CollegeFashionista X StyleOwner Advertorial: The Store By Amy Levin

An integral part of CollegeFashionista is the concept of community and sharing styling tips from one college student to another. We love the idea of empowering students to create their own voice. It's through our Style Gurus and Fashionistas/os that we have established a presence on campus as the authority on all things college fashion related.

Given our philosophy, we found it only natural to partner with StyleOwner on the first ever CollegeFashionista Store. Our CollegeFashionista Store will house my favorite trends and pieces based off sartorial photographs being seen on the runways of our college campuses. Now with just a click, you can find a virtual store front full of CollegeFashionista approved clothing choices.

StyleOwner's mission is to excite and engage the entrepreneurial spirit in women. It's a platform where anyone can create an online store and personalize it for their social network by curating items that the owner would naturally wear and recommend to friends. To kick off the launch of our store I caught up with Founder, Jordana Silver, to share the story behind this genius idea.

For all your Fashionisas who possess great style and love fashion, here is your chance to create your very own store!

CollegeFashionista: How did StyleOwner come to fruition?

Jordana Silver: Joel, the company’s CEO, actually had the idea while at a bar on the UES with some friends.  He then quickly assembled some of his smartest friends to get their thoughts on the idea.  When everyone thought the idea was great, he knew he had a winning idea and the rest as they say is history.

CF: What do you love most about shopping online vs shopping in a store?

JS: Personally I love a lot about online shopping vs in store and even more about shopping from a StyleOwner store.  The product selection online is amazing!  At StyleOwner stores, I also get a personalized experience so it is like having a stylist with me at all times.  My friend Sandy knows my hangs ups and how to make recommendations to suit my body type.  She also knows when I have a hot date and need something sizzling to wear! 

CF: What trends can we expect to see on StyleOwner this season?

JS: I think the beauty of StyleOwner is that every store will be uniquely curated but if I had my guess, I think we will be seeing lots of stripes, oversized sweaters, mensy  over coats, leather satchels, and pops of vibrant color.

CF: Which blogger's store are you most excited about shopping?

JS: This is so hard!!!!  This is like asking me to choose only one macaroon at Ladurée. I love all the bloggers we are working with because they all possess amazing style!  I really cannot choose.

CF: What is one must-have piece every CollegeFashionista should own in her closet?

JS: I am in love with cardigan sweaters.  My pick would be a fabulous sweater like the Etienne Bar Stripe Wrap.

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