CollegeFashionista X Rosetti Advertorial: The Handbag

While it is hard for anyone to pick favorites, I think it is safe to say that a Fashionista's favorite accessory is her handbag. And who can blame her? I know for me personally, my handbag is my fashion “partner in crime.” I carry a handbag everywhere and it must be reliable, durable and, perhaps most importantly, fashionable.

The CollegeFashionista is no different. From the classroom to library to late nights out with their friends, the CollegeFashionista depends on a great bag. But finding the perfect handbag that is stylish, functionable and affordable can be a challenge.

Thanks to Rosetti, the number one industry leader (selling more handbags in America then anyone else), our search for the perfect CollegeFashionsita approved handbag is over. Rosetti handbags embody classic styles with fashionable details. The bags come in a range of colors and built-in functionality. Rosetti handbags are also often enhanced with a coordinating umbrella, a keychain, and/or wallet. Handbags come in a range of styles including shoppers, hobos, totes and crossbodies. The best part? Rosetti styles are affordable, ranging from $39 to $79.

We have partnered with Rosetti to show you how Style Gurus across the country at Belmont University, Marquette University, Columbia University, Boston University, University of Pennsylvania, University of Pittsburgh, University of San Francisco, University of Texas, University of Wisconsin and Virginia Commonwealth University sport their favorite Rosetti handbags. 

To get your hands on your own Rosetti bag, be sure to shop the Rosetti collection at Sears, JCPenney, Kohls and other department stores near you.

Just for our lucky readers we will be giving away 10 Rosetti handbags. Simply click here for more details. 

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