Walking around the crowded Bocconi campus you can see that there is a wide spectrum of styles, looks and attitudes towards fashion. It is difficult to try and sift through the clusters of people to find the one outfit that really stands out because everyone is so unique and creative in their own way and you start to notice and find much more appreciation in the small details that really bring a simple and classic outfit together. 

This Fashionista keeps it simple and casual but brings to our attention an antique feel and how a young college student can take the old and make it hip and new again. Her cozy grey sweater has a nice ribbed detailing around the collar, sleeves and base and is layered with a graphic-tee that slightly shows at the top of the neck and is also exposed to some degree at the bottom of her sweater. She accompanies her cozy feel with a pair of low rise blue jeans that are neatly cuffed just above the ankle. Cuffing your jeans is a popular trend here in Milan and is a nice way to show off a cute pair of shoes or an anklet that adds a little sparkle and intrigue to the outfit. She then adds the finishing touches by choosing a pair of shoes that have an old world look to them and further brings out the antique feel with her dark colored oval rimmed glasses. She has taken the contemporary idea of sportswear style and combined it with old fashion accessories created a new vintage look.

To re-create a similar look that this fashionista has created for herself you can get good deals on jeans and sweaters at Madewell, Express, H&M and Forever 21. A great place to look for vintage looking jewelry and eyewear would be Francesca’s Collections and on Gallery Hop in the Short North which takes place on the first weekend of every month. I highly recommend checking it out if you have not gone yet! Lastly, for shoes I would defiantly check out Nine West’s collection (now that students get a 15% discount with a valid student ID), DSW, Shoo Woo or thrifting!  

What kind of details do you like to pay attention to or think that more people should notice?



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