CollegeFashionista X Finish Line: Run Your Life at University of North Carolina

Motion is a constant in my life. I am always on the move, and I am always moving forward. My usual footwear was slowing me down, so this semester, I expanded my shoe game to include a pair of kicks that can keep up with my life’s tempo: the adidas Samoa from Finish Line.

9:48am. I make my way through the quad en route to Hebrew 101 in Murphey Hall. For classes today, I was going for a smart look – a navy polo with brown corduroy shoulder accents tucked into a pair of blue chambray shorts with a dark chestnut laptop bag. I decided to give my typical wingtips the day off, and I slipped on my versatile Samoas instead. Smart indeed.

I stop in order to Instagram the liveliness of the quad. Bicyclists and longboarders deftly weave around pedestrians; first-years navigate the unfamiliar campus with maps in hand; upperclassmen sunbathe on the grass and throw Frisbees with no apparent worries. I wish I could stay, but class is calling.

12:53pm. The calendar notification on my iPhone reads: Work, J.Crew, 1pm-5pm. I walk through the mall and past store windows lined with well-dressed mannequins. Thank goodness I’m still wearing my Samoas. With all the walking I’ll be doing, they’re sparing my feet from the blisters I would have gotten from breaking in a pair of leather penny loafers.

Stopping in front of J.Crew, I look at the backdrop of the window display. Polka dots, the theme of the fall collection. Immediately, I reflect on my outfit – a navy button-down shirt with a subtle polka dot print and white skinny jeans, accessorized with an anchor-buckled belt, gray chambray bowtie, rubber-dipped canvas bag and of course, my Samoas. Let’s get to work!

7:36pm. My friend sends me a text: “Open Eye? (coffee emoji)(purple heart emoji)”. I reply with a swift “yes” and undergo a quick wardrobe change – a vertical-striped, short sleeve oxford shirt and a pair of lightweight tan cords. Before going out the door, I toss my iPad and Moleskine notebook in my army green and red canvas tote. My Samoas will definitely make pedaling much easier. I hop on my Schwinn and bike to Open Eye Café.

My friend and I enjoy our beverages on the outside patio. The chatter between us is punctuated with sips from our mugs. I kick my legs up to prop my feet on the chair across from me. I look down at my Samoas. Throughout the course of the day, they have gotten a little dirty, and the bottoms have worn just a bit. Proof that I am always moving. And proof of the adventures that I’ll go on with my Samoas.

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