Sounds of the Summer

‘Tis the season for music festivals and country concerts! Hearing the summer anthems in-person is the ultimate summer experience but, if you are anything like me, flannels and cowgirl boots just don’t cut it. As a Fashionista, looking your best while also dressing for the occasion can be a little challenging. I’m here to show you the perfect outfit for all the concerts and festivals you’ll attend this summer!

For a breezy, summery look that’ll keep you looking and feeling cool at the outdoor festivals, I chose this multi-patterned halter top. The patterns gave the outfit a more bohemian look—my go-to for outdoor country concerts. I paired the boho-esque top with distressed denim shorts to keep the country-chic style consistent. For shoes, I went with brown gladiator sandals—a style that’s both and trendy keep you cool during the concert.

What’s a perfect concert ensemble without accessories? To pull the outfit together, I opted for a few arm accessories, earrings, and midi rings. The arm bands complemented the grayish blue tone in the top, and brown, earthy tones throughout the ensemble. For a little extra detail, gold midi rings were the perfect accessory. The dangly, leaf-shaped earrings have the perfect rustic look to complete the country-chic outfit.

Finally, for true fest-ready hair, preparing for the hot summer sun at the country concert, with high-style and low-maintenance you can never go wrong with a low, messy bun (as demonstrated). You can never be too prepared or too stylish for an outdoor music festival or concert!

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Summer Trends To Try: Stay Looking Fresh and Fabulous

With sunny skies and the hype for beach retreats, it’s time to get ready and bask in the vacation season. It’s time to tuck away those trench coats and pull out your favorite denim shorts, bright hues, bikinis and large brimmed hats. Here we have for you the major trends to look out for this summer, leaving you looking effortlessly flawless. The best part? Their versatility has us in love.

Dot It Up!

As Marc Jacobs said,”I don’t think there is ever a wrong time for a polka dot.” We couldn’t agree more! In fact, black and white is a timeless combination and has seen change day in and day out. This summer connect the dots and find what speaks to you. Toying around with the trend of the white oversized shirt and polka dots is a great way to achieve just that. It’s casual, chic and not to mention extremely comfortable. Dior and Dolce and Gabbana portrayed two sides of this trend on the runway. There’s no reason to give a cold shoulder when you can wear one, instead. It doesn’t have to be so black and white! Play up on that pout with a bright pink, coral or red to add a pop of color to your outfit.


Spring May Be Over But We Still Need Our Florals

It may not be spring anymore, but that doesn’t mean we plan on ditching our florals anytime soon. This summer demands colorful hues and flowers. According to Pantone, this year focuses more on greenery and earthen colors. Floral bralettes and crop tops with ripped denim is our go-to this season! The perfect blend of comfort and style, we highly recommend this combo to just kick back and take in all that sun. To top it off! Maybe even add a brimmed hat or golden anklet, as seen in Hèrmes spring 2017.


Putting the Pin in Pink


Who doesn’t like wearing their boyfriend’s oversized comfy shirts? With the return of denim and pinstripes, is the fun summer twist on the usual. Pink pin stripes are super in! An off-shoulder pinstriped shirt, a loose romper or a scavenger hunt in your partner’s wardrobe is definitely a winner. We promise you’ll look Instagram ready in no time.

It Was All Yellow: Channel Your Inner Summer

Chris Martin sang about it in 2000 and here we are strutting it all of this season. From runways to the streets, yellow dresses and outfits are our go-to. The happy, cheerful color looks good on everybody. We are all fans of the classic black and yellow combination, but this year we suggest trying a taupe or a burst of color and change the dynamics up a little.

To complement these trends I suggest a bright smile, good vibes and tons of sunscreen!

May summer be as glam as your outfits. How would you wear these trends? Show us on social media! Don’t forget to tag @Cfashionista.


FASHION: Comfy Cute

Summer is upon us and we are all dying to hang out with our friends and family, but everyone can relate to the overbearing heat and undeniable discomfort from clothes.  We might just be roaming the streets of our cities or going to a family BBQ, but we still want to look cute. So if we’re going to be out all day, why not be fashionable and comfortable?

My everyday style revolves around comfort. If you see me at school, I’m probably wearing leggings, sneakers and a casual top. This is the same in the summer. My go-to outfit would be a pair of shorts and a basic T-shirt (never adding too many layers) and sneakers. If I’m walking for a while, I tend to compose my outfits based off of my sneakers.

In this look, I matched my white, high-waisted shorts from Abercrombie & Fitch with a vintage Calvin Klein T-shirt to go with my recently purchased CVO Jack Purcells. I had my eye on these shoes for a while but it was never in store, so when I found it online, I bought them almost immediately. The best part about sneakers is that the athleisure trend is becoming more and more popular so it’s easier to find cute walking shoes. My friends and I went to the Noguchi Museum in Queens, New York so we walked for quite some time. These shoes were perfect for the occasion and plus, my favorite part about these shoes are the light blue soles that people can only see when you’re walking.

In addition to the basic white shoes, I’m always carrying a bag of some sort to spruce up my outfit. A little black bag like the one I’m wearing from Pacsun was the perfect way to add a chic vibe to my outfit. I’m the kind of person who doesn’t feel safe unless I have my things tucked away. With this bag, I was able to store my Ray Bans, my camera, wallet, sunscreen and even a portable charger. A tiny bag fit all of these things!

Being comfortable is usually my main concern and if there is anything to help with that, it is a simple outfit paired with cute shoes and a black bag.

How will you be comfy and cute this summer?

WHAT TO WEAR: We Want Summer

We made it, Fashionistas! Schools out for the summer, but it still feels like early spring. It’s been cold, rainy, and fifty shades of gray. I find that this weather is the most difficult to dress for because all I really want to do is put on some pajamas and curl up in my bed.

To combat this dreary summer weather, I have decided that I will be the one to add a little bit of color into my otherwise gray days. I don’t normally wear a lot of color, so this was a bit daunting for me. However, this awesome sweater made it much easier for me to incorporate a lot of color into my outfit. This Wildfox sweater also says “relax” on it, which is what I plan to do from now through September. This sweater inspired me to go bold, so I added another pop of color with this thick blue choker. The small blue bag I added also keeps the outfit cohesive. On the bottom, I thought best to keep it simple with a black skirt and black platform sandals.

This outfit allowed me to really have fun with my style in spite of the terrible weather. Colors completely affect my mood, so it is important to keep things bright if I want to stay positive on gray days. I’m sure that many of you are similar to me and only like wearing shades of black and white. Try adding some pops of color to your outfit with shoes, jewelry, or a statement piece of clothing; you’ll be surprised how much of an affect it can have on your mood.

WHAT TO WEAR: Summer Style

It’s everyone’s favorite time of year—summer! The days are longer and the weather is warmer. It seems that everyone around campus is in a better mood. Another thing that comes with summer is the amazing fashion. Say goodbye to heavy coats and leggings and start breaking out the shorts and tank tops. Warm weather brings out everyone’s inner Fashionista.

One summer look that really caught my eye was this outfit. Jean skirts have made a big comeback this year and this Fashionista really knows how to style it. She pairs it with a simple green shirt which balances out the distressed look of the skirt. Adding a neutral colored sneaker to this outfit transforms it into a casual summer day look.

The simplicity of the basis of this outfit allows for her to add some bold detail pieces. The black beaded necklace adds structure to the top half of this look. The shine from the beads draws attention to this outfit. Adding a black belt with silver buckles pulls together the whole look.

If you’re looking for a comfortable yet fashionable outfit to wear this summer, take some advice from this Fashionista. Jean skirts are back, so don’t forget to get your hands on one before they’re sold out! A cute pair of shoes will complete any look you’re going for. And don’t forget—pairing simple articles of clothing with statement pieces will transform your everyday look into an outfit that every Fashionista will want to add to their wardrobe.

WHAT TO WEAR: When You Look Good, You Feel Good

On any college campus, final exams echo cries of panic, depression, and all around stress. Coupled with the stressful atmosphere, come sweatpants, sweatshirts, messy hair, and quite possibly the absence of basic human activities. These include but are not limited to: failing to take showers at regular intervals, not eating at the right times, getting less than the recommended amount of sleep, and failing to exercise. Now, I am not criticizing finals attire, as I also know how it feels to neglect the gym for weeks, throw on that library sweatshirt, and study all day. However, when you look good, you feel good—right? This is exactly what this Fashionista has mastered. While everyone else was sporting their latest “I am too busy for real clothes” wear, her outfit screamed “wait, I forgot it was finals, because I am unusually and perfectly put together!”

Everything from this Fashionista’s hair down to her shoes works in synchronicity. Red is the main tone throughout her outfit, where it serves as an accent color, as well as a base. For example, red is prevalent in her shirt and Dr. Marten shoes, where it grounds her outfit as a base color. However, it also acts as an accent on the underside of her coat and in its trim. Her ensemble works exceptionally well because she only wears four colors: red, green, blue, and white. These distinct colors are highlighted by a geometric theme consistent throughout. Her boxy crop top is patterned with lines and shapes that complement the shirt’s shape. Additionally, her rectangular, and slightly oversize jacket pairs nicely with her cropped top, as it elongates her figure and fits nicely within the geometric theme. To further express herself, she wears funky mismatching earrings made of precise lines, circles, and triangles.

I even asked this Fashionista if she had more exams, to which she replied that she did! She also explained that her thoughtful outfit helped her feel better in this time of stress—how incredible! So, if you are nervous and anxious about your exams this semester, try and look your best. Even if you feel that you don’t have the time, it may help you focus, and even study just a little bit harder. After all, looking great, really can help you feel great!

First Day on the Job

Summer is here and for many of us, this means it is time to pack away our textbooks and get ready for a whole new adventure… internships!

This Fashionista made sure to keep her look classy and clean. By sticking with a soft color pallet she expressed her personality with fun accessories. What stands out most in her look is the messenger bag strapped to her side. Capable of fitting a portfolio, laptop, and even a comfy pair of shoes to change into, this bag seems to have it all! My personal favorite was the pocket in front, meant to carry your coffee to go (in a re-usable mug of course).

The bag itself is made from organic cotton canvas that was waxed to provide a little bit of water and wear resistance. The straps and finer details are made with vegetable tanned leather.

We have seen organic cotton coming up a lot in the eco-market and if you have been following my posts you will know I am a huge fan. Our health is surely something worth investing in and just because we don’t consume it doesn’t mean it doesn’t affect us. Whether it is through skin contact or echoing environmental effects, organic is the way to go. We can’t forget about those producing our products as well. Because of the high demand for cotton, harsh chemicals, pesticides, and herbicides are used to ensure high yield. The farmers whom who are often forced to endure these conditions suffer from a whole pile of health issues, many life-threatening.

Vegetable tanned leather not only is produced using an entirely natural and organic process it promotes a more slow-fashion market because of its durable composition. A rather old fashioned method of tanning, this process is completed over a period of about six months by skilled craftsmen who take pride in the work of each leather hide leaving the shop. Because of the nature of this method, the leather is meant to stand the test of time and gain a little character in the meantime.

Unfortunately, many of us aren’t aware of these processes. Just a year ago, if I saw a top I liked in the store I wasn’t thinking of the train of harsh chemicals the fabric had gone through. I was more concerned if it was going to match the new shoes I had just bought or if there was any way I could convince my mom to pay half of the bill! Out of sight out of mind.

Investing in products that will last a lifetime, quite literally, while promoting responsible consumerism ends up being a win-win for everyone. Not to mention a great conversation piece for your first day on the job.

Best of luck this summer Fashionista/os and remember… green is the new black.

WHAT TO WEAR: Sweet Summertime

At last—the long, endless days of school are finally over and that means that the glory days of sweet summertime are here. As a summer baby, I couldn’t be more ecstatic. I live for the season of summer and all that comes with it: sunshine, swimsuits, adventures, and summer dressing. Just because temperatures are rising doesn’t mean that we have to compromise our summer looks and resort to the typical shorts and a tank top style. This is especially true for those of us who have internships and jobs—it’s essential to look appropriate and stylish for all of these occasions throughout the summer. For me, I start with fabrics, silhouettes, and colors that will help me stay cool throughout the summer but also dressing in a way that represents my personal style.

I would wear this outfit to a multitude of events, whether that be out shopping with friends, out to lunch, or simply strolling around town. My one shoulder blouse is an effortless piece made out of breathable cotton, which is perfect for the summer heat. The one shoulder look is super on-trend right now and I love the throwback vibes it’s giving me. Also, wearing white in the summer is a smart move when it comes to beating the heat. I paired the blouse with a pair of wide-leg jeans. These are lightweight and versatile. Plus, I love how they aren’t your typical pair of skinny jeans. For shoes, I opted for a pair of shiny gold mules, which are currently my shoe obsession of the moment. Nothing says effortless like a pair of slide-on shoes and they are absolutely perfect to slip on with every outfit this summer.

For accessories, I always lean towards the minimal side in the summer. Less is truly more. I wore my favorite pair of gold hoop earrings and my go-to RayBan round sunglasses. I finished off my look with a super unique woven bag that I thrifted for an absurdly good deal and tied my favorite silk scarf around it to add a little jazz.

This outfit is so simple but perfect for any casual summer occasion. I love how much movement and breathability the blouse and jeans provide. I like to look effortless but in a pulled together way and the season of summer provides the perfect weather to achieve this look. Simply throw together some of your favorite, lightweight pieces, add some no-fuss accessories, and you’re good to go. Don’t forget to enjoy the beautiful weather and moments of the summertime while you’re at it.

WHAT TO WEAR: Effortless City Style

The last exam has been taken, the final box has been packed, and the eventual goodbyes have been tearfully made. This can only mean one thing: summertime! Queue the Will Smith and throw those shades on because it’s official.

Now for some, the first month of summer equates to temporary hibernation accompanied by sweatpants, while for others it means endless beach time as your swimsuit and skin actually begin to morph into one. But what about after that? Getting dressed for an average summer day can be a bit like an angel/devil shoulder situation. On one hand, you want to look cute and showcase your undeniable style, and on the other, styling an outfit seems like too much work. Luckily, I ran into this Fashionista who has all the answers.

By cultivating a balanced color palette and pairing stylistic basics together, this Fashionista’s city style is effortlessly chic. She started with a pair of her patched denim pants and adding a simple top with back detailing. To accommodate for Milwaukee’s weather identity crisis, this Fashionista layered on a matte, blush colored bomber jacket, which works because of its light fabric. To literally tie her subtly sweet color scheme together, she threw on a timeless paisley neckerchief, an element that can elevate any ensemble. Not a stranger to city lifestyle, this Fashionista opted for a pair of lace-up sandals for comfort. For the finishing touches, this Milwaukeean accessorized with tasteful bangles and bling and toted a dome crossbody bag for all her essentials.

From Milwaukee to any urban destination, take a few notes from this Fashionista on how to rock casual streetwear.

WHAT TO WEAR: Little Black Dress and Glitter

In between all the exams and library dates, sometime a little night out is what you need to re-energize and come alive during exam season. Whether it’s just a little pub night, or a full on club night, this outfit is an awesome example of cute and casual.

On a night out, the key is to look cute but also be very comfortable in order to last all night. This Fashionista had the right idea with light layers and simple details to elevate this simple outfit.

This Fashionista pairs two trends in one with this outfit; layering with a dress and sheer tops. She layered the thin, glittery top underneath the simple little black dress rather than doing the traditional white t-shirt under the dress. This makes it a thinner layer, which is more comfortable, and the glitter adds a little energy and fun into the outfit.

Despite the fact that it’s May, it’s still quite chilly in Toronto so a light spring jacket it a must. However, carrying around a bulky jacket all night is an annoyance best avoided. This Fashionista solves this issue with this purple puffer jacket that can be folded into the size of you’re hand and neatly tucked into your purse. The foldable puffer is the ultimate night-out jacket.

In order to add a hint of color to break down the all-black outfit, this Fashionista chucks on this beautiful tan choker with silver ring. For shoes, the outfit is paired with a simple pair of black wedges to keep it comfortable.

This Fashionista demonstrates how to amp up a simple look by applying a few trends to the traditional little black dress. Simple and comfortable looks are the best choices for a night out where you want to look flawless all the way through.