This Fashionista's fun and imaginative spirit shines through her chic outfit. This inspiring eclectic look is a “fashion do” in any season. Such an unusual combination of boots, shorts, crop top, and a leather jacket create a funky, fashion masterpiece. The entire outfit has a unique flow that leaves an impression. Not many people can pull off a tie-dye look, but she makes it work quite well. The strappy boots are also a great fit paired with summer’s most popular piece of clothing, khaki shorts. No one can blame her for making her summer wardrobe last as long as she can.

However, I must say the hat makes the look. This Fashionista accessorizes with a hat that compliments her face shape. The asymmetrical brim adds a visual appeal and works well with her naturally rounded face. With a rounded face, it is best to choose a hat with a taller crown that balances the look by adding length like she did here. She would certainly look great in panama style hat as well. The fun pattern on the hat is also quite flattering and makes her beautiful blonde locks stand out.

Usually I would say to steer clear from clashing patterns such as the pattern found on the hat mixed with the tie-dye top, but this girl makes it work. She is a natural beauty, not afraid to color outside of the lines, and she matches her clothes to fit her quirky, fun and flirty attitude. This Fashionista is proof that accessories that clash can be a fantastic match.

Hint: Make your own rules and choose an accessory that will pop instead of blending in. Be creative and don’t forget to have some fun!

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