Why It’s Completely Okay to Be Obsessed With Traveling

We’ve all heard the saying, “spend your money on experiences, not things,” and others like it. Sometimes, however, that new iPhone or pair of shoes really is what will make us happy.

Traveling imparts lasting experiences that impact us in much more profound ways than new material possessions, and it is totally okay to love to do it!

Shelling out just a little bit more money for a summer road trip or flight to Europe brings everlasting memories and undeniably, much more happiness.

It is more than okay to be obsessed with traveling, so what’s stopping you?

Whether you’re headed across the country or across the world, exploring an unknown destination through cuisine and local people teaches you things a textbook never could.

If you love food like me, we can probably agree that eating your way through a country is the best.

Just as studying abroad in college certainly gives you an appreciation for the world around you, traveling, too, makes us realize the things we take for granted.

Even after a week-long trip to Bermuda or an escape to the Swiss Alps, an undeniable respect and appreciation grows for the place you call home.

As extremely cliché as it sounds, it seems like when I come back from a vacation, I am never quite the same person I was when I left. Every small memory, trip, or mistake can leave some kind of impact on your character. Getting lost on the subway and trying to maneuver your way around the city can be quite daunting for travelers, or maybe, it’s exploring another country where the only barriers are the language or what side of the road they drive on. Whatever it is, learning to embrace unfamiliar and unexpected moments lead to seeing life around us in a completely different perspective.

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