CollegeFashionista: Recreates Take Ivy, Day 4

In the 1960s, denim was a way the youth rebelled from the traditional formal wear favored by previous generations. The tight fit and cropped styles better showed off were a silhouette that had not been popular prior to the growth of denim. Today, denim and college are almost synonymous. From class to the bars, girls and guys alike are rocking denim of all shapes and styles, especially skinny jeans.

And representing your school pride through a Letterman jacket was also on the forefront of fashion in the 60s. Guys paired their svelte fitting denim with a Letterman jacket for an everyday classroom ensemble. 

Enter the CollegeFashionista Recreates Take Ivy Contest showing a photograph of yourself wearing collegiate attire. 

For more details check here!

Photo from Take Ivy by T.Hayashida  

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