CollegeFashionista X Intel: It’s a Red World

If you are flipping through the August issue of Marie Claire or Elle you just might happen to stumble upon my latest project with The Ultrabook inspired by Intel. I teamed up with Nola Weinstein (GLAM Media's Fashion and Style Director) and Ashley Madekwe (from the hit show Revenge) to share my story of technology and how we all use it to build our brands. Products like The Ultrabook allow me to stay on the go and stay connected to my Style Guru team, brand partners and all the running pieces that make CollegeFashionista what it is today.  

As Fashionistas we want technology that is lightweight, chic and available at all times. The Ultrabook is all of that. It allows you to wake up in a flash and be ready to access your favorite content, aka CollegeFashionista, in seconds.

While having fashionable technology is key, having an outfit to accompany this posh technology is also important. For fall when it comes to color, red is my go-to. Between my red trousers to my red chunky sweaters, there isn't a week in August when I will not decked out in this hue. 

While you begin plotting out your back to school wardrobes, CollegeFashionistas, make sure there is just enough red in there to stay completely on trend! 


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