Color Craze

Coming home for the summer after spending my first year at the Fashion Institute of Technology in Manhattan, I have noticed my style has changed. After moving to New York, I inevitably found myself wearing mostly black, edgy pieces and experimenting with a variety of different trends and styles. However now that I am back in my hometown Cleveland, Ohio, I am making some adjustments to my new style. One of my favorite things about fashion is how you can change your style at any given time. For me personally, I am always traveling and finding myself in a new city, so I like to make tweaks based on where I am and the atmosphere around me.

For this outfit, I have stuck to my staple black jeans, but decided to add more color. During the summer months, I like to incorporate bright colors to my typically dark wardrobe. However, one of the problems with color is incorporating it into your outfit without it becoming too overpowering. With this in mind, I chose this hot pink blouse in a solid color. The black hat adds to the look by making it more casual. Hats are a go-to for me in the summer and perfect for any bad hair day or even just to add a trendy touch to any outfit. The hot pink against the black hat and black jeans gives the outfit fun, summery vibes while keeping the outfit looking polished. My favorite aspect of the look is my floral printed loafers. Loafers are currently a huge trend and are said to be this summer’s sandal. Having the rest of my outfit solid and basic, the loafers give the outfit the colorful kick it needs.

This is a look that could be worn on a variety of occasions. The loafers could be dressed up and worn to work or another formal setting with a basic skirt or dress. The outfit that I have formed with them is perfect for lunch with friends or even a casual date.

How are you guys styling your loafers for the summer? Let me know in the comments below.




Defining your personal style can prove to be quite the challenge. The truth is, our style is often changing just like us. In the hustle bustle of daily life, it is often too easy to get caught up in a routine and forget to enjoy the little things. For me, fashion serves as a platform for creativity and a way to express myself. The way you define your style is up completely up to you, as fashion knows no limits!

To describe my style, I would use the words feminine and trendy. I love soft and flowy fabrics, and often find myself drawn to subtle floral patterns. Blush is my latest fashion crush…I just can’t get enough! Blush easily transforms from season to season, so it creates versatile pieces in my closet. This dress is a great mix of feminine and trendy with the feminine floral print, lace sleeves, and trendy, blush-colored accents.

I paired the dress with rose gold accessories to accent the blush color throughout the print. Layering necklaces is a staple in my style, because I love the depth and detail it adds to an ensemble. The necklaces in this look contrast each other due to the varying lengths; yet complement each other with gold tones and a dainty appearance.

To finish off the look, I am wearing my newest spring purchase, a rose gold sandal. I am not a fan of high heals, as comfort is important to me. Finding a pair of sandals that are both cute and comfortable can sometimes be a challenge, but this pair hit the mark for me. These sandals also add a special accent to the outfit with bold sparkles and side straps.

So, always remember to keep embracing that personal style!

STYLE GURU STYLE: Longer Lengths

I am finally done with my junior year of college and it is so fun to see how much my style has changed over the years. I never had one set style, but I have been more comfortable with trying new things and being more out there.

One style of clothing that I have been drifting towards a lot these days are longline silhouettes. I used to be intimidated by longer lengths because I am pretty petite (5’3 to be exact), but that’s easily fixed with the right pair of heels! Here I am wearing a striped Vince Camuto longline button-up. If you’ve read any of my other articles, you know I love stripes! The shirt is a semi-sheer gauzy material, so it’s very light and breathable.

I have also been a huge fan of trench coats and duster jackets. The trench coat I am wearing today is from American Apparel. It is in my favorite color, mauve, which is also the color of my nails! I have also noticed that pink tones like blush and mauve are very popular this season. This trench is my most favorite spring clothing item because it makes all my outfits look chic. I can also wear it dressed up or very casually, with sneakers. It is also fun to feel it flow with the wind when I walk.

I don’t typically wear heels unless there’s a special occasion, but these open-toe booties are very casual and the perfect height. The block heel design also helps out in the comfort and style department.

This outfit is something I would wear going out to brunch in the city with my friends or family. I definitely dress more casually on a day to day basis, but it’s always fun to dress up once in a while. The best part of this outfit is that I don’t have to sacrifice style for comfort.


If I could describe my style in one word, it would be wild. I love wearing unique, usually thrifted pieces, and building a look around one or two statement items.

This look is for a casual day when I don’t have a lot of time to try on different outfits as I get ready. I incorporate some color to my simple outfit with my sneakers. These Pumas are stylish and make walking around campus comfortable. They’re one of my favorite pairs of shoes because the pop of color makes any outfit more interesting.

I decided to wear black overalls—a bold look, but still functional for a day of classes. To add a personal touch, I cut the bottoms of the pant legs so they would be shorter in the front and longer in the back. I like the frayed look on my jeans. I paired the overalls with a simple gray crop top because I wanted my shoes to stand out.

My hair looks windblown thanks to the wind and my go-to Not Your Mother’s Dry Shampoo, which also adds volume.

Because I’ve had a very busy semester, the only makeup I usually have time for is my skin and eyebrows. For my face, I’m loving the Origins Dr. Weil line, which helps combat the natural redness in my skin. I usually wear Glossier concealer to hide any spots or dark circles. Finally, I’ll fill in my brows with a Wet n Wild eyebrow pencil. Wearing glasses helps to enhance my eyes without makeup.

Do you have any favorite outfits for busy days on campus? I’d love to hear about them!


I’ve always been a little more out there with pieces I let float into my closet. My thoughts, ever since I was younger, were if I felt good I would wear it. Of course, I stayed updated on the latest fashion trends, but at the same time, it never mattered to me what everyone else was wearing or if everyone else was not brave enough to jump on a trend. Fashion trends have to start somewhere, right? Fashion is like art to me, a way to express myself, so I took the words of the great Frank Sinatra and, “Did it my way.”

Today’s outfit is definitely one of my favorite looks ever. I wish I could personally thank whoever made off-the-shoulder tops a reality because they are the best. What I love about this top the most is the bell sleeves. They are so fun and scream summer. I can definitely say I turned heads. I am also appreciative of the straps. Being a member of the small boobs club sometimes brings troubles when trying to find a strapless shirt that actually stays on. However, this tropical top provides a cute alternative to the completely off-the-shoulder top and I love it!

My jeans were inspired by one of my favorite brands: Gucci. I admire the way they push boundaries and aren’t afraid to revive the past. When they brought back the embroidered denim, I was thrilled. I couldn’t afford the collection (a girl can dream), but it inspired me to seek a more affordable option. Combined with a solid top, these embroidered jeans with a cut hem are a subtle statement Harry Styles aka the King of Gucci would be proud of.

Lately, mix-and-match has been a solid trend. Don’t get me wrong. I love mixing and matching patterns with different accessories, but my one weakness is being completely matching. I took directions from my top and went with all white for my accessories. I channeled my inner retro Hollywood and adorned my outfit with white sunglasses and a purse. As for my jewelry, the hints of sterling silver and gold give the outfit a delicate touch that doesn’t distract from everything else. Finally, I finished off my look with velvet heels. I am obsessed! They are very chic and comfortable! Who says you can’t wear velvet in the summer?

A word to the wise: rules are made to be broken, and luckily, fashion has no rules. I fully encourage you to wear what makes you feel beautiful because you are amazing Fashionistas ready to conquer the world one heel at a time.

STYLE GURU STYLE: Pineapple Bright

You can probably see that these pictures are not taken in my average Uppsala in Sweden. You’re right, I’m on my dream vacation in Miami. For me, planning a long vacation equals writing several lists of all of the possible things I might need while in the destination, and what could be more exciting than getting to actually do all of the packing?

I can think of many things that I find more pleasant than packing for basically anything. I consider myself as a not-so-great packer who always ends up with way too much or way too little in my baggage. After a long winter in cold Sweden, it seemed like a disaster to find something in my closet that would be light and colorful enough for me to love here in the warmth of Florida. I only need a couple of new clothes that I will happily wear for multiple days on this trip, I figured. It was time to go shopping.

Luckily I found these two things that have turned out to be my trip’s ultimate favorites: a small and endlessly cute pineapple bag that is a perfect match with this new, yellow blazer. I paired those two golden items with some white trousers, a simple black tank top and black heels. To be honest, while taking these pictures I realized that this outfit was way too heavy for today’s weather, but hey—it’s all about style and class, isn’t it?

Something else that hasn’t really been going on for me this year is a nice and natural sun-kissed skin. Now, after a while of being here, I don’t need to be carrying several makeup products in this pineapple bag because the sun really makes the skin naturally glow. However, a total vacation must-have is bright nail polish, and this week it’s classy red.

This outfit has seen so pretty palm trees and restaurants it’s hard to describe. It has survived a couple of spots caused by a frozen Piña Colada, a bit too much sunscreen and a terrible washing machine that I have in my apartment. But the pop of yellow is still making me happy every time I wear it. I blend in with the wonderful, pastel-colored buildings of the Art-Deco District of Miami Beach just the perfect amount.


Whenever I’m asked to describe my style in a few words, I am always at a loss for words. My style is versatile and extremely unique. I can’t use words such as boho or grunge to describe my style, because my style is a mix of everything. I base my outfit of the day on how I feel. Sometimes, I wake up feeling girly, so I throw on a pink top and ruffled skirt. Sometimes, I wake up feeling grungy, so I throw on my favorite vintage band T-shirt and a pair of denim cutoffs.

I love how style is individualized and personal, where no two people have the exact same style. That is one of the main reasons why I adore fashion so much. For today’s look, I paired a vintage Nascar T-shirt with a flame baseball cap, lace-up pleather leggings, and my favorite pair of new oval sunglasses. Baseball caps are everywhere this season, so I decided to style my rendition of the trend! You don’t have to spend a lot of money on trends, fast fashion retailers such as Forever 21 and Zara always have affordable versions of the season’s latest trends for a fraction of the original price!

In fact, I bought my first vintage T-shirt from a thrift store for $5! There are a lot of awesome DIY projects out there to personalize your t-shirt to fit your style. My favorite idea I’ve seen is adding studs to embellish your t-shirt, it is easy and super cute!

STYLE GURU STYLE: Floral Prints Are Not Cliché

Florals for spring? Not cliché at all. In my honest opinion, I think they are groundbreaking. Floral prints are trendy and are capable of letting out your inner femininity. Since it is spring, it is inevitable to spot flowers everywhere you go—from parks to gardens and flower shops. Flowers bring joy with their explosion of colors and delicacy. Why not celebrate spring by wearing floral clothing?

Anyone that knows me personally knows that I’m obsessed with flowers. So on this nice spring day, I decided to wear them on my clothes! Here, I’m wearing a floral burgundy shirt with lace on the bottom. Even my choker has a flower. Both the flowers and the lace give the outfit a feminine touch.

Another trend that I love is denim-on-denim. Although this trend feels like a fashion faux pas, it can still be executed flawlessly. In order to nail this look, I wore a denim jacket in the same wash as my jeans—when in doubt, match your clothes! Notice how I didn’t wear a denim shirt and denim accessories. That would be too much. Instead, I added a splash of burgundy to this outfit. My choker, shirt, and boots are all the same color. I always like to go for the monochromatic look, just to keep it on the safe side.

I am a romantic at heart. I love soft colors, pleats, florals, and lace. In order to soften this look, I incorporated a pastel color faux leather backpack to my outfit. This fashion staple is in full bloom right now—everyone loves them (well, almost everyone).

Overall, this look describes my style, thus my identity to the fullest.


Sneakers have always been my Achille’s heel, to put a pun to it, when it comes to my style and the glorifying of others’. Sandals have never really been my aesthetic. Many of my guys friends would dig my kicks and many of my girlfriends would ask me how I could pull them off with skirts and dresses. In high school, I had a dress code rule created against me because I used sneakers for my senior art gallery exhibit and the teacher did not approve. If anything, I was vibing with my look because it matched with my painting.

Now, with athleisure sneakers are worn with anything and everything. I used to get weird glances but I was not in any form the first to do this match. So, here I am, a senior graduate and a full time sneakerhead. These red python-print sneakers are one of my most valued shoes being that they are the surviving pair from a splurge of three I did a few years ago. I matched my kicks with a light blue jean, green faux leather jacket, and statement necklace. A look focused on comfort with edge, something I sometimes lacked first coming into college. My style has developed as well as everything around me for the better, thus I am very grateful. This was my last day of college look, and to me it embodied the growth of my style and priorities. This baddie got her Bachelors and is on to explore the new changes to come.

STYLE GURU STYLE: Leather and Stripes

Every outfit always has that one main piece that acts as your first building block to a great outfit. In this case, I am talking about my white and blue distressed beetlejuice-style jeans from PacSun.

I decided to completely break the whole “black and blue don’t go together” rule and paired my striped denim with some all-black pieces to pull the whole look together. Since these are high-waisted jeans, any style crop top can complement them perfectly. I chose to wear a black crop top that rocks two of my favorite trends—one being the off-the-shoulder trend and the second being the choker that comes attached to the top as well. Since I love layering and chokers, I decided to add a second stretchy choker that I was obsessed with back in elementary school and now am in love with all over again!

Being that this spring day was a bit on the chillier side, I decided to throw one of my closet staples into this outfit mix: a black moto jacket. This leather jacket has zippers, buttons, and quilted sleeves to add a bit more detail to the look. Depending on the temperature and occasion, this outfit works both with or without the jacket!

I am all about the pointed-toe shoes, whether it be pumps, boot heels, or flat boots. I wore these Kanye-inspired sock booties by Steve Madden (that were only a fraction of the price, of course) to make this outfit look a bit more mature. Last but definitely not least, I threw on these rose lens aviator sunglasses to finish off my look. I have been absolutely obsessed with these muted lens sunglasses, and I love to see the other way that people rock them too!

If you’re ever hesitant about sporting a bolder piece such as these striped jeans, just pair them with some simple colors to create the perfect outfit!