Hello again fellow Fashionistas/os! It seems like forever that I’ve written one of these posts, and I’ve missed it dearly! Indiana University gave me some of the best years of my life, and writing for CollegeFashionista was a huge contributor to that happiness. However, as we all know, life must go on. I graduated this past May and started a new job in a new city in June. I now work for American Greetings as a Product Development Analyst in Cleveland, Ohio. My ultimate goal, as stated in the American Greetings mission statement, is “to provide happiness, laughter, and love.” How cool is that? Now, I know what you’re thinking: What do greeting cards have to do with fashion? Well, so much of fashion is about retail and that is exactly my focus on a day to day basis. My job is to analyze the cards, in order to ensure that we have a complete and balanced line. It sounds pretty simple, but like much else in retail, a lot more goes on in the backside of things then one may realize.

One of my favorite aspects about my job is that I work in a creative environment. What this means is that it not only is acceptable, but encouraged, to dress and express yourself in way that inspires your creativity. I do work in a corporate environment, but in the building you will see people dressed in different ways—from business professional to completely casual. I usually stick to business casual, leaning a little bit more on the casual side. Skinny slacks and over-sized tops make up a lot of my work wardrobe.

Life after college has been a bit of an adjustment (as expected) but has also brought so many great things. One thing I miss most about college is being able to write for an international blog every single week. I knew I wanted to keep writing about fashion trends after college, so I decided to start my own blog in order to document my own style and stay on track with my true passion. Starting a blog is so easy and there are many great tutorials online to help make your blog look attractive to a Fashionista’s eye. One thing I recommend if you are interested in blogging is to look at your favorite blog and really analyze what you find so great about it. After you do that, you’ll know what aspects you want to do similarly in your own blog. Another thing to do to keep up with fashion trends is just to talk about them. CollegeFashionista gave me the confidence to go up to people on campus and ask them about their style and how they got to where they are now. I never would have learned so much about the different styles on campus if I wouldn’t have asked. My last piece of advice is to NEVER say “I could never pull that off.” Those words should never come out of a Fashionista’s mouth! Being a CollegeFashionista means taking risks and being confident. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: with confidence, anyone can “pull off” anything!

It’s been amazing being able to write a post for CollegeFashionista after graduation. Keep doing what you do, Indiana!


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