CollegeFashionista X StyleMint Advertorial

Let's face it- the life of a student, especially a CollegeFashionista, is a busy one. A single day can take you a myriad of places and you need a wardrobe that is flexible and fashionable at the same time. The perfect T Shirt is that essential piece that can literally take you anywhere. Especially when that T Shirt is Exclusively Designed by Mary-Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen. StyleMint is the latest fashion venture of Mary-Kate and Ashley and e-commerce company, BeachMint. The concept is unique. Make a StyleProfile to help create your personalized Showroom. See what you like? Shop your Showroom and start your membership with your first purchase. Return each month for an updated Showroom and new selection of StyleMint T Shirts. The best part (well besides the fact that the shirts are designed by Mary-Kate and Ashley)? The T shirts are only $29.99 each. Perfect for the CollegeFashionista budget.

CollegeFashionista has partnered up with StyleMint to further illustrate the power of the perfect T. Check out our features to see how five of our Style Gurus transformed a StyleMint T to meet the constraints of college life. Preparing for that big exam? Be sure to check out “Class Act” featuring our Parson's Style Guru and “Hitting the Books” with our UNC Style Guru. Looking forward to casual Sunday afternoon with your besties? Our USC Style Guru captures the essential look for when you are “Lounging With The Ladies.” Who doesn't need a fabulous evening outfit? Our UCLA Style Guru puts the T in “TGIF”; while our NYU Style Guru elevates the basic T to be “Fancy and Fierce.”

When styled to meet your needs, the basic T is anything but basic. For more great T Shirts and to become a first time member of StyleMint, be sure to click here for 20% off your first T and enter the code COLLEGE. Promo code is good for first time buyers only valid until 2/29. 


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