CollegeFashionista X Juicy Couture Advertorial: Couture is Here- FIDM

Los Angeles. Though this chaotic, yet fascinating city may have it’s off-putting stereotypes, it is the perfect cultural hub for any individual.  Being centered in it all, fashion at F.I.D.M. is anything but normal; it’s completely out of the box, and each individual seems to have his or her own personal, unique style.  Whether it’s bohemian, rocker chic, or wild and outlandish, no one seems to bore on campus.  Luckily, a handful of F.I.D.M. students were chosen to style Juicy Couture’s latest tulle skirt, “Couture is Here” shirt.  These individuals embody F.I.D.M.’s campus style, through their own interpretation of Juicy Couture’s latest apparel, and by adding their own personal touch.

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How do you couture your look?

Molly Howard, Junior: “I wear at least one great color or print at all times.”

Angela Choe, Sophomore: “By staying true to who I am: feminine, and a hint of sophistication.”

Jordan Brausen, Junior: “By always accessorizing; whether it’s with rings, bracelets, or earrings, I make sure to have my favorites on at all times.”

Ariel Justin, Junior: “I making my outfit simplistic, yet bohemian chic.  I love maxi skirts, lots of jewelry, and earthy colors.”

Christal Vesey, Junior: “I add something different to each outfit.  Bright lipstick and things that will pop out!”

Sunny Lee, Junior: “I love experimenting with different ways of wearing basic items.”

Bella Guerra, Freshman: “By playing around with my hair styles.”

Skyler Wright, Sophomore: “With a pair of heels and mixing it up with accessories and prints.”

Kimchi Nguyen, Junior: “I wear my Jeffrey Campbell shoes to give me some extra height.”

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