TREND: Concert Wear

With Bonnaroo wrapping up in Tennessee this week and Warped Tour fast approaching, people are looking for what to wear to concerts and music festivals. When dressing for a concert you generally want to be comfortable and show off your fashion sense at the same time. While some girls seem to effortlessly pull off wearing spaghetti straps and sandals in the mosh pit without any wardrobe malfunctions I prefer to be a little more practical and opt for things that wont ride up while crowd surfing. I also generally go for closed toed shoes as concerts tend to be really dirty and you get your feet stepped on a lot.

This Fashionista combines practicality with killer fashion instincts. On her way to a Vampire Weekend concert she sports tie dyed keds to keep her toes safe from rowdy fans and preppy shorts and pearls. I love how she combines different colors and prints like the elephants on her shorts and the pattern on her top. Although this outfit is a bit preppy for the average concert goer it looks comfortable and pulled together. For a punkier concert look try adding denim cutoffs or you could cut your own T-shirt Kat Von D style.

Another accessory that I think is must when going to a concert or festival is a mini over the shoulder bag. I used to lug a huge purse around with me everywhere I went until I got this little bag for Hanukkah. It is so convenient for going out when all you need is your cell phone, credit card, and ChapStick. You also don’t have to worry about forgetting it in crowded places because you just sling it over your shoulder and forget about it.

Have a fashionable and comfortable concert season!

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