CollegeFashionista X AEO: Freshman 15, Day 11

Whether you live in the East, West, North or South there is always one item in your wardrobe that you cannot live without. Ladies and gentlemen I’m talking about denim! As fellow college students you can easily understand the important role that denim plays in our lives. No matter what task we have to conquer, such as attending sporting events, hanging out with friends or simply just attending class denim can be spotted in numerous places throughout our campuses.

My favorite back to school look this year is all about the neutrals. These toothpick jeggings from American Eagle Outfitters were the perfect fit for my dream outfit. The pale pink color went together perfectly with my eyelet lace blouse I found while vintage shopping this summer. These pants in particular have a frayed bottom near the ankles, allowing my sweet and simple look to add some sass. I had to wear my favorite pair of Franscesca’s Collection Oxford heels to the look, perfect for going to work right after class gets out. My turquoise blue feather necklace I chose to accessorize with is just the right amount of color to switch things up. A Florida back to school outfit wouldn’t be complete without a pair of Ray Ban Aviator sunnies to shade the sun from my eyes while walking to and from class.

I personally believe that when it comes to styling denim it’s okay to be brave and bold. There are so many different colors and styles in this day and age that finding one to represent your fashion sense will be easy. I’m loving the the frayed ankles on my American Eagle Outfitters jeggings. I have yet to see this style around my campus but I’m almost certain it’ll pick up quickly in the fall.

Tip: Fashinoista/o’s out there is to dress denim up! It’s such a versatile wardrobe piece that you can really do anything with. Fashionista’s, adding a pair of heels to your denim easily makes the perfect transition outfit from class to work or a social gathering. Fashionisto’s, add a button-down with a blazer atop your denim for a classic and sophisticated look. Just remember that no matter where you are denim is always in style.

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