CollegeFashionista X DOVE Advertorial: Great Style Effect, Amy Kelly

A big driving force behind CollegeFashionista is the hopes that seeing real college students in real amazing fashion with real perspectives would inspire the at-home (or dorm) reader in their own personal style choices.

That’s why when Dove® told us about The Dove “Great Style Effect” campaign, I was immediately impressed. Instead of showcasing models who have had hours of work, extensions, hairpieces and other hair magic done to them, this campaign showcases real women with real amazing hair all over the country. Checkout the gallery and click on individual photos to receive great product recommendations from the Dove® Style+Care Collection.

We have asked some of our Style Gurus to involved with the campaign as well. Check out Amy Kelly from University of Maryland as she discusses her hairstyle and inspirations. Be sure to visit the Dove® Facebook page for more information on the campaign and to get inspired from their real world finds.

CollegeFashionista: What is your biggest hair challenge?

Amy Kelly: Taming frizz, especially during the summer.

CF: What three words best describe your hair?

AK: Thick, wavy and stubborn.

CF: What  do  you  look  for  when  seeking  a  great  hairstyle  for  yourself? And where do you go for style inspiration?

AK: I look for easy maintenance. I usually look in magazines or online at social media sites like Pinterest. I rarely use the inspiration I find though because the hair styles take too much upkeep.

CF: How would you describe the hairstyle you have today? 

AK: It’s bland. It is a little bit past my shoulders and doesn’t have much of a style. I need it cut and need more layers. I usually rock my natural waves and let it do its own thing.

CF: What is your best hair styling tip?

AK: Find a hair product that works and stick to it, not matter how much it costs. Good hair products are usually pricey. A topknot is always the way to go when frizz takes over.

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