With that being said, this Detroit Fashionista helped me better understand the two sides of her city through her combination of an edgy and girly look.

To start off, let’s cover the edgy side that falls into what the visitors perceive the city to be. For me, I surely thought of Detroit as the place revolving around cars and factories. Yes, that is such a surface level assumption for me to make, but it’s not something people would disagree with. Detroit constantly creates things from scratch and that type of raw determination parallels with this Fashionista’s sharp leather jacket. Adding a thick choker and a pair of black booties just adds on to the boldness of the jacket and really speaks for the tough image that Detroit can give off.

Now, since the new saying goes, “There are two sides to every city” the serious and strong side of Detroit is met with more of a lighthearted and upbeat nature. This viewpoint of the city is associated with the Detroit natives because they see their hometown as more than the experts of the automobile industry. Like this Fashionista, the insiders know their city has an amazing nightlife, an awesome assortment of restaurants, and of course, fun sporting events to attend. I couldn’t think of a better way to portray that type of liveliness than with her floral romper. The vibrant red presents the Detroiter spirit and passion that the Fashionista described to me and I must say, her romper totally gets the job done.

So, how exactly did this Fashionista bring these two fashion worlds together? One word ladies and gentlemen: bracelets. Wrist wear is by far my favorite thing to experiment with and this Fashionista’s knotted and beaded bracelets really caught my eye. Not only are they so chic, but she told me that the beaded one is actually a friendship bracelet. This personal, yet effortless, touch brings the whole look full circle by acting as a bridge between the two different styles!

Looking back on this excursion, I honestly did not go into Detroit thinking fashion was going to be my ultimate teaching tool. Typically, a tourist’s guide would’ve come in handy, but to my surprise, a leather jacket and a romper gave me more than I could have asked for. Just as the saying goes, there’s always a way to complement one style with another, even if it’s by clashing (groundbreaking, I know).


Comfort is a necessity when it comes to any outfit, however, it is an absolute must when exploring a new place. While exploring different cities, this Fashionista has nailed the comfort aspect of the outfit while still looking chic and poised.

When it comes to maintaining comfort in an outfit, a good pair of shoes and layers are essential. While discovering all the diverse aspects of a new place, there is no time for sore feet. This Fashionista chose a timeless, yet practical shoe. Not only are these shoes a great choice for the occasion, but they match the black ensemble perfectly.

Another key aspect to achieving comfort is layers. Jackets, sweaters, and long sleeve shirts work best when attempting this look. In this outfit, a jean jacket was selected as the layer of choice to cover the form fitting crop top. This jacket not only helps maintain warmth throughout the day but also adds a fun and unique twist to the look. The faded blue texture on the jacket paired with the camo print provides the outfit with a beautiful pop of color.

To add extra comfort to this look, this Fashionista paired the jacket and shoes with a quality pair of leggings. These pants ensure mobility for any adventure one may take, due to the flexibility of the fabric. In this look, they also serve as a way to tie the ensemble together with their rich black pigment.

So, next time you are looking to explore a new city, remember that fashion and comfort always go hand in hand.


While abroad during the Easter holiday, I came across this Fashionista. Her outfit immediately caught my eye for its fabulous mixing of trends and monochromatic color scheme. For this Fashionista, shades of gray were the way to go. She perfectly added metallic pieces to play up and complement her outfit’s tone.

Velvet has been a coveted trend in recent seasons as have skirts in general. Velvet is an ideal material to add a bit of texture to any outfit. It looks great whether the skirt be long or short, or even as an accessory like a choker. This Fashionista wore a flowing velvet skater skirt that was soft to the touch and gave off the prettiest shimmering effect.

She continued the texturized feel with a fur tank top. Fur is also one of those trending elements that have been making their way into all sorts of pieces. In this case, her fur tank top will keep her cooler during the warmer months that are thankfully approaching. My personal favorite fur clothing item is actually an accessory. I have been obsessed with slides, but even more so with fur slides. I’ve been eyeing a few pairs and I cannot wait to get my hands on them! I love the playful vibe that fur slides give off, but I’m even more excited for the comfort that comes along with it.

This Fashionista topped off her outfit with a silver choker, continuing the metallic pattern and tying the whole look together. I think it’s safe to say that chokers are a trend that are here to stay. I’m totally okay with that because chokers serve dual purposes in my wardrobe. They can supplement an already killer outfit with a touch of jewels or act as a statement piece with bold coloring or fringed texture. I’ve been loving elaborate chokers with beads, feathers, and texture of any sort this season. They have a tendency of instantly making every outfit cooler.

With summer approaching, I dare you Fashionstas and Fashionistos to experiment with some rad, trendy, texturized pieces and make them the statements of this season’s fashion!


Whilst visiting one of my best friends in Indiana, I was constantly surrounded by Fashionistas. I had never been before, so seeing so many fashion forward people was a bit of a shock to me! There seems to be a stereotype here in California that people in the midwest aren’t the most stylish, but that theory could not be farther from the truth! Everyone puts loads of effort into their appearance and looks like they are ready to walk the red carpet at any given moment. Of course there were countless Fashionistas I could have snapped pictures of, but I didn’t have my camera with me at all times (one of my greatest regrets)! I was, however, able to get some great pictures of this stylish cutie out and about one sunny day.

I think what drew me to her outfit was the simplicity of it. Simplicity is so overlooked nowadays! She was sporting classic, basic pieces which I feel many people don’t think to wear anymore. We are often so caught up in the latest trends and what we can wear to draw the most attention to ourselves, but when did we decide that a classic gray turtleneck and blue jeans not categorize as “hip and trendy” anymore?

This Fashionista was wearing a gray cashmere turtleneck from Zara, high-rise skinny jeans from Madewell, and white Converse. I especially love her turtleneck because it keeps her warm in the unpredictable, Indiana weather. After spring she says it rarely gets below 50 degrees, but can get pretty breezy at times! Having a great quality sweater and trusty jeans are always a great go-to for just enough warmth.

Of course I am a devoted fan of all the best new trends, but going back to basics is always something I admire. To be able to pull off nothing but a sweater and jeans, and to make it look so chic is a goal of mine! I will be sure to turn to this Fashionista for inspiration in the future.