All my life I have been given titles. While I had some power in the direction I was headed from grade school to college, I never realized until post graduation, that from the age of six to twenty-two student titles are pretty predictable. I went from eighth grade “class president” to sophomore in high school “junior varsity soccer player” to freshman year of college “member of Pi Beta Phi sorority.” After spending a couple days post graduation perusing through old high school yearbooks and composite pictures, however, I realized that no longer are my titles a result of the educational institutions from which I have commenced. Instead, the titles I acquire over the next chapter of my life will be solely determined by me.

With this being said, my next journey begins as the Visual Merchandising Intern for Bellevue Nordstrom in Washington—A title I fought hard for, and am very proud to identify with. Some of my duties include executing window displays, ensuring fixtures and lighting are on track, and styling mannequins. I work with incredible people who exemplify the meaning of teamwork on a daily basis and have welcomed me with open arms. CollegeFashionista helped prepare me for this endeavor as a visual merchandiser must stay up to date on current trends and fashions and present those in a visually pleasing manner. Graduation was undoubtedly daunting, but I couldn’t be happier with where I have ended up thus far.

While I cannot downplay the importance of the titles of the positions you will acquire after graduation, perhaps the more important titles are the ones completely in your power—ones that lead me to get my internship. Are you a team player? A hard worker? Are you motivated? Put your focus on these titles and the job titles will eventually follow.

Now as for my favorite title? “Best Dressed” my senior year of high school. Let’s hope that one sticks around…Good luck to all the new writers and I promise—the real world isn’t so bad!


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