CollegeFashionista X AEO: Freshman 15, Day 14

At the beginning of the summer, it occurred to me to count how many pairs of pants I intended to take on my trip to New York. And at that moment I came to the realization that I not only have an obsession with denim, but that it is all I wear. In fact, I can say for certain that I only own two dresses and three skirts. While my obsession with pants may be a rarity, styling any pair of denim has become a breeze and after realizing that I packed over nine pairs of jeans for a five-week trip, it was easy to see why. Season after season jeans of every color never cease to fail me, and they have become an essential element in almost every outfit I wear.

My favorite season by far is fall and each year I anticipate the new colors and textures that designers create to revamp the classic indigo twill pant. Last year, I stocked up on coated denim but was left with wanting more. This season, I have seen coated denim taken to another level, and this pair from American Eagle Outfitters is the prime example. The pant may seem like a regular skinny jean, but is in fact coated with a metallic sheen. I love denim that is treated with unusual techniques and this allows me to utilize the denim as the focal point in my wardrobe.

Since the temperatures in Austin during the fall season do not even reach the fifties, I have learned that in order to comfortably walk to class in the heat while simultaneously incorporating fall trends, I must compensate by wearing tank tops. However instead of opting for bright summery colors, I choose grayish and black tones to accompany my jeans. For this look I chose a basic cotton tank and layered it with a black vest (because I would not wear an outfit that does not incorporate layers). When I go to class, you will never find me running around in tennis shoes, but will instead almost always see me in flats and I thought these metallic python flats were the perfect fall transition shoes.

To complete the look, I tiered necklaces of different lengths and colors to make my rather plain tank stand out. While I am a lover of minimalism, I cannot help but stack tons of evil-eye bracelets to compliment every outfit I wear. Moreover, I rather sport an entirely simple or monochromatic outfit (that of course depends on the color of my jeans) and upgrade the entire look by heavily accessorizing or incorporating one noteworthy item. Aside from my metallic coated jeans, I would say that this outfit’s noteworthy item is my sunglasses from District Eyewear. I found the company this summer while I was interning in Mexico City the first half of the summer and have fallen in love with the unusual pair.

Tip: Use your campus as a place to search for the latest trends and get inspired by the eclectic mix of students that attend the university. Your campus is like a blank canvas that will help you visualize new color combinations and styles.

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