CollegeFashionista X Intel: The Ultimate Accessory

As Founder and Creative Director of CollegeFashionista my technology accessories play a huge role in my life. Just as important as technology is to a media entrepreneur technology plays a critical role in the life of a college student. I met up with the ever-so-fashionable Style Guru Ariana Marsh from NYU to chat with her about fashion, technology and how important accessories are to a CollegeFashionista. 

CollegeFashionista: Tell us Ariana where are you from, how old are you and what is your major at NYU? 

Ariana Marsh: I am 20 years old (for two more weeks!), double majoring in French and Journalism and I am originally from Parker, Colorado.

CF: I love your outfit in today's feature! Describe what you are wearing.

AM: I am wearing a bubblegum pink high-waist skirt paired with a rainbow mesh crop top and bandeau, and my shoes are my trusty Steve Madden boots that I wear everywhere. I love this necklace because it has both rose gold and silver elements so it is easy to match to any outfit or any other jewelry, like the turquoise ring that I bought in Morocco that I am also sporting. I love adding a quirky or unexpected element to all of my outfits, so the oversized bow does the trick and also ties in the black of my boots with the rest of my look

CF: How do you take this outfit from day to night?

AM: To take this outfit from day to night I would only change two elements, being my top and my shoes. The pink skirt would look great over a black scoop-neck leotard, which would also easily mesh with the accessories that are already present in the outfit, and adding a tight top would add a little sexiness to an otherwise sweet look. As for shoes, a pair of black Lita booties would be my go-to choice, as they make legs look miles long and their cool/risky style would counteract the youthful appeal of the skirt.

CF: How important are accessories in your daily wardrobe? 

AM: To me, accessories make an outfit. I never leave home without at least a necklace and bracelets or rings, but also love to push the boundaries with less typical accessories like my oversized hair bow, beautiful lightweight floral scarf, Shepard Fairey iPhone case and whimsically colored nail polish. Sometimes a little pop of metal here or an added print there makes all the difference!

CF: How do you stay connected with CollegeFashionista on the go? 

AM: My phone is definitely the main way I stay connected with CollegeFashionista on the go. It goes where I go, no ifs, ands, or buts, and allows me to stay connected through many different types of social media apps like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Being able to send emails off of my phone is incredibly important as well because it allows me to stay in touch with you for any questions I may have. 

CF: What inspires you in NYC?

AM: EVERYTHING inspires me in NYC! The window displays that are more chic and daring than anywhere else, seeing what sartorial perfection looks like incarnated on a daily basis, the thrift stores with the BEST finds, the hodgepodge of cultures that all co-habitate yet remain uniquely dressed…the list could go on forever! The attitude towards fashion in New York is one that supports taking risks and being unique and pushing to always be cutting edge, which makes the fearless way that people here approach fashion so noticeable and so inspiring. (See photos below for things that inspire Ariana.)

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Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Intel via Glam Media.  The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Intel.

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