CollegeFashionista X AEO: Freshman 15, Day 4

Well Fashionistas, it’s everybody’s favorite time of year: denim season! Not counting my grandmother’s nightmarishly polyester closet, I cannot think of a single person who does not own at least one denim piece. Jeans are a fall staple and American Eagle Outfitters does them best. They’re comfortable and can be paired with just about anything while still keeping your legs nice and snuggly warm. Jeans come in a variety of washes, silhouettes and styles, allowing them to make an outfit casual or even more formal.  They can be cuffed for versatility, fit and an awesome leg shape, or distressed to personalize the look and make things a little fun.

I love having a variety of denim in my closet so I can mix and match it throughout one outfit. Wearing more than one denim piece can be tricky and should be done with caution. Things can go too far, resulting in a throwback to the Full House days. I don’t recommend mixing more than two or three denim items in one outfit. Always make sure the pieces are different washes to add contrast. It’s also fun to try colored or printed denim with various designs and details. Add a belt or tie at the waist for a definite line between the pieces. Colorful accessories and shoes break up all the blue and make the look casual and playful.

Another great time for jeans is on casual Friday. In a professional place of business casual Friday never means sweats. You should always look put together, yet comfortable. Tuck a button down shirt or blouse into distressed jeans. Add a belt, simple jewelry and shoes—boots are usually a good choice and look great with denim. Make sure that your jeans are an appropriate fit. They should not be too tight or too low-rise in a work environment. Modesty is always a better option for the workplace.

These are only a few possibilities of how to wear denim. It is very hard to go wrong when wearing jeans, and there are so many options and looks! Try everything in your closet at least once and you will never run out of things to wear. To carry jeans into winter, add oversized sweaters and fuzzy winter boots to keep warm but stay stylish throughout the blustery season.

Tip: Do not be afraid to experiment with silhouettes. Your body changes a lot in college and you’ll discover that it’s easy to pull off shapes you’d never dreamed of trying. Embrace it while you still can!

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