TREND: Contemporary Warrior Princess

This Fashionista illustrates a modern day warrior princess. She looks extremely comfortable and confident and ready to take on any obstacle that confronts her.

One of the essential components of this ensemble is the gladiator style sandal. They portray a sense of revolutionary allure and are still a popular choice among shoe addicts. I recommend wearing a pair of gladiator sandals with any outfit that shows off some leg. She chooses to wear frayed jean shorts which work very well in this instance because she pairs them with a simple gray tee. This Fashionista looks very fun and flirty without showing too much skin.

The accessories she wears compliment her style add an artsy flare. Instead of wearing bold colors to off-set the black and gray hues she wears accessories that contain deep, natural colors. In addition, her braided hairstyle shows off those lovely, black hoop earrings. I love what she has done, but I don’t think it would hurt to add some color. A red vest or a red leather cropped jacket would certainly add a unique and feminine touch that would not be too distracting and would certainly be useful as fall creeps up on us.

This is one look that does not require too many improvements. This Fashionista knows just how to mix and match different pieces in her closet to create a contemporary look that exudes power and femininity.

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