TREND: Crisp and Clean

Its been a little over a week since Labor Day, but who says that whites should be locked up in the closet till the spring? Certainly not this Fashionista. By pairing a crisp and clean cut button up with a blue floral skirt she sports a new age prep design. In order to celebrate the last bit of warm weather and make a statement against the labor day cliché why not wear something bright and eye catching? 

Describing herself as "always on the go" this Fashionista's sense of style is centered around comfort. “I'm always running from class to meetings and so I like to wear outfits that I can dress up with a pair of heel.” It is a combination of west coast ease meeting east coast prep that draws attention to this look. To call her look “in charge with a smile” is simply an understatement. It not only encompasses structure and pays attention to detail but it works perfectly for these last days of summer. Making note of pattern size and body type this in charge fashionista use the floral pattern to work with her body type and not loosing herself in floral abundance as many seem to do. 

So to re-create this end of summer outfit this Fashionista recommends checking out Old Navy for a loose button up, pair it with a blue floral skirt and touch it up with some nude Steve Madden pumps. Lastly, try and stay away from the uniform look by adding a bright red floral tote to keep this outfit edgy.

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