CollegeFashionista Takes On Coachella

This year it seems as if the stars had aligned and the Southern California music festival, Coachella, is not one but two weekends this year. This past weekend was the first of the two weekends. And while festival goers enjoyed the sounds of amazing acts such as Bon Iver, the Shins, Florence + the Machines, Dr. Dre and Snoop Dog, the music is just part of the reason people flock to the desert for this event. 

As illustrated by the photos captured by our Style Gurus, the fashion of the festival-goers is beyond words. Unique silhouettes, vibrant patterns, and tons of sheer layers are just some of the overarching trends we noticed. However, each outfit was equally expressive and added to the senses of art and individualism that surrounds the festival. Heading to Coachella this weekend for round two? Make sure to tweet pictures of your outfit and those of your favorite fellow Fashionistas/os to @CFashionista. 

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