CollegeFashionista X American Eagle Outfitters Advertorial: Spring Break in Austin

What's a better way to spend Spring Break than to spend it some place warm? Especially for those of you that live in chilly cities, the last thing you want is to fly somewhere nice only to get slapped in the face with winter again. Heading over to a Beach Resort may sound ideal, but the amount of tourists flocking over to Caribbean hot spots during spring months has grown increasingly overwhelming. Plus, with all the recent discoveries about tanning and how detrimental it can be to you health, the last thing you want is to fry your precious skin. So why not spend your Spring Break somewhere warm that doesn't limit you to beach-related activities all day? Why not visit Austin, Texas?

Lucky for you, I've been given the chance to inform you just how fantastic this southern paradise really is. The average temperature in Austin during the spring is around 60-70 degrees. It's hot enough that you can ditch your layers, yet still cool enough that you're not sweating under the sweltering sun. So kiss your runny noses goodbye and say hello the vacation of your life.

Fashion: Austinites are known for pulling off the funkiest outfits.  (Where do you think the feather hair trend originated?) Today I tried to flaunt some of that boho vibe in head to toe American Eagle ensemble. My Festival Corset Dress got an indie upgrade, a pair of sand Desert Boots. To top off the look, I wore a Bead Headwrap, Embossed Leather Belt and Wooden Bracelets. Not only is this look comfortable and stylish, but it also is very versatile.

Shopping: Austin may not have as big of a rep as NYC or LA for being a super fashionable city, but that certainly doesn’t mean that it lacks in style.  Home to the retro/bohemian scene, Austin is jam packed with funky shops and trendy Fashionistas. If you ever find yourself wandering downtown Austin make sure to stop by the famous 2nd Street District– “Where Texas warmth meets Austin cool”- for a vast array of one-of-a-kind boutiques.  If you’re up for a more bohemian vibe, head down to SoCo (South Congress Avenue Shopping) and shop at every possible vintage store your heart desires.

Entertainment: Putting fashion and food aside, Austin- hands down- has one of the best music scenes around.  Known as the “The Live Music Capital of the World,” this Southern city is a music mecca. Every night more than 100 venues stage live music. The noteworthy 6th Street is always bustling with musicians playing in every bar/club imaginable. Along with daily entertainment, Austin also is the home of the yearly Austin City Limits and SXSW (South by Southwest) two colossal music festivals. 

Food: Whether you chose to put on your shopping shoes or not, everyone needs food to recharge, and you’re not going to want to miss these delicious Austin eateries. Texas is famous for its queso, (basically cheese dip on steroids) which is so delicious that you’ll find yourself dreaming about it soon enough. Kerbey Lane and Magnolia Cafe have the best Tex-Mex, so stop by one of these restaurants if you’re ever craving some queso.  If you’re more of a sweet tooth (like I am) then you’ve chosen the right city, because Austin offers some of the tastiest desserts. Amy’s Ice CreamsTiff’s Treats. Enough said.

Whether you’re into music, fashion, food or all three, Austin really is the place to be.  It’s always sunny (and warm) in Austin, so why not check it out?  Just don’t forget to pack your sunglasses!

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CollegeFashionista X American Eagle Outfitters Advertorial: Spring Break in NYC

If I had to venture to guess what the most popular question being asked across college campuses this time of year, it would have to be, “What are you doing for Spring Break?” College Spring Break is clearly more than just a topic among students to break the ice; it is also a perennial fascination in American culture. Think: MTV’s 16 consecutive year series. But I’d like to believe that the week doesn’t have to be spent on a remote island in the Caribbean, rather on one that can offer you slightly more than a piña colada. This island, Manhattan, may not have the beaches nor the ninety-degree weather in March as compared to some of the big-name Spring Break destinations. However, what I can promise you is that you won’t have a second to think about being bored. One week is not even enough time to fully sink your teeth into this magical city! Hopefully, my recommendations will be able to steer you in helpful directions and get you started on what to do for Spring Break in New York. There’s not a moment to waste. Let’s get started on our Spring Break inside look and itinerary!

Fashion: When traveling to New York for your trip, it’s important to come with realistic expectations. Is this a Spring Break bikini-style vacation? Sorry, but it isn’t. The upside? You are entering one of the most renowned fashion capitals of the world. Don’t let that scare you, however. Looking good is not so difficult when you have the basic elements in mind for your New York look. With the help of American Eagle, I was able to piece together a sophisticated, yet simple ensemble that is in keeping with the city flair. In New York when you are hopping in and out of subways and running a pretty tight schedule, you should opt for something casual, comfortable and classic. The three C’s of fashion in the CITY. Jot that down. A coat, like this Double-Breasted Trench is definitely an item to add to your wish-list. What’s better? It’s a fashion no-brainer. Throw it on and you are set. If you want to think of what to put on underneath, I suggest something like this cute American Eagle Outfitters Eyelet Corset. It’s flirty and feminine and defines your figure without being tasteless. With regard to dressing the bottom half of your body, I would say a great pair of black jeans or Jeggings is perfect. In New York, black is a staple color rain or shine, spring, winter, fall or summer. Basically, you can never go wrong with black. Now for the fun stuff! Shoes. While it’s nice to be swept off our feet by the wonder of the city, it isn’t fun to walk around in bad shoes. You will return from your Spring Break with a “I love New York” shirt and a not so nice blister on your foot. Yuck! Hence, practicality is a word that should enter your mind when thinking about shoes. I decided that these Cool Black Booties would be a good way to finish my look as they gave me some height and were easy to walk in.

Shopping: Oh where to begin!? As the iconic Sex and the City character, Carrie Bradshaw once said, “Year after year twenty- something women come to New York City in search for the two ‘L’s’ — labels and love.” While the Sex and the City girls may have the budget to splurge on Fendi, Gucci, Prada and the likes, us college women have to be a bit more selective with how we can spend. I love window-shopping on Madison Avenue, but when it comes to actual shopping, my favorite stores are Intermix, Comptoir des Contonniers, Rag and Bone, Barneys, Wink and Big Drop NYC. With regard to buying make-up, it’s a one-stop shop for me: Space NK. Each item in their stores is carefully selected and come from the finest product lines. It’s the boutique experience that other more commercial make-up stores don’t provide. One of the main reasons I enjoy shopping is because you really get a flavor for each of the city’s eclectic and interesting neighborhoods. The stores in Soho feel very different from those on the Upper West Side. While you are perusing the racks in each neighborhood, you feel like you are entering different cities. Pretty cool!

Entertainment: To try to begin discussing what to do for entertainment in New York is a pretty difficult task. This may seem trite, but there truly is so much to do. New York City is a jungle gym of never-ending possibilities! You can do anything from a fun comedy show at Dangerfield’s to a smooth Jazz night at Blue Note, or even get spiffy with a night out to a Broadway show. If you feel inspired from the incredible talent on Broadway and want to sing a little ditty, you might want to check out a fun Karoake spot in Korea Town. Start warming up your voice! For those looking for some “culture,” a museum visit to the MOMA might be the thing for you. In fact, there is a a great Diego Rivera exhibit happening now.

Food: As for restaurants, New York has myriad great places to go. If you want to have a casual meal after a long night out with friends, I would definitely suggest “The Diner” in the Meatpacking District. No frills, good food. Exactly what a city diner is all about. For a special night out, I would reccomend you go to a more chic and hip restaurant. Here is the list of my favorite spots:  Peasant, Saxon and Parole, La Esquina, Stanton Social, Meatball Shop, Extra Virgin, The Smith, Locanda Verde, Catch, Beauty and Essex, Co-op and  ABC Kitchen.

As you can see, New York is both the perfect place to go to for Spring Break (and one you also must return to). So, pack up your things and get ready for the experience of a lifetime. See you soon!

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CollegeFashionista X American Eagle Outfitters Advertorial: Spring Break in Cancun

In my opinion Cancun is probably the best place to visit for a week long getaway like Spring Break, but I may be biased, because of my Latin/Mexican roots and how I'm used to being wisked away by my parents to Cancun and other south of the border destinations.  Tips from a seasoned south of the border visitor, like myself, will be all the more helpful to you, so you can really embrace the culture and see how much history and fun Cancun has to offer.

Fashion: When planning a vacation, the number one thing I tend focus on is what to wear.  Cancun is the place to roam around in a bikini and short-shorts, so fewer clothes are necessary, but personally, I've never been too enthusiastic about baring it all. The outfit I put together, from American Eagle Outfitters is an outfit you'd catch me in if I were there right now. My outfit is very reminiscent of the feminine trends that are popular this spring, especially Prada's spring/summer 2012 collection. I loved the idea of pairing a Sweet Heart Cropped Corset with a Stripped Midi-Skirt. What I love most is how easily it can transition you from a day of shopping or roaming around on the beach– just don't forget your bikini– to a fun-fulled night of dancing and drinks. I opted for Penny Loafers to be worn during the day, because I hate when my feet get dusty and dirty in sandals, but what I like most is how the outfit is feminine, not too revealing and chic.

Shopping: When it comes to shopping, I really like to spend my money at small jewelry shops and boutiques that sell pieces made locally. The point of shopping on vacation is to purchase items you can't buy back home. Since Mexico is known for exquisite silver jewelry, I really enjoy checking out jewelry shops– literally at ever corner in the cities– to buy unique pieces at affordable prices. In one of the detailed outfit shots, you'll notice I've piled on a variety of bracelets (and a ring), which have all been accumulated from my trips to Cancun and a variety of other destinations in Mexico.  What I find most exciting and inspiring is how each piece carries a memory and the coolest part is the arm party that is created when they are all piled together–talk about chic-ness.

Entertainment: As far as entertainment, shopping and siteseeing have always been the perfect entertainment for me. One of my favorite places to visit isn't exactly located in the hustle and bustle of Cancun, but a few miles away in a city called Tulum. It's driving or a bus distance away and a place I find key to visit. One aspect that should lure you in is how absolutely beautiful and breathtaking it is, and how much history it has, because it was one of the last known cities to be inhabited by the Mayans. While in Tulum I've accumulated some of my favorite jewelry pieces from shops near the ruins or from the vendors on the beaches. Another piece worth purchasing in Cancun or preferably Tulum is what I like to refer to as a the Mexican Cotton Dress. These dresses are easy to throw on during hot summer days or even as a beach cover up because of the light-weight cotton and adorable floral embroidery- that are comfy enough to be worn as pajamas.

Food: Food should be the first thing to experience while on vacation in Cancun. Mexican food is one of my favorite types of food, (yes because I'm Mexican), and you really have no idea what REAL Mexican food tastes like since it doesn't come close to what we have in the states – unless you have a native Grandparent making it for you! When in Cancun, one of my favorite restaurants to visit is called La Habichuela Restaurant  because of the tropical and intimate setting, and obviously the food. If you happen to go, you have to try the seafood parade and the chicken enchiladas, (so yummy). Because I have a sweet tooth, the desserts are what really lure me in the most. Make sure you try the Parfait Glacé au Kahlua or the Lemon Chiffon Pie.

I hope you try and enjoy my insights. Trips to tropical destinations, like Cancun, are meant for you to let loose, have fun, enjoy the sun, and make lasting memories. I really hope this post inspires and helps you do so this Spring Break.


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CollegeFashionista X American Eagle Outfitters Advertorial: Spring Break in Miami

American Eagle Outfitters and Spring Break seem to be a match made in heaven. Just like the carefree days of spring breaking, American Eagle Outfitters clothes are perfectly effortless and fit seamlessly into any wardrobe. They make the best casual basics, from denim shorts to slouchy tees. They're comfortable yet stylish and isn't that what every Fashionista is looking for? That’s why your suitcase should be packed full of American Eagle Outfitters if you plan on coming to Miami for Spring Break.

Fashion: People dream of spending their spring break in Miami and I feel so lucky to live here year round. While sun and sand are fabulous, it’s also a place where fashion pushes boundaries. From the casual looks to powerful prints, Miamians are always looking to make some kind of impression.
Today I’m wearing a look that’s perfect for a weekend afternoon. I love pairing comfortable basics with something unexpected and in this case that means sparkles. I’m absolutely obsessed with these American Eagle Sparkle Loafers. Not only are they on trend for this season but they also add the perfect amount of pizzazz to any look. As for the white jeggings, they’re a total Miami must-have. They’re so crisp and clean looking, while adding the perfect amount of sleekness to a casual outfit. Miami fashion is also about wearing light layers. I love how this Lace Dolman T won’t add too much bulk and still features subtle details.

Shopping: When it comes to shopping in Miami, there’s no shortage of places to choose from. I love shopping boutiques for unique trendy items so for me, the South Miami/Sunset area is great. There are a ton of great little shops around every corner where you can find everything from unique tunics to fabulous designer consignment pieces.

When it comes to more high end shopping, I love the Village of Merrick Park. They have everything from Nordstrom and Neiman’s to DVF and Gucci. My favorite store there though is definitely Koko & Palenki. It has a boutique feel but offers a great inventory of today’s hottest designers.

Entertainment: One of the obvious draws to visiting Miami is hitting the beach. The crystal clear water is always sparkling and so are the lights in all of the nightclubs. The South Beach club scene is one-of-a-kind. With world famous clubs like Mansion, LIV and Cameo you definitely won’t be disappointed by the sheer opulence you’ll experience. You will, however, pay up for drinks and cover though so come prepared and dressed to kill.
For a more laid-back college bar scene, The Grove is the place to be. There are almost a dozen bars in a 3-block radius, all of which constantly have drink specials and won’t charge you a cover.

Food: While you’re shopping to your heart’s content in the Sunset area, you’ll find a variety of great restaurants to stop at too. Akashi is a cozy spot to visit if you’re looking for sushi and a quiet atmosphere. I practically live at RA Sushi Bar for its fabulous appetizers and great drinks with a fun, loungy feel.

Miracle Mile in Downtown Coral Gables also has a bunch of great spots in one area. Anacapri is my favorite for authentic Italian food and a romantic date night, whereas, Season’s 52 is best for fresh, seasonal fare. I can’t finish a discussion of Miami food trends without mentioning food trucks though. They’re always on the move so I can’t tell you where to find them, but if you follow @miamifoodtrucks on Twitter you’ll be able to track them down. Ms. Cheesious, Cuban Cube and Sugar Rush are among my favorites and are definitely worth the hunt.

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