My name is Stacey Kay Thomas and I am the former Style Guru of Kent State University. I graduated in 2010 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Fashion Merchandising. Writing for College Fashionista changed my career goals entirely, opening up new doors in the world of fashion blogging, copywriting, and fashion media that before my internship I had never considered. Before graduating I began my own style blog – Goodwill Huntingg – focusing on teaching women how to emulate current runway trends with vintage clothes that one can find at local thrift stores. After dabbling in business marketing and later retail management, I found my true calling- and made my passion for blogging into a full time career.

I now write two Cleveland online fashion columns – one focusing on thrifting and the other on mainstream fashion events, boutiques, shopping, and fashion news as well as continuing my personal blog at Goodwill Huntingg. My columns and my blog account for about 50% of my work, while product and company copywriting accounts for the other 50%. I essentially work from home, while covering and writing about events from Cleveland to Akron to Columbus. I have been named Goodwill Style Icon of New York and New Jersey, and have done freelance copy and guest posts for several Goodwill blogs. I also contribute to In the Powder Room, an online meeting place for women in the UK. I was recently featured in the first ever Fashionably Cleveland magazine, where I have a full 3-page spread on Goodwill Huntingg and my passion for thrifting.

Since I work from home, I get to wear whatever I want, which allows me to express myself to the fullest. I of course love to wear vintage that I find at the thrift store, flea markets, and vintage stores – mainly paired with modern staples. To see my everyday outfits or what I wear out to events, you can visit my personal blog at My columns can be found at and

My advice for anyone with an interest in fashion blogging or media is to get as much exposure to the field as possible while you’re still in college. Writing for CollegeFashionista is the perfect start, but you should also develop your own unique online presence as well. Intern as much as you feasibly can so that you have the clearest idea possible of what you want to do before you graduate

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