CollegeFashionista X American Eagle Outfitters: Day 24

Shorts are the quintessential summer piece. They come in handy when it’s warm out and you’re constantly on the go, to and fro all your favorite summer hangouts. I’ve noticed, however, that shorts have made their way into fall and spring, being worn more and more often out of what is considered their best season. I find Fashionistas wearing shorts with tights or leggings around our campus all the time. Even as of late, I’ve seen girls braving the winter with a cute pair of shorts.

While recent weather may not agree with bare skin, I am nonetheless excited for spring to come fast. Around this time of year, I always find myself praying for warmer weather; but who isn’t? Especially with the huge blizzard we had a couple of weeks ago, people are ready to shed their winter skin.

These American Eagle Outfitters shorts are reminiscent, as my roommate put it, of a “fifties full-body bathing suit.” They’re playful and versatile for many different occasions, including going to class. I styled them with a three-quarter sleeve knit sweater from ASOS and Gioseppo ankle rubber booties. This outfit will be perfect come April when it’s warm and rainy; the shorts will be just right to help me survive the humidity.

The outfit is pretty simple in terms of color so I wore MAC’s Dubonnet lipstick to add a little pop to the look. Aside from that, I kept my makeup pretty neutral, which is a recent hot trend. Minimalism in the beauty department gets a big thumbs up from every college student constantly on the run. For my routine, I use skin-colored shades of eyeshadow and black mascara. To keep things simple, I forfeit eyeliner and apply mascara to my bottom lashes instead. To accessorize, I only wore an ASOS necklace; lots of accessories weigh me down and make me uncomfortable in the heat.

Another great look would be to pair the shorts with this American Eagle Outfitters Embroidered Boho T. It gives it a little bit of a more laid back feel. For a more summery look, I’d wear these with an American Eagle Outfitters Pleated Chiffon Shirt; this would also be great for all those music festivals coming up! The classic summer look, however, would be to wear them with the American Eagle Outfitters Chiffon Black Hi-Lo Tank.

I’m usually very excited for spring and summer but I must say that with these shorts, April couldn’t come sooner!


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