CollegeFashionista X Juicy Couture Advertorial: Couture is Here

The beginning of a new school year means a lot of things. It means having to do your own laundry, 8 am lectures, and mysterious dorm food (gulp!). But, as any CollegeFashionista will tell you, its not all bad. Being on campus means reuniting with your friends and showing off your new back to school wardrobe. To celebrate the new school year, we have teamed up with Juicy Couture to spotlight 99 Fashionistas at eleven schools and how they each express their own personal style with the use of the same Juicy Couture skirt and “Couture Here is Vintage Tee”.

Throughout the month of September, we will post images of our stylish 99 Fashionistas from Boston University, DePaul University, FIDM, George Washington University, New York University, SCAD, University of California- San Diego, University of California-Berkeley, University of Pittsburgh, University of Texas and Yale University on the CollegeFashionista X Juicy Couture's Facebook app. Like what you see? Inspired by a look? Be sure to share your support for your campus by commenting on your favorite Fashionistas. 

Good luck heading back to school, Fashionistas, and remember- Couture is Here.

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