CollegeFashionista X eBay: CollegeFashionista for eBay Fashion

Each week, CollegeFashionista features hundreds of Fashionistas and Fashionistos from across the world. Their fashions are admirable; their styles are inspiring.

Following in that same vein, CollegeFashionista has partnered up with eBay FASHION. eBay FASHION has launched an amazing new feature that allows eBay users to curate collections based on things that inspire them using the plethora of items available on eBay. From their favorite movie to a captivating painting, the inspirations are endless. eBay users are then able to share with their friends, family and the eBay community their personal fashion collections.

CollegeFashionista is getting in on the fun! CollegeFashionista and our Style Gurus will be creating weekly collections based off of the articles you read on CollegeFashionista. So let’s say you are reading an article on CollegeFashionista and are inspired by the Fashionista/o that is showcased. You can head over to eBay FASHION and shop the collection based off of that Fashionista and the accompanied article.

Be sure to head over to eBay FASHION to shop the CollegeFashionista collection, create your collection and explore!


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