CollegeFashionista X Juicy Couture Advertorial: Couture Is Here- Boston University

Boston is a city where you never know exactly what you are going to get! The trends change as quickly as the weather, but that’s what makes the Bean one of the most interesting and fashionable cities in the world! The streets of Boston are truly a runway and a fantastic place to draw inspiration from. Bostonians aren’t just streetwalkers, they are trendsetters in every aspect of the word. The lovely Fashionistas of Boston University were thrilled when given the opportunity to showcase nine different looks for the CollegeFashionista and Juicy Couture campaign. These Fashionistas took Juicy Couture's tulle skirt and “Couture Is Here” shirt and made these two pieces their own. From adding heels and bright lipstick, to bold colored shirts and statement jewelry, these Fashionistas used their originality and chic fashion sense to style themselves and trust me, they did an amazing job. Couture Is Here at Boston University.

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How do you couture your look?

Lizzie Zaremba, Sophomore: I wear a bright pair of shoes and something that sparkles.

Kelly McHugh, Sophomore: I add my own touch with accessories to make my look original.

Hayley Palozej, Junior: I keep it simple. I wear a statement piece and let that speak for itself.

Katie Pellino, Sophomore: With all dark clothes and shiny accessories.

Anastasia Kuryatenko, Junior: I make one aspect of my look creative, like I’ll tie a tshirt or add a belt, I want it to look interesting and have a different take on the trend.

Bee Gilbert, Junior: I add loud colors and patterns to spice up my look and make a statement.

Emily Paccione, Junior: I add statement jewelry.

Rachel Goldstein, Sophomore: I wear things that make me feel confident so that I look and feel my best!

Celia Hubbard, Junior: I take risks, even if it is just a small one! I’ll dabble with a new trend or throw on something a little outrageous. Couture it what you make it!

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