CollegeFashionista X Madewell Advertorial: Get Styled Tour Recap

We hit the road with Madewell to meet, greet and style students in this season's five coolest pieces. We were lucky enough to visit Columbus, Ohio, Atlanta, Georgia and Washington D.C.. Each event left me awe struck at the fashion worn by the trendsetting attendees. Perhaps even more, I was impressed by these Fashionistas/os styling skills and ability to pair together five key pieces so differently.

Tatiana from Columbus, Jordan, Carolyn and Sierra from Atlanta, and Sarah from Washington D.C. were our lucky winners at our three events! We asked each stylist how they put together their look and below are their answers: 

Tell us about your look and why you choose the pieces you styled? 

Tatiana, Columbus- “As an avid reader of CollegeFashionista blogs and other numerous fashion magazines, I've been loving the socks with heels look. Whether it's on the runway or the streets the trend can be seen everywhere and is functional as well as aesthetically intriguing. The pairing of the lace shorts with the soft, silky blouse is a mixing of textures that really balances the outfit. Jean jackets are really modernizing the '90s comeback and add warmth on a fall day. As I decided my outfit theme would be perfect for a warm but windy September day, the soft floppy hat helps characterize the outfit as such while simultaneously complementing the shoes. The beige and rose color scheme I chose to exemplify fall, and also look wonderful with the complexion of my model. The accessories were kept simple; a gold necklace to draw attention to the chest and a set of bangles to add a little jingle when she walks! The belt cinching the waist gives her a feminine shape around the middle.”

Jordan, Atlanta “I picked the boots because they were masculine, yet subtly feminine at the same time…a big trend this season with boots, you know, gender-bender fashion.” ; “Musicians inspire fashion, honestly. For example, with this outfit, we thought of Rihanna’s all denim outfit from her concert or her music video for, “We Found Love,” thus we chose the combination of the denim vest and skinny jeans.” ; “Since I’m from a small town, I find I have to try a little bit harder to find edgy fashion – overcompensate. Yet I find bold and big is always better.” ; “You need to have inspiration behind fashion, need to come from a deeper place for fashion, then, ultimately, you will make a killer outfit.”

Carolyn, Atlanta “I look at street-wear, or participate in the simple act of people watching, so I see what others are wearing and I recreate and implement certain aspects I like, which is how we chose the boots.” ; “Coming from Chicago, I didn’t want to change my style…I’m staying true to my self.” ; “Being labeled as ridiculous is my thing [she laughs].”

Sierra, Atlanta: “Fashion is everything for everyone.”

Sarah, D.C.- ““I picked the denim chambray off the rack to act as a replacement for a white button down in this men’s wear inspired look. I was instantly drawn to the fuzzy baby blue sweater and used it as the staple for the rest of the outfit; I tied everything together by using the burgundy red fedora. ”

Thanks to Madewell for co-hosting our Get Styled Campus Tour! Enjoy our photo recap for this noteworthy series of events. 

**winning looks are images 1,2,3,4

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