I am always looking for ways to dress down and be comfortable while I lounge or travel without compromising my fashion taste and this right here is a great line that offers comfy alternatives that are perfect for any Fashionista/o. I just had to share:

Purple Tree began as a senior thesis project of Sarah Nathanson while attending the University of Michigan’s Art and Design School. She created a fresh new line of street wear including tees, long sleeve shirts and hooded sweatshirts using soft, light weight fabrics. The Purple Tree name began to quickly gain recognition from students at the university. Before long friends and family of these students also began to follow Purple Tree. The thesis project continued to grow exclusively by word of mouth into the business it is today. Purple Tree’s concept is about being comfortable and fashionable regardless of where you are and what you are doing. The ease and versatility of the attire reflects the youthful spirit of the modern day trendsetter. Each Purple Tree garment sports classic combined with an imaginative spin, inspired by the art and cultural lifestyle that founder Sarah Nathanson enjoys. Sarah has developed a natural proclivity to deliver timeless pieces that are a perfect fit for the culturally inclined, fashion forward consumer. was launched in March 2010 and has already been recognized by,, and as a new and up coming designer.

CF: Tell me a little about yourself and your background.

Sarah Nathanson: I grew up on Long Island in a house filled with my parents’ collection of art from around the world. Both of my grandfathers were artists and my interests in the different mediums of art were obvious very early on in life. I began taking painting classes at age 4 and found myself studying at the Huntington School of Fine Arts on Long Island during high school. After going through high school, my ever increasing interest and enthusiasm for art began to blend with my ambitions for success. I took the first steps to following my calling at the Art and Design School at the University of Michigan.

After I left for college, photography grew to be my main hobby. I became fascinated with the ability to capture photographs through my own eyes for other people to look at. My fast paced college experiences, UM football games and during my travels abroad, served as great forums for my new found passion.

CF: How did you get into design as a career?

SN: I explored a lot of different mediums while studying at UM. During my sophomore year, I took a fibers class and created a hoodie out of vintage fabrics as my final project. My friends really liked the hoodie, and I began to take orders from them. This was the birth of Purple Tree. I started going to the art school late at night to silk screen and sew so I could use the school’s facilities without getting caught. I taught myself how to silk screen and asked my peers questions. That next semester, I took a very tough course; Color Theory, which really opened my eyes to the world of color. I am forever grateful for that class, and for the professor being so stern. I really found a passion for the concept of wearable art. As senior year rolled around, I needed to come up with an idea for my senior thesis, which I would be working on all year. I chose to create a graphic T-shirt and sweatshirt company – Purple Tree. Now one and a half years later, I’m still working on my thesis.

CF: What are some of your favorite pieces in the collection?

SN: The trees and leaf design was one of the first graphics I ever printed. I have been reprinting it ever since and plan to keep it a staple in my line.

I also catch myself wearing the “Think Green” long sleeve hoodie. Its super cozy and a really great item to be lounging in, out on the go and especially traveling in.

CF: What is unique about Purple Tree?

SN: Each item is extremely soft and very universal in your closet. Most of the line is unisex and able to be dressed up, worn casually and great to lounge in. I’ve been able to work with vivacious colors but keep simplistic designs inspired by current events, history and my childhood.

Fashionista/os check out PurpleTree to search more unisex styles and order your own Purple Tree pieces.

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