CollegeFashionista X Steve Brings It Holiday Advertorial: The Trendsetting Fashionista

Last week, I gave you tips on what to wear to a tailgate complements of the Steve Brings It Holiday Campaign, plus my ultimate tailgate playlist. However, it was missing an essential component- how to throw a tailgate that is CollegeFashionista worthy.

Whether you are getting together with friends in a stadium parking lot or having a pre-game at your apartment, take note of my favorite party tips below:

1. Pick a location for your tailgate party. Yes, most students tailgate in the stadium parking lot but that doesn’t meant that is where you have to host your party. Having a small get together at your apartment can offer a more intimate experience and get everyone equally as pumped for the game.

2. Make a menu. You can plan a menu that doesn't consist of the traditional greasy hot dogs and hamburgers. With “minis” being all the rage in the culinary world, find a recipe for miniature chicken sandwiches and veggie sandwiches and allow guests to try a little bit of everything. For sides, ditch the stale tortilla chips and canned salsa and opt for your own homemade dip. Try substituting the chips for pita bread or go super healthy with crudités for dipping. And, of course, drinks are a huge component of a successful tailgate. However, the drinks don’t need to be cans of beer and mystery punch served in red Solo cups. Try serving Arnold Palmers and mimosas for a classier take on football beverages. And, because no meal is complete without dessert, show school spirit by frosting fresh baked sugar cookies with your school colors. Pass them out as partygoers are heading out the door for a treat on their walk to the stadium.

3. Figure out the décor. If you are meeting at a parking lot stadium, help your friends locate your tailgate by getting bushel of colorful balloons or make a DYI flag with your name on it. For those of you hosting a pre-game at your apartment, make your everyday décor more festive with a few additions. Paper lanterns are a great way to bring your school colors into your apartment. You can also make pennants that say “Go Team” and place them in vases around your place. Extra bonus, your guests can take them to the game and wave them after each touchdown.

4. Coordinate games. The obvious drinking games that we all know and love are guaranteed to organically happen at your bash. To organize a successful game of flip cup, pre-label acrylic cups with attendees names and decorate them with your campus colors. It will serve as their flip cup and a take home gift as well. Also, try situating smaller flip cup tables around your venue so more people can be involved.

5. Most important: be safe. Tailgating is inevitably a fun time but binge drinking or partying too hard is never in style. Practice safe fun at your tailgate.

How To: To imitate today’s look choose tall black boots like Steve Madden's Hazele Flat Boot. Throw on an oversized cotton T-shirt design with patterned tights from a sexy/casual look. A classic trench tops of your look and makes you ready for a day full of fun. 

To celebrate CollegeFashionista's collaboration with Steve Madden we are giving away the one more pair of featured Steve Madden shoes to our fabulous readers on Twitter. If you are interested, here's what you need to do to get involved:

1) Follow @CFashionista and @SteveMaddenUSA on Twitter
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One winner will be chosen at random on 12/15 and contacted by CollegeFashionista.

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