How To Style Up Your Denim

To denim or not to denim at all? Denim has been around for ages and the different styling trends that come with it never die. Seeing that denim trends never die, it’s important to play around with it and incorporate your personal touch to keep it fresh. Denim can come off as very masculine, but what happens when you want to give a ‘girly’ feel without losing the edge it brings? Let’s find out.

Everyone owns at least one piece of denim, and because it is such a common, classic piece it’s important to show your individual style through the way you put your clothing together. Now let’s admit that denim does tend to get a bit boring so it’s important to create something interesting through the way you style it. In this instance, this Fashionista has taken the classic double – denim trend (also known as the Canadian Tuxedo) and styled it up according to her personal style.

Often denim has connotations to masculinity because of its history, so for females, it is important to be mindful of different denim cuts and styles if ever you want to keep the look playful and feminine. This Fashionista was seen on campus rocking her take on double – denim. In this look, the ‘Canadian tuxedo’ has been given a feminine twist by adding a denim skirt which brings a sense of playfulness to the masculine ensemble. To complete the denim duo, a denim jacket is paired with the skirt. It’s not just an ordinary denim jacket but one with added texture and color to it, instantly adding a different feel to the look.

The addition of color and texture can instantly make a difference to an outfit and in this Fashionista’s outfit, the pairing of pinks and popping – blue denim play well together. The harsh blue of the denim is quickly contradicted by the playful pink that emphasizes the femininity. A pair of heels can instantly make a look appear more ‘girly’ and in this outfit, it did exactly that. Socks and a pair of mule shoes were added, and this tops off the look bringing a fresh take on the double – denim trend.

Remember to keep in mind the different ways to style your outfits when incorporating denim, because the way in which you choose to put your clothing pieces together effects the overall feel that you wish to portray. How would you style up a denim incorporated outfit? Show us how you would do it and make sure to tag @cfashionista!

Unpack These Pieces ASAP: 3 Trends to Kick Off Your Summer

Finals—check! Sunshine—check! Wardrobe—check? As we welcome the freedom of summer, it’s time for some closet updates. If you’re like me, one of the first things you do when you get home from school is “summer cleaning.” This is the painstaking process of sorting through packed clothes, rearranging closets for those new purchases, and donating any outfits untouched since high school (don’t deny it…we all have them). The only question that remains: which clothes do you keep?

Whether you plan to attend your favorite artist’s concert, embark on a road trip with friends, or just soak up some vitamin D, be on the lookout for these three pieces that are on the rise. They’ll make your reorganizing a whole lot easier!

1. Stripes: This print has hit the ground running in s/s 2017 runways. To avoid the illusion of an elongated or widened frame, stick to basic pinstripes or lines of varied width. Vertical stripes are often the most flattering (unless it’s a dress, then you can mix it up) and cutouts can help to break up the lines. If you really want to be bold, go for vibrantly colored stripes that will be sure to make a statement.

This dress’s halter style adds shape to the top, and the pleats combat the stripes to accentuate the waist.

2. Leather: Leather on a hot summer’s day? Yes! From biker jackets to rock band pants, leather pieces are classic and are essential to complete your summer look. You can dress both black and brown leather either up or down depending on your preferred style and the event. For an edgier look, pair high-waisted black leather shorts with a white T-shirt, laced-up sandals and a daring necklace. For a softer impression, brown leather is the way to go: pair a brown leather jacket with a tank top, black skirt and white Converse.

Here, the high-waisted brown skirt is classy, but the shirt and sandals keep the outfit casual for a day in town.

3. Off-the-Shoulder: Pull this blouse out of your boxes and put it back on the hanger…this look is back (did it ever leave?). The shirt is a versatile go-to, from a walk on the beach with jean shorts to GNO with cropped black skinny jeans and heels. The style strikes a balance between flirty and chic, plus it’ll keep you cooler in hot weather!

The shirt’s deep red color and choker necklace create a playful outfit, perfect for a sunny occasion.

What trends do you think are up-and-coming this summer? Let me know in the comments below.

A Pop of Color for the Summer


If you are anything like me, the contents in your closet can sometimes appear to be a sea of dark colored clothing. White, black and blue hues seem to dominate my wardrobe. There’s nothing truly wrong with favoring certain colors over others, but it’s always good to try something new—it’s refreshing to think of the changing seasons as new beginnings where you can set resolutions to improve your life and your look. After all, with new seasons come new opportunities to take risks and see what unique looks you can create!


Spring cleaning makes way for new summer styles. This summer I encourage you to introduce more bold colors to your wardrobe. Sounds easy enough…Well, generally speaking, completely revamping your wardrobe doesn’t always come cheap. I learned this as a result of spending way more time than I would like to admit on Pinterest and at (one of my favorite places in the world,) the mall.


What I learned was that accessories can be a girl’s best friend when she is tip-toeing her way into a full-blown wardrobe makeover.

For starters, I began by collecting colorful accessories for my neutral colored clothing. I found that the same pop-of-color effect can be done at a fraction of the cost. If you are balling on a budget this season don’t worry, you got this. Whether it’s colorful shoes, necklaces, lipsticks, sunglasses, earrings or scarves, even the most minimal accessory can make a major difference in any look.

A closet full of black, white, and blue clothing can be best complimented with any primary-colored accessories. In the look pictured here, I began with a classic outfit consisting of a plain white top and blue jeans as my base. By simply introducing a red scarf to my outfit, it went from overdone and blasé to unique and personal.

Regardless of what your closet looks like, I challenge you to add some colorful accessories to your wardrobe. Oh, and never be afraid to experiment and see what new looks you can create. Be your own mini creative stylist. As painter Frida Kahlo said, “I am my own muse, the subject I know best.” In other words, remember that YOU are the subject that you know best. YOU know what you are most comfortable wearing. And YOU know what you feel most confident in. All in all, no matter what outfit you create, just make sure YOU OWN IT.

This summer, I hope you find lots of comfort, colors, and confidence through fashion.

Feel free to share your colorful creations with me in the comments below! 

5 Tips for Thrift Shopping

To many, the idea of thrift shopping may sound as appealing as an unconventional Project Runway challenge. However, if you’re balling on a budget like I am, thrifting is a fun way to get creative with your outfits and make the most out of your shopping money. Not only can you find unique, rare, and one-of-a-kind clothing pieces and accessories, but thrift shopping is a form of recycling that reduces environmental waste and factory labor. I’m here to provide you with the ultimate tips for efficient thrift shopping!

  • Decide What You’re Going For

Thrift shops can be overwhelming. Some are organized by color, gender, size, or type of item. Other stores are basically free-for-alls. When in doubt, make a list. Mom jeans, check. Dad hat, check. Oversize sweater, check.

  • Try it On

This is something every girl could improve on. Some things look great on the rack, but aren’t flattering on. Some things might surprise you when you put them on. Think out of the box and grab that printed dress. Also, remember to wear something easy to change out of when thrift shopping so you can easily try things on.

  • Look for Quality

Check for stains, rips, and holes. Look for items with lots of life left in them!

  • Location, Location, Location

Some of my favorite thrift stores are in large cities or by the mall. Check near campus to find clothes for game day.

  • Look Online

The internet is a great place to thrift shop. Look at apps like Etsy and Depop to find vintage pieces.

This Fashionista is styling in her Goodwill getup. She paired a lace top with a vintage pendant necklace. Her embroidered jeans are my favorite part of the outfit. Thrifting won’t be a pain if you follow my five easy steps! Don’t forget to donate to thrift stores. Donating means jobs for the community and refreshing others’ wardrobes.

What are some items you’re searching for at your local thrift store? Let me know in the comments!

STYLE ADVICE: 50 Shades of Pink

Summer is all about losing the layers and feeling fresh in your own skin. This flowy dress almost looks like it has its flower pattern in 3D. It reminds me of a pink version of dandelions, which were blown to this dress, perfectly matching it to the burgundy color of the dress. The effortless, flowy nature of the dress turns the look of the Fashionista from a casual summer look to a more exotic one. The cutout in the middle of the dress allows her leg to be more open. This dress gives the whole look a romantic feel because of the different colors that are similarly colored to each other.

Her ankle strap heels are an excellent choice to go with the dress. A nude color can never look wrong with an outfit, especially if you are wearing many of the same colors, which in her case are burgundy and pink. The bow at the top of the heels make her look more feminine, but they are also very comfortable to walk in. This color allows the dress to be the center of attention.

Her light makeup, including a nude lip, warm eyeshadow, and pink blush, greatly emphasizes the romantic aspect to the look. It was super fun to shoot with this Fashionista, as she seems like such a fashion pro for combining all the colors in such a unique way.

While some days in May may be windy and chilly, this Fashionista thought of a perfect solution to wear a light, purple cardigan to keep her warm. Whether she wears it fully or just throws it on top of her shoulders, the cardigan adds a nice touch. She loves to carry her burgundy bag with a black and white stripe pattern on the inside. Her jewelry is also an important asset to her, and she advises to wear as much jewelry as you can in order to look more exotic instead of plain and simple. Indeed, her jewelry pieces, especially the purple stone ring, make her hands more exotic.


STYLE ADVICE: Next Stop, Mexico

What better way to end the school year than with a vacation at a tropical resort in Mexico? I recently had the pleasure of photographing this Fashionista before she took off for her first summer trip.

Being in the hot sun, we want to wear things that are comfy and allow air while also being stylish and fun. This Fashionista is wearing a burnt orange off-the-shoulder shift dress from Forever 21. This dress is perfect for going out to a nice dinner or just exploring the area with your friends. Off-the-shoulder shirts and dresses are huge right now and are the perfect way to show off your tan in another country!

She paired her dress with a pair of comfy sandals from Target. It is important to have comfortable shoes when going on vacation so you can wander the resort or city and see everything without discomfort. This pair of strappy sandals are the perfect example of comfortable with a touch of style.

To pull the look together, this Fashionista wore her basic sunglasses with round frames. Sunglasses are the most important accessory for any trip! You can dress up any outfit with a cute pair of sunglasses while also protecting your eyes from the sun. She also touched up her look with a dainty gold necklace to match the gold on her glasses.

Whether you’re going to the city or the beach, these pieces can help you stay comfy and stylish while taking on the town, hit the beach, and having the time of your life!

STYLE ADVICE: Keep It (Minty) Fresh

Bring on the sun, the outdoor gatherings, and the good vibes, am I right? In anticipation of all of this upcoming hubbub, we need to start thinking about how we can take our summer wardrobes to the next level. Yup, it’s time to crawl out of fashion hibernation, and what better way to wake up your style than to pop a little pastel into your look?

If you know me, you know that I’m notorious for neutrals, especially black…the antithesis of pastel, as some might say. So why am I, of all people, sitting here writing about why you should wear some color? I must be out of my mind, right? (Don’t actually answer that.) Fashion trend forecaster Li Edelkoort has predicted that black will start to decline in popularity sometime in the near future and that there will be a revival of color. I may or may not have wallowed in sadness for a few days after hearing this, but with a few tissues and a brief reevaluation of my life, I’ve come to the conclusion that color isn’t all that bad! I’ll admit that I do feel a little extra bubbly when I’m wearing a bright color. I’ve also noticed that people tend to throw more compliments to those wearing a standout color—and we could all use a good boost to the ego here and there.

Adding a hint of pastel into your outfit is a fantastic way to ensure that you’ll be looking fresh, whether it’s a light cardigan, a tank, or even a piece of jewelry. Pastel pants, however, are a whole other ball game. In my opinion, you have to have some serious cahunas to pull them off, and this Fashionisto rocks them like no other! As he wisely advises, “One outrageous piece in your outfit is daring, two is ridiculous,” aka don’t let yourself look like an Easter egg! That’s why his mint pants were tastefully paired with a solid navy blue short sleeve button-down shirt as well as a classic silver watch.

So as for the style advice? Follow this Fashionisto’s lead and don’t underestimate the power of pastels this summer while you keep it (minty) fresh.


The denim skirt, a style that most Fashionistas grew up wearing, is back and better than ever. There have been lots of girls bringing back the “denim mini,” which is great if you want to show off your legs. However, girls like this Fashionista take a more modest approach, styling an outfit with a longer denim skirt. A longer denim skirt is a great piece for someone who wants to look a little more professional or does not want to be so revealing. I, personally, am self-conscious about my legs, so a longer skirt would allow me to rock this style without feeling uncomfortable about myself.

Though the skirt is longer, a Fashionista can always show off her edge with some funky shoes. These chunky sandals really liven this look up a lot. Her outfit is very simple, but the shoes give it that extra sass to really spice things up. This Fashionista did a great job of sticking true to her feminine side, but also adding a key piece to stand out.

To finish off her look, the Fashionista wore some bright red lipstick. I love her vibrant lip color to contrast her other neutral colors of the outfit. All in all, this whole outfit shows of the type of person this Fashionista is, and I find it really important to show off who you really are in what you wear. Next time you get dressed in the morning, think a little bit and ask yourself, does this outfit really reflect who I am or am I just keeping up with a trend? Be bold and stand out Fashionistas.

STYLE ADVICE: Simple on the Street

While I usually stick to women’s fashion, lately I have been super into men’s street style, whether it’s a sporty look or a more formal one.

Street style has been a huge trend this year, and I am so happy that it is still alive. This Fashionisto decided to create a simple and easy look for any spring day. Whether its rainy and cool out or breezy and sunny, this outfit is perfect. He started off the look with a simple pair of denim jeans, which he cuffed for extra detailing. He paired these jeans with a simple black T-shirt.

Under his jeans he wore a pair of mid-calf, gray socks and some classic black Givenchy loafers. Adding a pair of loafers to a casual look can easily dress it up a bit for whatever you have planned in your day. He also decided to top off the look with his camel trench coat and Versace book bag. This classic leather backpack is great for storing things on the go and adding an extra little detail.

By adding all of these little details to a simple jeans and T-shirt look, he was easily able to dress up his outfit. The trench and loafers make the look super chic and versatile for his day. To turn this look from a day to night look, he could easily change into a dress shirt and add a scarf on top of the jacket. This can make the outfit a little more formal for any evening plans he may have!

STYLE ADVICE: Feeling Blue

Hey Fashionistas! I am sitting at the local coffee shop on Boulder’s famous Pearl Street Mall, writing my last CollegeFashionista post–tearing. It has been a blast being able to mix together fashion, photography, and blogging, and I am very excited about what my last article has to say!

You can probably tell from previous articles that my favorite color is blue. I disagree when people say that they look bad in blue–it’s not possible! It brings out everyone’s skin and eye color and I feel it’s one of the most flattering colors to wear. I wear it with black, brown, white, and even red and white together, flaunting off my patriotic spirit. There is a shade of blue out there for everyone. I got together with this beautiful Fashionista to talk about some advice on how to style a pair of true blue denim.

Her jeans are the base for her outfit. This means that everything she layers and throws on after will have to work with her bottoms. She is wearing our favorite shoe brand, Freebird by Steven, to help balance the pinks in her skin tone. Although the shoes are really fun, from the front they are simple, allowing her to have accent pieces in other places as well. My advice when wearing brighter denim is to make sure you are balancing with earthy colors so that it is still grounded and subtle for a walk on the college mall.

Her white ruffle shirt is another example of simple, yet fun. The ruffle adds another layer, but because it is white and plain, you are able to still see all the simple details of the other items she is wearing as well. Lastly, her wrap is the best piece to wear on our campus. The weather in Colorado is always unpredictable, no matter the time of year. She can wrap her self up in her open poncho or leave it hanging as a back up layer!

My advice is to make sure when wearing a bright blue jean, to find the neutrals while still having fun with accent details! The ruffle on her shirt, the plaid on her wrap, and the buckles on her boots, keep the outfit youthful and exciting. So stop feeling blue, like I am feeling currently writing this, and brighten up your day with the color blue instead!