CollegeFashionista X VS PINK Campus Essentials Advertorial: Fordham University

No matter how much style you pump into your school day, we have all had moments of wardrobe weakness. Exams, all-nighters and nasty weather are just a few obstacles that drive college students from chic to sweatpants. But Victoria’s Secret PINK Campus Essentials have arrived to prove that low-maintenance and the lovely are not mutually exclusive. With flattering fabrics, easygoing silhouettes, and bold brights, this comfortable collection is the ultimate option for not only your moments of wardrobe crisis, but also for every day wear.

I paired these sleek black yoga leggings with tribal print waistband with a breezy black tank for a super simple look that lasts through every occasion from workout to weekend. I brightened up the black-on-black combination with a neon lace bandeau to add color without sacrificing comfort.

I paired the yoga half-zip in pretty pink with classic yoga pants for a cozy combination complete with color. Finished off with a pair of sneakers, this look transforms sweatpants into style with form-fitting cuts and cheery colors. 

For around-the-clock comfort with catwalk quality fit, the Victoria’s Secret Campus Essentials are a flattering, fun and feminine solution to your do-all days that are as active as you are.

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