Catlin Kane is a University of Delaware student from the Class of 2011, and a very talented designer. She is originally from upstate New York (near Albany). When Catlin was looking for colleges she decided not to go to school in New York City because she wanted the college experience and she wasn't positive that she wanted to stick with fashion design. Catlin told me she always loved math and science, but especially loved art. Catlin’s father told her, “The only thing you can’t do in life is be a dad,” which only made Catlin that much more curious in exploring all career fields. In her early high school years she wanted to become a doctor, but later on decided she would be happiest doing fashion. Catlin came to this conclusion after shoe shopping. She always knew what she wanted the shoe to look like but could never find it. Catlin told me that shoe design is something she is looking forward to in her future career.

Catlin’s work is inspired by retro fashion and silhouettes mixed with current prints. She enjoys pattern making and tailored fit. Catlin said to me ,“I am obsessed with clean lines and pleats.” She later told me that her favorite piece so far is one of the first garments she ever created: A green jacket. This green jacket does not meet her expectations now in terms of quality because her skill has much improved since then, but it seemed to me that it is the design that inspires her still.

Catlin has a lot of experience in the fashion industry she interned with an independent designer B.Artise and helped recreate vintage fashion into current fashion. Catlin then worked in a showroom in New York ironically enough called Showroom New York, it is a part of GIDC (garment industry development corporation) which keeps manufacturing in New York by having all the designers who work with GIDC manufacture in New York. Right now Catlin is completing internship with QVC in the Design Development and Global Sourcing department. You can see some of Catlin’s work on her website. Ccheck out, Fashionistas! 

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