In a picture perfect world, after college awaits the career you’ve been preparing for your entire life. You’d walk into the office doors, dressed in designer garments from hat to shoe taking a seat in your comfy office space that is surrounded by windows with a view that overlooks the most fantastical of cities. Anne Hathaway answers your phone calls, and delivers your morning Frappuccino with a smile. At last, you’re living the life you’ve always dreamed of.

Pretty good right? —well, for myself and many other recent college graduates that didn’t necessarily happen. In fact, after college the reality of the horrible economic state of the nation hit us like a ton of Christian Louboutin’s. With employment rates down and job availability at an all-time low many of us found ourselves stuck with degrees and nothing to show for it.

In my personal journey, I had spent the past four years of college dedicated to amassing a resume that would put to shame any other entry level competitors in the field I pursued. Having landed an incredible six internships including CollegeFashionista prior to even stepping on the commencement stage, I felt I would be in a great position post-undergrad.

Like I had imagined, right out the gate I was interviewing in the offices of Conde` Nast, Hearst and Time Warner among other great companies as well. Still keeping up with my productive mindset—I also continued to intern throughout the interviewing process with two separate companies. Several months fly by, my internships are done, and I’m still without a job.

At this point, my confidence had shrunk faster than an H&M tank in heat. Nothing had worked out for me as I was hoping, and though I was trying beyond my hardest the pressure from my parents was unbearable.

What was I doing wrong? —Am I being racially profiled? — The conspiracy theories flooded my brain yet opened the doors for what I ultimately do best; Conceptualize and execute.

All of my internships had significantly prepared me to function as a total imagist. I did not need to be tied down to a corporate company to fulfill myself expressively and financially; with all the skills and lessons I learned from my mentors I could do it on my own. And so I set forth on this new journey towards the development of my own brand as the artist I am.

Just several months out of college and after CollegeFashionista; I can graciously say, now companies and celebrities are coming to me for what I could provide to them. This goes to show that if you are dedicated, and passionate about what you can offer the world, yet remaining true to your worthwhile never straying from your goals; all you ever dreamed of will eventually manifest.

Though I am still hoping for a career in glossies, I know I can do it all on my own and you can too. Maybe, I’ll start my own magazine?

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