CollegeFashionista X Paul Mitchell: Curly Hair Confessions

Many Fashionistas and Fashionistos have at one point experienced a love-hate relationship with their hair. “My hair is too short/frizzy/dull/stringy/thick.” The list is endless.

Perhaps no one can quite understand this love-hate dichotomy quite like our curly-haired Fashionistas. It's emotional, super charged and life long relationship. But it is also an extension of these Fashionista's personality and a vital part of who they are.

The Hair Gurus at Paul Mitchell have launched a campaign centered on embracing Fashionista's natural curls and empowering them to share their stories. CollegeFashionista is thrilled to participate in Paul Mitchell’s campaign by showcasing some of our very own Style Gurus and their Curly Hair Confessions. Over the next few months, Style Gurus from across the globe will share their stories of how they battled with their curls in the earlier days, but ultimately fell in love with them. Enjoy our first Curly Hair Confession from George Washington University Style Guru, Ali Stagnitta. Have your own Curly Hair Confession? Tweet your story and pic to #curlconfession!

“My Curly Hair Confession:

I used to hate my curls. They were be legitimate ringlets and frizz. I'd feel so embarrassed and fluffy! Now, all I get are compliments on my waves! With age they tamed and I've grown to love them! They fit my bubbly personality and I can't imagine myself without my curly, red locks! If I want to straighten them out, I can. But my curls define me and created me into the fiery red-head people recognize.” —Ali

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