To: Whoever said a boy doesn’t care how he dresses…you are wrong.

Summers spent in Upstate New York are filled with plenty of time spent by massive bodies of water (The Finger Lakes). And the great thing about having a group of lakes so close together is that you can travel and make a day trip out of sailing across a new one!

After deciding to take a weekend getaway, I quickly had to brainstorm all of the things I had to pack; unfortunately for me “quickly” took a few hours, but as I unpacked my clothes into the drawers of our new getaway house I knew I had packed the PERFECT vacation clothes, and so did somebody else I knew.

This Fashionisto made it a point to pack his new pair of Converse High-Tops (easily the most perfect shoe for any occasion) especially for vacation! Converse have always been a very popular shoe and are easily able to be packed in a small overnight bag. This traveler also made sure to pack his graphic shorts filled with beach vibes. These shorts are great because they can be dressed up or down and are a fun add on to an everyday look. Last but not least, a basic graphic T-shirt to walk along the shore in.

Overall, the fun new kicks, the adventure printed shorts and the graphic T-shirt can be a great pairing for anything the day has to throw at you—a fun night on the town, a trip to the store or in our case, a nice walk through the sand!

Hint: Pair the graphic shorts with a nice button-down and boat shoes, and you have a great outfit to spend the night out adventuring in!


This week I had the opportunity to attend Pitti Uomo, self-described as “the world’s most important platform for men’s clothing and accessory collections and for launching new projects in men’s fashion.” Everyone knew that Pitti was in town because Firenze was suddenly booming with Fashionistas and Fashionistos, more so than usual. There were quite a few common trends seen among the men and it was clear that they were all fluent in fashion.

This Fashionisto caught my eye from all the way across the street. As he was investing in the street vendor hipster-esque fedora you see above, I dodged traffic to snap a pic. His outfit alone was enough to stop traffic.

The cropped plaid pants are a statement, but paired with the rich turquoise blazer to bring out the color in the pants, they tied this outfit together in a bold way. The Oxford-style textured leather loafers were a key accessory with this outfit as well. Each accessory, the fedora, the initialed gold belt buckle to bring out the gold pins on his blazer and the original leather handbag had a strong individual presence, but this Fashionisto eloquently paired all together to create an entirely BOLD look. Cropped pants were very popular among the men at Pitti Uomo, and each one was styled to their unique taste. I’m certainly a fan of the cropped trouser, and when they are used as the focal point it is easy to dress around it by pairing the perfect blazer, hat and Oxfords just by using the colors in the trousers, perfectly demonstrated by this Fashionisto! I loved that he used each color from the plaid to put together this ensemble; from the classic white button-up tying in the white details in the plaid and on the leather bag, the black leather shoes to match the plaid and tie in the black bag, the bright turquoise blazer to bring out the turquoise in the plaid and finally adding the gold accents.

When I inquired about his belt and bag, he said that they were a part of his upcoming line. Based out of Los Angeles, Dejon Marquis and his fiancé Raquel Celeste were visiting Florence to build connections for their brand ICanDress2. This is a definitely a brand to look out for! Check out their website for more information of ICanDress2 and fashion from Pitti Uomo, Milan Fashion Week and more!

Let’s hear it for the fashionable men of Florence and Pitti Uomo!

Captured: I spotted this Fashionisto at the Pitti Uomo in Florence, Italy. As the men’s portion of the Pitti Immagine collection of fashion events, Pitti Uomo is a tradeshow in Florence, Italy that’s been around since 1972. It’s a four-day market-facing event in which retailers, buyers, and editors come together to view upcoming collections.


Normcore is a trend that is overtaking the fashion blogosphere, with bloggers raving over painfully simple pieces like sweatpants and Nike Free running shoes. On one end, it seems like kind of a crazy concept: is it really that fashion forward to wear clothes that you could very well sleep in? But on the other end, it’s absolutely ingenious, wearing pieces that are so minimalist that your outfit automatically becomes chic.

This trend, while embraced by high-end designers like Marc Jacobs, seems a little bit more daunting for common folk. When in sweats, I personally find it rather difficult to feel as confident as I would in a fitted dress or even a tunic and leggings combination. Breaking into the trend, however, is a little more accessible with articles made from French terry cloth pieces.

This Fashionisto’s outfit features precisely that integration of normcore, with his gray terry cloth zip up. While matching his jacket with a pair of sweats may have been extremely comfortable, it might be a little overwhelming at first to give into foreign fashion territory with complete abandon. Instead, this Fashionisto takes it one step at the time. He combines his jacket with a pair of fitted dark wash jeans and chukka boots, successfully integrating the trend into the garments that he is already comfortable styling.  He finishes off his outfit with a few simple but thoughtful accessories—a pair of wayfarer sunglasses and a crisp silver watch.

Hint: Incorporate the normcore trend into your closet with terry cloth pieces that are both comfortable and forward-thinking.


School is finally over and summer has officially begun for all of us whom are done with this spring semester. The finals are over, the assignments, the stress and everything that comes along with school.  Now it’s time to let it all out and unwind, to enjoy the time remaining until it all starts once again for those who aren’t done. This week’s Fashionisto’s ensemble was great and appropriate, in my opinion because it reflected how summer is here.

This week’s Fashionisto wore some pink shorts with a long sleeve purple stripped rolled up button-up T-shirt. To complete the ensemble he combined it with some Reef sandals as a selection for footwear. This specific ensemble I find perfect for the beach and for everyday summer time activities. Especially is you live in the South Texas area. Every Rio Grande Valley resident would definitely agree that with this heat the less clothing worn, the better. If you too would like to join and you’re looking for interesting summer trends try stores like Gap and Banana Republic, they have some great selection of colored shorts for this summer.

Things to consider when shopping for shorts include, the length of the shorts, the pattern, the material and the fit overall. Lately what I’ve been noticing is that recenty it’s more common to see guys wear short shorts; so if you’re up for showing a little more skin don’t fear trying the short length short, it keeps things interesting.

Always keep an eye for new trends and new ways to possibly create your own trends. I hope you all enjoyed reading my posts for this spring semester. I wish all of you the best of luck and best wishes to all the readers, thank you.

Hint:  In addition, accessories to keep in mind for this summer include the Fedoras, the islander jewelry and Sperry Top-Sider shoes. Get a tan, seek adventure and make the best of life.


With the month of May nearly over, there’s usually one thing most students have in mind: summer vacation. Whether you spend your summer abroad or in your hometown, having fun with fashion is one task we all should never procrastinate on. Take a look at today’s Fashionisto who brought some London style to South Texas College.

While most Texans opt out of wearing an ensemble comprised of dark colored clothing during this time of year, today’s Fashionisto rocked his with confidence and style. This Fashioinisto demonstrated an excellent example on how to sport a monochromatic look with basic garments and accessories. The combination of neutral clothing may seem dull to some, but today’s style star knew exactly how to rock his graphic T-shirt and make his entire ensemble look just as cool. This London-inspired look is one that can make any Fashionisto look like a rock star.

Accessories can always make an ensemble look extra stylish. This fashionable fellow added the perfect pair of sunglasses and messenger bag to complete his look. These timeless accessories are classic essentials and can surely get plenty of use over the summer.

Hint: Graphic T-shirts will definitely come in handy now that school is over. Make sure you’re looking as stylish as today’s Fashionisto with a T-shirt that expresses your personal style. A graphic T-shirt is one garment that can be taken from day to night with the right styling. When shopping, be on the lookout for pattern and color, which are always a great way to modernize any classic pair of jeans and shoes.

LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Where There Is Rain, There Is Layering

Rain, rain, go away. Growing up, that was the song we sang for the sun to return. Although I personally still prefer sunny days, there are some positive fashion alternatives to the dreaded drizzle days. You can finally pull out that pair of Burberry rain boots, or repel the raindrops with your super cute bubble umbrella.

The tricky thing about summer rain is dressing for protection yet still keeping yourself cool. I think the correct way to tackle this is to have a balance. Decide whether you will wear a raincoat or rain boots; whether you will protect with a poncho or an umbrella. The great thing about this Fashionisto is he understands the importance of balance, and takes this opportunity to stay stylish on this gloomy day. His way of keeping dry is light layers, with a basic white tee, grey hooded jacket and denim Hollister Co. jacket.

Relaxed and easy going is his aim. He pairs these layers with khaki pants and classic white Converse sneakers. His accessories include a brown cross-body bag, for that classic college guy look. A brown Michael Kors iPad case and a gold Fossil watch with a black face.This Fashionisto decides on a blue and white striped umbrella for protection—because what fun is rain without an umbrella for personality.

Hint: Light layers on rainy days can be accomplished with a basic shirt light jacket and denim jacket or raincoat. When it comes to shoes, play it casual. A pair of tennis, or slip ons will do the trick.


Finals have passed! Although, there are many people staying on campus for a list of miscellaneous reasons, including: summer classes, internships, jobs or just a time to enjoy all the recreational activities that our campus offers! I spotted this Fashionisto looking like he was going to meet a professor; even though, I never was aware of his true plan. His entire outfit looked polished and classic. The element of his outfit that I noticed most was his great choice of denim! In my eyes, this Fashionisto truly possess’ the perfect wash. It’s hard to find a good pair of denim that is fitting for a laid-back type of day, as well as, a meeting with a professor, but this Fashionisto nailed it!

Every additional item that revolves around this “perfect wash” holds versatile and comfortable traits. Nike is a quality brand that I recommend any Fashionisto to depend on. Nike Free Runs are known for their lightweight frame; not-to-mention, the soles that bend every which way for a consumer’s visual display of comfort.

The sporty watch that this Fashionisto is wearing, gave much mystery and versatility to his outfit. For all I know, after this Fashionisto left campus, the button-down might have been stripped down to a white T-shirt and the travel home might have consisted of a bike ride.

Overall, the gingham button-down, Nike tennis shoes, sport watch and the cute usage of his shirt pocket (did I mention how cute it was?) all came together to make the outfit suitable for the occasion. However, when you have an indigo washed denim that is forever a classic, anything from a collegiate sweatshirt to a blazer works.

Hint: Don’t be afraid that staying on campus after the spring semester will cramp your low-key summer lifestyle. This Fashionisto displays versatility and comfort that only comes from a classic item, such as a good pair of denim jeans. You should have one good staple that possess’ the ability to create many looks, including the low-key summer vibe you’re looking for!


I spotted today’s Fashionisto from a mile away. His vibrant pants are what caught my eye and I love how he wore them with confidence. After talking to him about his outfit, I learned that this Fashionisto is in fact a Levi’s model from Nigeria!

Can we please take a moment to just look at his pants? This Fashionisto got the bright pair in Nigeria but admits that at first he didn’t even like them. He said that he simply wanted a piece from his home country but eventually grew to like them and made them work. I love the contrasting colors of blue and orange and the intricate designs. They’re loose and comfortable to wear, making them perfect for your summer wardrobe. To match his pants, he wears red and orange striped socks by Active that peek out thanks to the cut of the ankle length pants. He also wears a pair of blue Nike sneakers that go with the rest of the blue shades in his outfit. The socks really pop and attract attention because of their placement between the two blue pieces in the outfit.

To keep the prime focus on the colorful lower half of his ensemble, this Fashionisto keeps the upper half very simple with neutral colors. He wears a casual white T-shirt by H&M and a fitted gray hoodie that he leaves open over it. A white T-shirt is an absolute must-have for a man’s summer closet because of its versatility; you can dress it up or down. He purposely didn’t wear any jewelry so that his pants got all the attention. When making a fashion statement with a piece as bold as this Fashionisto’s pants, it’s always a good idea to keep the rest of your outfit neutral. Too many loud pieces can come off as overwhelming and each unique fashion item won’t be truly appreciated. Isolating a single piece is a great way to show it off.

Hint: Put away the darker shades you wore during the colder months, take advantage of the summer season and get colorful! Showcase your personal style with fun patterns and designs. Pick one piece to make pop and keep everything else simple.


It’s finals week here at Beloit College! As school is slowly starting to come to a end, the humidity and temperature has gradually been increasing, and students have all started to dress minimally. I’ve noticed that a good number of people wear khaki shorts paired with button-down shirts complemented by boat shoes. This is an outfit labeled as preppy that I often see on the east and west coasts, and which seems to be a popular spring outfit of the Midwest.

This Fashionisto was coming back from one of his finals when I ran into him. He was sporting the outfit that has grown to be quite popular on this campus. From head-to-toe he had on a blue T-shirt paired with khaki shorts complemented with boat shoes. I thought the combo of colors that he used within his outfit was great. Being able to use a dark colored T-shirt and pairing it off with a light colored pair of khakis created a magnificent look that will catch the eye of many on lookers. He had accessorized with a brown leather strapped watch, which brought together his whole outfit. I think the watch was a great addition to the outfit since it added a little sophisticated flavor. This outfit is perfect for warm weathered days, because it is layered down, and it lets the wearer feel the rays of the sun without sweating profusely.

Hint: When wearing a similar outfit, I’d advise to wear a shirt that is darker than the khakis so the color contrast will create a look that is spectacular.


Today’s Fashionisto took a couple classic pieces and put his own spin on them, resulting in a cool and unique ensemble that’s all his own. Through starting his own business by becoming a DIY expert, he’s got a closet of original pieces custom-made for a unique urban, tailored style.

First and foremost, my favorite part of his look for a range reasons would be this color-block white and gray tank top. The length is a cool, modern take on the regular tank top, and the neutral color blocking keeps things looking sharp and minimal—one of my favorite styles. He paired it with a great pair of black fitted jeans that are the perfect fit, which is key when it comes to denim.

Upon meeting him I immediately wondered where he got his shirt, as I’m all for experimenting with different lengths and shapes, and I was excited to see that there might be some new styles emerging in men’s fashion. It turns out he actually made it himself and has been working on an entire collection of similar ideas for his clothing line, Aith, Reserved for the Talented. He custom makes shirts that vary from solid, patterned to sheer and doesn’t stop there, as he also plays on new lengths and silhouettes. Not only is this a great DIY idea, but it’s also also a very innovative addition to men’s casual fashion and is perfect for his target college-age range.

Moving on to accessories, he’s sporting a sea foam green baseball cap with a grass and duck pattern you can’t beat. Try one like this from Urban Outfitters; it’s perfect for summer and can take a simple ensemble to a new level. Incorporated are some gold accents in a simple chain necklace and textured watch. He enhanced the color scheme a bit in the perfect way with some maroon Vans, complementing the browns in his hat.

This Fashionisto serves as an inspiration to not only experiment with different silhouettes and embrace evolving fashion, but also to support local designers or make the move and start that DIY project. Your individuality won’t go unnoticed!

Hint: Get a similar look by layering a regular tank top you already have over a longer one like this black one from Farfetch.