STYLE GURU BIO: Allison Relyea

My name is Allison Relyea and I’m 21 and a Junior at The New School in New York City. I’m so excited to be interning here at CollogeFashioninsta! I’m excited to not just post about my fashion and the fashion around me, but to read other articles from you all as well!

Like I mentioned, I attend The New School and I am a fashion and writing major. Fashion as well as writing has always been a passion and interest of mine since a very young age. At The New School I am able to channel both of my passions into one and I am in the process of making a career out of the two. I enjoy people’s styles, different textures, and mixing up pieces when it comes to fashion. I write, and blog, about fashion to help give some insight and help for others.

I also run a fashion blog ( If you would like to check it out) in hopes of helping people find inspiration, share my fashion tips, and style as I briefly mentioned before. I also wanted to share my love for fashion and writing through that blog. I think it is really fun to document my fashion style over the courses of a few years. I also like to document my life and personal things that happen as well. I would love to extend and be a lifestyle blogger as well one day. At the moment, I’m committed to my blog, school, and traveling as much as possible.
I have a wide variety of interests and I’m trying to channel it in a direction that makes me happy and expresses my inner passions. I would a career in fashion as a fashion blogger, fashion stylist, or writer, own my own brand, or own a company. Anything that I feel works towards my passion and interests.

FASHIONISTA SPOTLIGHT: Melinda Harrison-Laster

I’d opt to say that sunglasses are simply a street-style must. A nice pair of sunnies can bring an outfit to an entirely new level of cool, framing the face and serving as the ultimate “do not disturb” sign. Maybe it’s just me, but when I slip on a good pair of shades I just can’t help but feel empowered! I absolutely adore the way this Fashionista amps up her outfit with eyewear. Accessories don’t have to be excessive or elaborate– you just have to make them work.

Name: Melinda Harrison-Laster

Major: Intelligence and National Security

Year: Freshman

CollegeFashionista: How would you describe your style?

Melinda Harrison-Laster: I guess I would describe it as dressy casual meets fun college girl.

CF: What is your favorite way to accessorize?

MHL: My favorite way would be the simple way. Less is always more.

CF: Where are your favorite places to shop?

MHL: My favorite places are Forever 21 and White House Black Market.

CF: Who are your fashion idols?

MHL: My fashion idols will always be Cher and Dionne from Clueless, but I always get tips from my mom and all of my older cousins.

How To: Stylish sunglasses are obviously recommended for this look, so find a timeless pair that can complement your personal facial features. When it comes to shopping for sunglasses, try to remember that people with round faces typically look better with square frames while people with square faces typically look better with round frames. Next, look for a chic white graphic tank like this one to layer under a denim jacket. I love the look of this light wash one! A high-waisted skater skirt is a great way to play up your silhouette. Pair yours with tights and combat boots for an effortlessly fierce look. Simply add a black scarf as a finishing touch and your look will be complete!


How many times have you put on a really cute outfit and found yourself regretting the shoes later because you didn’t realize you’d be walking so much? Or you wished you made the look a tad more simple because all of your accessories seem to be weighing you down? I know this predicament all too well and I find myself in similar situations more often than I should. But perhaps taking the key elements from this Fashionista’s outfit will make life a little easier. This look allows Fashionistas to stay invested in their busy schedules without sacrificing style and comfort.

Name: Elisabeth Lenhart

Major: Marketing

Year: Sophomore

CollegeFashionista: How does your schedule impact your style? 

Elisabeth Lenhart: Since I have lots of early classes, school makes me dress very practically. It’s usually much colder in the mornings so I wear multiple layers. I like to keep the pieces simple but stylish at the same time. 

CF: If you could use any word to describe your style, what would it be and why?

EL: I’d describe my personal style as colorful! I love adding different shades and hues to all outfits.

CF: What kind of shopper are you?

EL: I think I am a pretty eclectic shopper. I buy clothes from any place that has cute ones but I like Nordstrom, Forever 21 and H&M.

CF: What’s your best piece of fashion advice?

EL: Add a pop of color. That seems to solve just about any problem. Your outfit looks dull? Add a pop of color to it or a touch of red lipstick.

How To: I love the simplicity of this outfit. It breaks down into three easy steps. First, get your basics in order. Grab a long sleeved T-shirt and thick thermal leggings. If you want to create a longer look, wear darker colored basics. Next, find a statement vest. Finally, top off the outfit with a pair of two- toned boots and you’ve successfully created a casual get up.


Now that classes are back in session at Fairfield U, Fashionistas/os are all about dressing to impress! This Fashionista was found down by the Dolan Pond on her way to the business school. She donned pattern pants and a simple white tee that screamed both style and comfort. Her preppy pants (anchor patterned) injected just enough of her style for class without being too loud. She showed Fairfield Fashionistas the right way to dress for school!

Name: Kendall Zipkin

Major: Marketing

Year: Sophomore

CollegeFashionista: How would you describe your style?

Kendall Zipkin: My style is sort of mixed but I’d say that for the most part it’s preppy.

CF: Where do you like to shop?

KZ: I usually find a lot of things in J.Crew, C. Wonder and Nordstrom.

CF: What is you favorite season for fashion and why?

KZ: I love dressing for fall because of all of the sweaters and boots. Both can be super preppy yet comfortable enough for a day of classes.

CF: What is your back to school clothing essential?

KZ: Sun dresses are perfect because they are easy to throw on in the morning and you can easily dress them up for a day on the beach.

CF: Where do you find you style inspiration?

KZ: A lot of times I get ideas from my things my friends wear and celebrities I find in magazines like People or US Weekly.

CF: What is one item you hope to add to your closet next?

KZ: I’d really like to buy a Burberry jacket for the upcoming fall/winter season.

How To: This Fashionista left tattered sweatpants and T-shirts at home and instead opted for some pattern pants as a look for class. Fashionistas can find patterned pants at stores such as J.Crew and Ann Taylor LOFT to pair with a white V-neck just like this Fashionista. Pair this outfit for classes with simple jewelry like a necklace and earrings. To dress this look up for night swap out the white tee for a peplum top. Instead of sandals or flats add nude pumps and you are ready for a night out in Fairfield!


Penn Fashion Week was full of amazing surprises. From luxury cars to luxury goods, the week was the perfect time for students to explore the world of fashion. But while students got the chance to peruse the world of fashion in panels, pop up shops and fashion shows, the halls of Huntsman weren’t the only locations buzzing with talk of fashion. CollegeFashionista and Penn Fashion Week teamed up with Shoptiques to determine the best dressed Fashionistas and Fashionistos on a different runway— on Locust Walk.

This Fashionista won the Best Dressed at Penn Competition with a whopping 146 “likes” on Facebook, and won a goodie bag courtesy of Stoptiques. Inspired mostly by color, this business student clearly won the hearts of Penn with her bright personality and stellar fashion sense.

Name: Emily Wang

Major: Undeclared in Wharton

Year: Freshman

 CollegeFashionista:  What are you wearing?

Emily Wang: In the photo my dress, bag and shoes are from Forever 21, my belt is from H&M and my earrings are from The Limited. It’s spring, and I wanted to bring some light, fun colors to reflect the weather and the mood. I love color blocking, and I love the way the orange complements and even enhances the coral, so I paired the outfit with an orange bag and matching earrings. I think the belt adds shape, and the gold shoes are low key enough that, by matching it to the gold button on the belt, the attention is focused on the outfit rather than competing with the outfit.

CF: How would you describe your style?

EW: I am very feminine, and I’d love to describe my style as an artwork of a progression of the woman in the 1960s, but with a more modern twist. Some days I love to bring it back to the classic for the more proper, cinched-at-the-waist lady-like look, but other days I love a trippy, psychedelic pattern mixed with some really cool pants for the more liberated woman inside of me. I absolutely love the 1960s, so I would say my style is very much so based on that era because I love the high glamour and the details. I am also obsessed with big hair.

CF: Where do go for style inspiration?

EW: I try to find inspiration in everyday life. I am inspired by the colors around me, and some colors I can just see will just look divine on fabrics. I read a lot of fashion magazines such as Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue, I follow the app when the new collections come out and I love going to boutiques and vintage shops, so I bring a lot of things together. Lately to satisfy my ‘60s obsession, I’ve been following a lot of Mad Men fashion. The entire show is just beautifully made, and the costume designer, Janie Bryant, is phenomenal. She is so detail oriented, and every outfit is just so intricate and so spot-on to the era and the personality of the characters. Mad Men is definitely what is making me want to spend money right now.

CF: What trends are you looking to wearing this summer?

EW: I actually have these tribal wedges that I am so excited to wear to a music festival or something, so the tribal pattern is definitely something I’m looking forward to wearing. I actually just bought tribal leggings, pants and tops, so I think I’m covered in that section. I feel I am going to be very bohemian this summer because I have purchased a lot of printed bralets and high-waisted shorts. Other looks that I am looking forward to wearing this summer are skater skirts, cat-eye sunglasses and clothes that have nice silhouettes. Structured clothing is just so mesmerizing and intriguing to me.

CF: What is your favorite place to shop in Philadelphia?

EW: There is this boutique, Aoki, in Rittenhouse Square, and it boasts such effortlessly chic styles. The entire store is a work of art, and the owner has such a sharp eye. The spot is just an artist’s dream, as she makes use of the space very well. Everything from the walls to the shelves to the lights are so detailed and tuned to perfection. I go there for inspiration mainly, and it’s always such a liberating and creative adventure. I feel like I am in a piece of artwork, and at the same time it opens my mind to new trends that I would not ever imagine.

CF: What is your best piece of style advice for college students?

EW: I really do think that people look best when they dress according to their personalities. Once you discover that, you open your mind to not just your own likes and dislikes, but to an appreciation of art itself. I have a friend who is quite a hipster. She wears things that on a hanger I would pass as hideous, fringy or even Hunger Games-esque, but she pulls it off effortlessly and beautifully. To me, the most important thing is knowing what your personality is and then building your art around that personality. Style is an art, and it’s a very special art because it’s personalized. It’s how we display ourselves using our bodies as a canvas, so, without a doubt, knowing who you are, what you’re interested in and what appeals to your eye is the first step to looking fabulous.

How To: To get this Fashionista’s look, try color blocking by matching bright colors and neutrals. Pair a bright orange A-line, ‘50s inspired dress with neutral sandals for a feminine, flirty look.


This week, I decided to spotlight a Passionista who has been a close friend of mine for a very long time and whose style has always epitomized unique originality.  She has never been afraid to push the limits when it comes to thinking way outside of the fashion box – whether pairing asymmetrical skirts with oversized band Tees, or crisp collared shirts with boyfriend jeans. While others assess her look as something unconventional and puzzling, this Passionista carries herself with the utmost pride. The most fascinating aspect of this her life is the genuine passion she has for designing (pieces that could be considered rough samples of couture), and the enthusiastic approach she takes to achieve her dream. She is honestly one of the most talented girls I know and I am thrilled to share her story with CollegeFashionista.

Name: Jennah Santos

Major: Apparel & Creation Design

Year: Sophomore

CollegeFashionista: What inspired your look today?

Jennah Santos:  My look wasn’t necessarily inspired by any one thing in particular. I like to mix and match pieces with clean and simple lines, then contrast them with something bulky, sometimes verging on grunge. I’m definitely inspired by the 90’s in that sense.

CF: Where did you find all of the pieces that you’re wearing?
JS: The dress I’m wearing is from a great store called COS in Paris. It’s the perfect place for minimalist lovers who want to stay on trend. As for the shades, I bought those at a vintage flea market in Abbesses, a northern quarter of Paris, a few months ago. The watch is from Calvin and the clutch is Italian vintage. The boots I actually stole from my mom’s closet. She bought them in the early 2000s and never wore them – the perfect steal!

CF: When did you first become interested in fashion design?
JS: I’ve always dreamed of becoming a designer, especially when I was younger, but it wasn’t until high school when I started taking it more seriously career wise.

CF: Where do you attend school and what is it like?
JS: I go to school at ESMOD University in France. Being American and living as a full-time student in Paris can be challenging at times, but the benefits indubitably outweigh the difficulties. You certainly have to adapt as far as the language and quirks of the culture go. It’s a very stimulating environment to surround yourself in.

CF: What do you like the most and the least about studying abroad?
JS: What fascinates me most is that it actually has an incredibly international environment, yet the culture remains strictly French. I’ve probably learned more from the people and friends I’ve made there than in any classroom. I consider myself an extremely lucky person to have this opportunity. The only thing I don’t like is how much I do like all of the delicious food! Thank god I live on the 5th floor walk up.

CF: What do you hope to do with your future and what are your biggest goals?
JS: Ideally, I would love to have my own label and be successful enough to open shop in Paris and New York. Then again, I would be equally thrilled working under one of my favorite designers, if given the opportunity. That being said, my biggest goal is to one day be lucky enough to showcase my work at each Paris or New York Fashion week.

CF: What would you consider to be the biggest staple in your wardrobe?
JS: My glasses, at least for right now. I have such an obsession with buying all different styles. Sometimes if I see a really cool vintage pair I’ll pop the lenses out and ship the frames to my eye doctor to put in  new lenses. So, yes for anyone who is questioning whether all of them are my actual prescription, they are!

Learn More: Check out Jennah’s 2011 Costume Collection by visiting You can be sure to expect many more collections coming from this fashion maven within the next year. And if you haven’t spotted the chunky, clown shoe trend already, take a look at Prada’s 2012 fall/winter collection for more inspiration.


When you live in a beautiful city full of vibrant people, buildings and everything in between, it’s hard not to want to go camera-happy and take endless shots of your everyday experiences. Well, for this Passionista, photography has always been calling her name. Entering her final year in Photography Studies in the Image Arts program at Ryerson, Claudia Puchiele is excited to get her career on the move and get started in such a creative industry. Although she mentions the difficulty of truly creating something “new,” she is definitely working on her skills to do just that. But whatever path she decides to take, I’m sure she’ll go on into the world with confidence, camera in hand.

CollegeFashionista: How did you get started in photography?

Claudia Puchiele: There’s typically one parent in every familial unit that assumes the role of  “photographer,” in my case it was my mother. She brought her Minolta XG-M SLR with her almost everywhere we went, so I suppose her manic/obsessive need to capture every waking moment on film kind of rubbed off on me. It drove the rest of my family crazy back then, and I’m fairly certain it still does now that I’m doing it.

CF: What kind of photography do you enjoy the most?

CP: Photographs that heavily rely on their environment to create a certain atmosphere. And photographs of cats, of course.

CF: What’s the most challenging part of photography?

CP: Many things are challenging — being original and new I suppose. Nowadays it’s almost impossible to create something, in any art form, that hasn’t already been done in some way. I’ll frequently come up with an idea for a project at school and talk to a professor about it, and they’ll usually tell me to check out some other photographer that has done something “similar” (as they put it). It usually turns out that “similar” means “identical” and I have to come up with something else entirely.

CF: How do you put your own personal style into your photographs?

CP: I’m an incredibly nostalgic person. I find myself constantly yearning for a past that I only experienced small fragments of as an infant and child, wishing that I could have experienced it as someone with more awareness and maturity. When I think about the past I feel a mixture of excitement and misery. It’s very conflicting. In order to resolve my feelings of extreme sentimentality, through my work I draw on the themes of nostalgia, memory, comfort and longing in order to actively deal with my obsession and over-romanticized ideas towards the past. I like to incorporate interior design, vintage textiles and furniture and both obscure and mundane landscapes into my photographs in order to create a playful and surreal atmosphere for the viewer to get lost in. My fascination with the past, more specifically the '70s and '80s, drives my work  I am passionate about recreating and attaining a feeling and way of living that, to me, no longer exists.

CF: Who are some of your favourite photographers and what do you like about their work?

CP: I really enjoy the work of Korean born and L.A. based photographer Ye Rin Mok  her photographs have the ability to be both quiet and contemplative, while at the same time being jarring and uneasy. They are very minimalistic; they have a sense of familiarity and comfort to them possibly due to their simple compositions and de-saturated colour schemes. She can have so little happening in a photograph, yet it still has the ability to tell so much, they always seem to hint at a broader story. I also love the work of Alec Soth, but for reasons that would take way to long for me to explain in what is probably meant to be a brief interview.

CF: What’s your ultimate goal with photography?

CP: I don’t want to become a wedding photographer. And I hate working in studios. So to end up doing the opposite of that, hopefully I’ll manage to sustain a living by having my images showcased in galleries and publications. That would be neat.

Check out Claudia’s blog here:


This Fashionista is a huge fashion enthusiast living in the middle of Central Oklahoma. She spends her time working at Cottonwood hair salon as a hair stylist, thrifting for beautiful vintage finds and researching fashion schools for a prospective degree in fashion. Her style and taste clearly designate her as a passionate, fashion-driven student. When she isn't styling hair or thrifting, she is modeling for her boyfriend's Oklahoma City based T-shirt company, Cadillac Cowboy.

Name: Meagan Willis

Year: Alumna

College Fashionista: Explain your style in detail.

Meagan Willis: I am a big materials person; if it doesn't feel good to the touch I won't buy it. My favorite materials [are] nylon, crushed velvet, fur of any sort, chiffon, patent leather/leather, velour, mesh and spandex. Basically that's all I wear. I am truly influenced by our current pre-existing grunge movement: Doc [Martens], plaid, oversized, shredded, unkempt hair. Along with that, I'm a backstage rock 'n' roll Motley Crue replica groupie chick who loves her leather, big hair, studs, spikes, cheeky shorts, and oversized platforms. The people I respect most always wore a lot of black; I fell in love with what most would call “gothic.” Patent leather, chokers, corsets, black lips and chains [are] another big part of my style. I feel sexiest with my hair pin curled, a push up bra, red lipstick and polka-dots. Pin-up is so ladylike and an always for me. Last but not least my favorite vintage clothing is the key to my soul! I own several dresses, T-shirts, accessories,and shoes dating back from the '50s that I will never let go! 

CF: What are your favorite places to shop?

MW: I do 95% of my shopping online. Living in Oklahoma, you don't have too many options. NASTY GAL — I cannot elaborate enough how much that store was made for me! — Wasteland, UNIF, Dime Piece clothing, Planet Blue, Dolls Kill, Topshop, Solestruck, Wildfox couture, Toxic Vision and American apparel. In Oklahoma, Lucca is amazing; they carry heavily-influenced L.A. fashion wear. Also, Gypsy Rose is a darling little vintage store I find all of my one-of-a-kind gems at!

CF: You have a lot of interesting tattoos! Are there stories behind any of them?

MW: I've had an overly-complicated upbringing so each one has a meaning and is dear to me. I've been getting them since the moment I turned 18 and have always planned on being covered with no regrets. I have too many to go into specific details but my favorite is on my left inner forearm. It's from a comic book from the '60s of a very beautiful woman looking into a mirror and seeing a horrid decrepit woman as herself. This means a lot to me being a hair designer and dealing with women who on a daily basis see themselves in such a negative light when really they are beautiful.

CF: What do you look for when thrifting?

MW: Vintage T-shirts, '80s kitten heels (connies and vanna whites are my personal faves), vintage slips, sparkle mesh purses, gold chains, slave bracelets, Italian leather anything, knitted beanies, high-waist acid wash Levis and fur coats.

CF: What can you wear to work as a hairstylist? What do you usually wear?

MW: At my salon our attire has to be all-black unless it's summer, then we can wear white. So that being said, most of my wardrobe is black, which is no problem with me! I generally am always in either my black patent knee-high Doc Martens or my UNIF black Hellraisers for shoes, or my Jeffrey Campbell Knox buckled boots (flats are a must for hair designers). Black dresses are my go-to (usually form-fitting with a pair of eclectic hosiery). High-waist black skirts and jeans are also a must; they always make you feel tiny while adding a considerable amount of gut-sucking. How could anyone resist, right? I'm known for my lipsticks; I have a color in literally every shade and switch it up daily! Last but not least cat eyes, always cat eyes.

CF: If you had to choose a decade to dress from which would it be?

MW: '90s, no doubt. Looking like a drug addict was never more acceptable and the girls could rock flannel around their waists, enough said.


Becky Robinson’s love of Andy Warhol, painting and all things art has translated into a passion for fashion and graphic design. With her artistic talent and journalism degree in tow, this Fashionista will stop at nothing to achieve her dreams as a fashion magazine editor.

CollegeFashionista: When did you start getting into art and creating it?

Becky Robinson: I know it sounds cliché, but I’ve been into art for as long as I can remember. I used to color and draw all the time when I was little and throughout school it was the only thing I was really good at. In 8th grade I decided I wanted to be a fashion designer, but that passion slowly evolved into graphic design and the magazine aspect of it. I want to showcase designer’s work in a way that exemplifies their work, but also allows me to create my own.

CF: What have you been involved in over the years that helps you continue to create and be inspired?

BR: In high school, I took art classes and am now majoring in Art so I get to take a lot of art classes on campus. Last spring, I had my first graphic design class and I fell in love so I can’t wait to continue courses. Also, I write a fashion column for The Crimson White, which is great because I have some exposure to what working at a magazine or paper would be like.

CF: What/who has inspired your artwork?

BR: I love Andy Warhol. His whole persona, his personal life, and more of his obscure works- like the Electric Chair series- fascinates me. I’m also really drawn to Mondrian- I like his use of grids and primaries, it’s a lot like how I like to paint. As crazy as it sounds, Soviet Russia is also one of my inspirations. Sometime in high school, I became obsessed with the propaganda used during WWII and the Cold War; again I was drawn to the straight lines and bold typography.

CF: What kinds of things do you like to paint?

BR: There isn’t one specific thing I like to paint. I just paint whatever I’m in the mood for. I did a painting of Che in a style like Chuck Close. Generally though, I work with a grid and like to stick with straight lines, and primary or bold colors. Acryclic is my favorite medium. I haven’t made much art lately because of summer school, but I can’t wait to get back into art classes this fall.

CF: How has your passion for art and art history affected your personal style?

BR: I don’t think art or art history has at all affected my style. Sometimes I say things like “Oh, I can wear this shirt with holes because I’m an art student and it’s ok.” I use my art major more of excuse than an inspiration. I wear whatever I feel like; some days it’s just jeans and a tee shirt other days I’ll add a few accessories. Since I work with my hands a lot I don’t really like rings or watches or bangles, they tend to get in the way.
Overall, I’d say I have a simple, casual, but crisp style. I wear a lot of greys (that’s most of my closet actually) and neutrals. I’d like to say I’m adventurous with my style, but I’m really not. I get more of a kick out of appreciating designers and what I could do with a layout then worrying about getting my hands on the latest bag or shoe. I think this has come out of being a broke college student honestly, so I figure if I can buy a lot of neutrals and pair them with that one quirky item, I’ll get a lot more use out of my closet.

CF: How do you hope to further your passion in the future?

BR: Once I finish at UA, I plan on going to grad school for graphic design. It’d be a dream to go to Parsons in New York since I didn’t get to for undergrad. I want to experience all aspects of fashion and design and ultimately end up an editor at a magazine. I know it’ll take a lot of work and I know I have some technical kinks to work out, but I’m excited to see where art and fashion take me!

Robinson’s mostly neutral wardrobe makes her a clean canvas for fun accessories like the bold purse pictured above. To keep up with her inspiration and style sense check out her blog.


Joanna Silver is a Miami based artist who finds influence in the colorful culture of South Florida and who loves fashion enough to have her own accessory boutique called Joanna Paige. Her outfits always are an eclectic mix with eye-catching details, and her art like her, is one of a kind.

CollegeFastionista: How did you first become interested in art?

Joanna Silver: Ever since I was little my parents encouraged me to explore art. Even though I spent high school in one of the most prestigious prep schools in the nation, my parents and I knew that art school was the right place for me. I had an art teacher in high school that really got me into painting and encouraged me to pursue it.

CF: What fuels your passion?

JS: My passion is fueled by life: the emotions, the experiences, the ups and downs, the people around you. I have always been a strong believer in being you and not caring what other people think. I like to be different.

CF: How would you describe your personal style?

JS: Vintage, cheap finds, occasional designer splurges I wouldn't characterize myself with just one type of style. I like to mix and match and make things my own. I have always been into fashion so I am lucky I’ve been able to surround myself with both fashion and art. Having my own stores influences my taste. I get to go to New York a lot to do the buying for the store so I get to see what people are wearing there and I am constantly getting ideas. One of my dreams is actually to be a personal stylist one day. I love dressing people head-to-toe, and it inspires what I want to wear for myself. Miami has a lot of art and crazy style going on all the time and that is something I love about living here too.

CF: How has art influenced your personal style?

JS: When I was little my mother would never let me wear black and my art teacher never let me used to use black paint. I think it has to do something with why my art is so colorful and bright and why I wear a lot of black, with pops of color and crazy prints.

CF: What influences your art?

JS: My art is usually influenced by my emotions and what is going on in my life, what I can’t express through words I express with paint. You can see that I love living in Miami in the color palette I use. The weather, the art the culture, the people, all these things influence my work. I am also influenced by other people’s art too, whether it is in a gallery or on a street wall. Seeing something great always makes me want to do something new and awesome too.