Class of 2013: Maya

There’s no easy way for me to accurately and completely explain my college experience at Boston University. I volunteer at the admissions reception center and I often talk about the many wonderful things that have happened and that I’ve made happen for myself while here. As I look back to freshman year, I vaguely remember the person I was when I first came here; I was equal parts shy and outspoken. It wasn’t hard for me to make friends because I saw a friend in every person I met. I might’ve taken for granted some people that I crossed paths with; but for the most part, I was successful in keeping those who mattered close to my heart (and I still am). I made it a subconscious goal of mine to befriend every professor and every interesting student in my classes. I met homework with a less than firm hand and allowed myself to be a regular college student while still working hard to keep my place here. Throughout my four years, I never forgot who I am nor who I aim to be. College taught me many things but one of the most important lessons has been to cherish the time I have with the people who matter the most to me; I never waste a second.

Though my love for fashion journalism started with Scott Schuman and The Sartorialist, CollegeFashionista has allowed me to further my career in this field and I’ve become a better photographer. This website is a place where I come to share my love for both photography and fashion. I’ve realized there are no wrong answers when it comes to style; there are no stupid questions. Fashion is about expressing yourself in the best way possible. Fashion is the most powerful form of self expression we have without using any words. Through colors and shapes, we tell the world that we are here and we are here to stay. The best thing about fashion is that it can be whatever you want it to be. Yes, there are trends and popular items, but in the end, fashion is individual and it can range from bell bottoms and crop tops to mini skirts and oversized blouses. There might be fashion polices but you can’t get penalized for telling the world who you are and that’s a beautiful thing.

This summer, I will be moving to Manhattan and pursuing a career in fashion journalism. My dream job is to be an editor at Refinery29 — one of my favorite websites. I would love to move to Los Angeles this fall/winter season as a fashion photographer and I believe that New York will be that bridge. I am so thankful for all of the doors that CollegeFashionista has opened for me and I look forward to the future this internship has built for me. Amy and Melissa Levin are two of the most amazing people I’ve had the pleasure of working with and I hope we meet again sometime soon.

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