CollegeFashionista X Juicy Couture Advertorial: Couture is Here- George Washington University

Washington, D.C. has never been known for its overtly fashionable sense of style. Luckily there is a sector of the city that is completely extricable from DC’s fashion lull – The George Washington University Campus. GW students thrive as brand savvy fashion paragons with an ultra-chic take on metropolitan style. It’s really no surprise considering the utterly diverse international population and strong background of city-born students. GWU students perceive fashion as a means to make a lasting impression from the first impression, which is why we express our individuality and creativity through our wardrobes. Below are some of GWU’s most in vogue Fashionistas proving that at GWU, Couture is Here!

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How do you couture your look?

Kate Hoffman, Junior: I always fall back on my Tom Ford glasses to amp up my look. 

Maddy Mac, Junior: I always like to add a fabulous bag to my outfit. I think bags can really dress up any look.

Mia Geronemus, Senior: I like to pair large chunky sweaters with all sorts of pieces.

Molly Ackerly, Junior: I love to play around with my makeup to add some flair. I especially love bright lipstick.

Rachel MacAlpine, Freshman: I love to funk it up with leather and some clunky heals.

Rebecca Kelmenson, Junior: I love vests, I think they can easily dress up a plain outfit.

Sam Bort, Senior: I find a great pair of jeans and style around that. Jeans never go out of style and you can dress them up or down. Once you find a good pair (whether black, denim, or color) you can always feel confident.

Anabelle Soloway, Junior: I like to put together a mixture of styles to create outfits with edge.

Ashely Navid, Sophomore: I take the basics and spruce them up with accessories.

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