CollegeFashionista X AEO: Freshman 15, Day 9

Ah, denim. The look, the fit, the feel; I can’t think of anything that is better than an amazing pair of jeans! Even as a summer girl myself, I anxiously await the time when the fall denim styles hit the stores and I can begin the search for that go-to pair of jeans. But what really makes a pair of jeans so wonderful? I have a few requirements for an incredible pair of back to school jeans for any college student.

First, they have got to be the right wash. If your fashion sense is laid back and casual, go for a lighter pair. They are easy to style and perfect to throw on in a moment’s notice. If you go for a chic and sophisticated look, head for dark and deep washes that won’t fade over time. A dark wash conveys a more sophisticated and sleek look. But perhaps you’re in the middle and want a casual pair that can be dressed up or down. In that case, try an indigo wash for a classic yet flirty feel!

My next requirement for that perfect pair of jeans is that they should have some small detail, whether it is in the stitching, buttons or pockets. I adore jeans with unique pocket patterns or details in the cuff. A little detail adds so much visual interest and can completely change the look of the jean. Finally, and most obviously, a pair of jeans must have a flawless fit! Whether you’re going for a boyfriend fit, slim fit or relaxed fit, you should feel comfortable and confident that these jeans are flattering and only enhance your already adorable shape.

I am so excited to report that I have found my fall jeans that meet all these requirements! American Eagle Outfitters’ Moto Jegging Ankle is in my favorite medium wash, has intricate stitching and zipper details and has a slim fit that I love. I styled these American Eagle Outfitters jeans with a pair of high wedges to draw attention to the zippers at the ankle of the jean. On top, I wear a muscle tee tucked in and a patterned bandeau beneath to add some bright color. With my favorite school bag and everyday jewelry essentials, I feel ready to go to class, meet with my campus clubs and even head out to dinner at the end of the day.

Tip: Find a pair of jeans that are versatile! You’ll want to be able to wear the same pair of denim from morning to night, heading from class to extracurriculars and hanging out with your friends. You will be so busy having a blast that your denim will become your go-to outfit, so get excited and rock your jeans with confidence!

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