CollegeFashionista X Finish Line: Run Your Life at University of California, Los Angeles

In LA there is always so much to do not only is it difficult to choose, it’s hard to pick what to wear! Though I love dressing up usually the shoes I would ideally wear are not going to get me very far. Despite the fact that LA is not known as a “walkable” city, I spend the majority of my time in Westwood or on campus and so I walk most places. Though most everything is right there, I usually end up walking several miles by the end of the day. Naturally, these Adidas Hardcourt Hi shoes were the perfect option for my usual activities like jetting to class, running errands, grabbing brunch and going to dinner with friends. In less comfortable shoes I would take the quickest route to my destination but with shoes as comfortable as these, why not stop and look at all the pretty things to see on campus?

I love mixing feminine and more tomboyish pieces for a bit of an unexpected twist, so naturally I gravitated toward more girly clothes to go with my athletic Hardcourt Hi sneakers. I have a difficult time sticking with one pair of shoes for all the things I do in a day but this Adidas pair was so adaptable I could wear them for every outing.

I usually dress up most days and though these high tops would look great with yoga pants and a comfy tee, why not go even farther with bright colors, fun fabrics and daring silhouettes? Nothing shakes of lecture doldrums like crazy colors and the pink stripes on my Hardcourt Hi sneakers were perfect to wear with even more stripes and a bright-hued skirt. And of course, there has never been a better shoe for bounding down the stairs when class lets out! For running post-class errands like grocery shopping or visiting the weekly farmer’s market, comfort is key and a breezy peplum and white jeans pairs wonderfully with the sturdiness of high-top sneakers—complete with extra ankle support for dragging the week’s supply of fresh fruit and veggies back to campus.

Though routine tasks like class and errands take up the majority of any college student’s day, outings like brunch and going out dinner with friends always seem to be the most memorable. Brunch is a ritual taken very seriously in LA and though most college students won’t be having a brunch that calls for heels and immaculately styled hair, a cute floaty dress worn with the ever-versatile Adidas sneakers seems to honor the sanctity of the affair. For an event like dinner with friends, a venture through my favorite place on campus—the UCLA Sculpture Gardens—is almost mandatory. Worn with statement jewelry and a silky black tank, these shoes are easily transformed from day to night.

For every daily activity of any college student, it’s about meeting in the middle of style and comfort and these Adidas Hardcourt Hi shoes are the best of both!

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