CollegeFashionista X Finish Line: Run Your Life at University of Chicago

When I think about adidas, I think about the super cool people I’ve seen rocking the brand. The classic image of Run-DMC decked out in their adidas outfits and gold chains is a look that I love and is one of the most familiar image of the sneakers. However, I’m also inspired by the way the youth culture in London rock their sneakers as alternatives to flats and boots, juxtaposing outfits between chic and grungy. Another super influential person I picture when I think about adidas is my jazz-listening, photographer and native Chicagoan godfather. He was the first person I saw the shoes on, usually paired with his work clothes and a Kangol hat if we were lucky. I always remembered the easy, confident vibe the outfit exuded, in no small part due to the sneakers. Running my daily errands in my Finish Line adidas Samoa sneakers, my outfits were definitely influenced by these trendsetters.

Although I keep pretending I don’t, I have a serious love of lattes and don’t like to do much before I’m caffeinated. This coffee shop is one of my favorites near campus because they have jars of all types of honey on the condiment table. This top was a gift from a fashionable friend and these skinny jeans are my favorite. I loved the look of the bright, fairly fancy top with cuffed jeans and equally bright shoes. I always try to find ways to blend comfort and originality in my outfits, and this top is as comfortable as any T-shirt and way more beautiful.

I like to pop into bookstores whenever possible because they make me feel beautiful, and this one is conveniently on the way to campus. This outfit is one I love because it is perfect for the warm weather with the leotard and linen pants. A big statement necklace is great when you have a large space to fill and the adidas Originals complement the color scheme, but make the outfit more casual than it would be otherwise.

Lastly, I always pop into the library even when school isn’t in session. During the summer, I try to knock off as many books on my to-read list as possible and check out as many books from the library as they let me. Pairing this feminine outfit with athletic shoes gives it a tomboy-ish edge that I like. Additionally, sneakers are way more comfortable to wear all day than any other type of shoe.

No matter how hectic my life is, I always go to these places that keep my spirit and body uplifted and ready for the world. What I love about my adidas Originals is that they didn’t slow me down and they helped keep my style unique and cool as ever.

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