FASHION NEWS: Derek Lam Takes Cues from Woodstock

The year was 1969. The United States was amid a war in Vietnam while on the home front, a young subculture was formulating. They were interested in finding peace, and hoped to spread free love and music across the nation. Millions of free spirited individuals came together to hope for a better tomorrow at the world-renowned Woodstock music festival. Together they made profound statements through songs, speeches, and even fashion.

In Derek Lam’s 2010 fall collection, he brought back the look of the bohemian spirited individuals. Models walked down the runway decked in neutral beiges, whites, and blacks. Accessories such as cowboy boots, hats and fringe belts , scarves, and purses were a common theme. To further resemble the hippie subculture, models let their long, pin straight locks to flow freely. Despite the fringe and cowboy boots, Lam’s collection seemed very urban. Long coats and clean silhouettes helped to give crisp look. 

As the summer music festival season approaches, use history to help decipher your outfit. During the 60s era denim blue jeans became a popular must have. Music lovers around the country sang in lightweight peasant blouses and fringe items. Get groovy by adding a denim jacket, or simple cut off jeans with a lightweight blouse or sundress. Cowboy boots and fringe accessories can help give a bohemian vibe. As Lam’s collection illustrates, these western influences can be worn elegantly, and will most likely reappear in the fall. 

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