STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Cozy Fashions for Frigid Conditions

It's been a snowy start to February and we've survived the great blizzard of the Midwest thus far. Sometimes it can be difficult to stay chic when temperatures are frigid, but as winter winds down with its dramatic encore, we have to balance our look with some intense warmth. 

Some of us tend to stay away from longer puffer coats in fear of looking bulky, but not this Fashionista! She invested in an indigo quilted puffer coat with an elastic belt to break up any bulkiness a puffy coat could create. A coat with a bit of shine livens up any winter look- if you're feeling really spontaneous, find a patent puffer coat and sport an urban look. 

This Fashionista accessorized with matching knit gloves and an eternity scarf– a new trend this winter also known as a circle scarf. This has become on of my favorite ways to keep warm this season because it's a spin on a timeless and classic piece, the traditional scarf. The shoes of choice for this Fashionista were her Juicy Couture rainboots.

Hint: Transform your rain boots into winter boots that can withstand anything by wearing some warm socks and slouchy leg warmers underneath. Or, check out the line of boot socks by Hunter Boots. Keep warm!

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